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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Scotland 2015

Maybe a little late in the season and with Hurricane Desmond chasing us we headed north in a hired car.

As can be seen the weather wasn't always bad, this picture was taken on the sunday, typically a day that you cant shoot on in Scotland, same house, same rules
Sadly due to some seriously funny tums I ended up bringing most of the spirits back
Day one hurt like hell, 3-4000 feet up in 2 foot of snow and a 2 and a half bottles of red hangover and a full cooked breakfast. How I survived I'll never know

 The Ghillie was his usual great self, a speed demon at the gralloch and carcasse prep

 Nice to see a return to a normal state of affairs even if its mainly Roe
 Exit wound fro a 173 grain 7x57 on a Roe Doe;
 Heart smashingly effective on the small deer
 Standing proudly but only just in the gales at about 4000 feet up
 SBW with a great kill using the 7x57, a Ruger 77 Mk2, 6x42 S&B with a B&T moderator
 A happy chappy no doubt on the red hind that he took on the last day
 Hartley the Hare was destined for the Ghillies soup after a cracking 180 yard head shot with the Grendel
 Even the Ghillie had a go
For Hartley though it was terminal