Wednesday, 17 January 2018

In the bleak midwinter

Some of us get to spend the morning shooting. 300 yards were booked and one target provided, for £5 to the club I managed two serials of fire and proved that the bullet drop at 300 yards for the 2650 fps load of 140 grain bullet has only a bullet drop of approximately 10 inches at 300 yards, this may seem a lot but when you consider the same drop for 150 grain .308 at 2700 fps is 8 inches this tends to level the playing field a bit.
Weather was good, despite seriously windy conditions and a wind switching between left to right and then head on I managed to hit 10 x 5 of which 8 were V bulls and four were fours with an initial sighting shot to gauge the hold over, yes I didn't adjust my 100 yard zero I just used Kentucky windage.

Afterwards I had the chance to test the 30-55 having had the chance to retighten the action in the stock and despite it being the worst Remington 700 trigger I have ever had it was banging in the V bulls and inners at 300 yards. I suspect the 2900 fps helps beat the wind. Anyway with it being almost acceptable I am now happy to take it stalking and christen it.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

The Empire strikes back

I am preparing to deliver a lecture in may to my peers on this subject. I may post some more info on here first but as most of the initial stuff is in the public domain courtesy of the firearms blog I thought it was fair to share with you what has kept me away from the keyboard these last two years.
My 5 minutes of fame stateside
Suffice to say that one day I will spill the beans on this bit:
"I haven’t actually explained the dramas we went through, unfilled reamer orders, invoices recharged, lost ammunition, stuck cases, range closures, land access and a big clock ticking which means that soon my friend Paul will be leaving the UK for an extended stay overseas and I will have to carry on load development without him."
The state of custom rifle building in this country is strange to say the least. Price is a big factor and when you spend £800 on a custom barrel you actually expect to get what you specified not what the smith thought he could get away with.
I have done some more development on heavier bullets and bagged some deer into the bargain, more of which later.
That's enough of a tease for now!

Friday, 5 January 2018

TAB Episode 10: Heckler & Koch HK53

This sexy toy was great fun, I carried one on OPs for a couple of years in the 1980's

TAB Episode 4: X11E4 Belt Fed Bren Derivative

Well that's hours of my life ahead spent glued to the screen!

Friday, 29 December 2017

A little post Christmas rifle and ammo testing

Yesterday being the lucky chap I am was spent over in Kent on a farm my good friend uses to zero his rifles. Permission granted we wandered over to test the last 40 rounds of .280/30 I had loaded in 150 grain loads to see if we could get a decent MV out of the case. Results were pretty much as predicted, we ran out of space in the case before we started to show any signs of over pressure. A shame really as it was starting to look promising. I have secured a few tubs of CFE223 and will look at using this, I am hoping we can get more into the case.

Here I am concentrating on getting the numbers recorded and not mixed up, when that shot has gone you cant replicate it!
 Later Steve had a go with some 140 grain loads I had in stock. I am sure that the 120 and 140 grain loads will become standard. Paul is looking at loading sub 100 grain loads to see if we can create a varmint load.

We took the opportunity to zero the 30-55 whilst we were out, the trigger is appalling and will have to be changed. Add to that the bolt bound in the receiver after we finished made for a difficult finish to the day. That said the various bullet weights are all printing within a few inches of each other.

The 30-55 is fitted with an 8x56 S&B which makes seeing holes at 100 yards fairly easy compared to the 6x42 on the .280/30 above but Steve's Leica binos solved that problem. If I get a decent trigger into the 30-55 I will be looking at a similar one for the .280/30 or maybe even swap them over?

Friday, 22 December 2017

Its that time of the year again for

Family members ruining what is supposed to be a special day the ungrateful bastards. Not that I'm complaining, I cant ever recall getting what I really wanted, I know its about giving but so what, just for once it would be nice.

I have decided this year not to work, I really did not fancy driving to Scotland, instead I will be drinking and eating and shooting.
I will post pics and details after, until then enjoy, I will;
Catch up with you later

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Far too cold to reload in the garage

So I went to work;

Yes it was snowing and I did get to see the train this time:
 Although being cancelled/sent home due to plain line only was fun: