Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Remembrance Sunday

On the 9th I spent the day in town with my Keeper, a top chap, he took some lovely pics;

 Here I am placing a memorial cross at the Bomber Command Memorial, its for Grandad, shot down and killed in Jan 1945 aged 24.
Waiting on Whitehall showing Sophie Raworth my hat hair;
The old and the bold

A very nice MC there!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

More misty shooting

Believe it or not with a 3x or 4x it was quite easy to see the target.


Shooting again

ell the pheasant season has started, I have done reasonably well so far with my new 28 bore and also have managed to find time for a range day. Bisley at 600 yards was the plan but the weather gods decided to tease us, No wind but a mist so dense that we couldn't see 200 yards in front. Eventually the grown ups moved us to the 200 yard point on Short Siberia and even that was sticky. Eventually about an hour of shooting was had and as the lunch klaxon went it took the mist with it and a glorious afternoon ensued.

Noisy buggers next door to us:
So all in all not too bad.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Willesden and Wembley

Not quite the mecca of sport you would hope for, Wembley is a toilet full of sports bars and kebab shops and noisy people and Willesden is even less attractive.
I'm here for work, the evil 4 letter word, dealing with contractors who seem to take 3 steps back for every step forward but that's why we are here to chivvy them along! Still I have had a few nights in a hotel courtesy of the main contractor and a good nights sleep it has been. Here's some footage of the works;
Typically it seems loads of blokes stood around waiting to be shouted at.
I'm looking forward to next Saturday and a return to Pheasants.

Opening day last saturday

Its been a week and I've been lazy but what a start to my season, by lunch break the tally really looked good;

Some of the cock birds were from last year or neighbouring shoots (not that I can name any) as our birds this year seem to have very short tail feathers;
The bag total by close of play was 35 birds shot with an average of one bird for 4 cartridges which is an improvement over last year, my little 28 bore added 3 to the bag with 2 missed and a missed pigeon (oh the shame)!;

The next day I spent some time on the clay pigeons and didn't do as well as I should have!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Yorkshire again

Another month goes by and Ben and I trek up to Yorkshire again, managed to collect some trials 7mm Mk1z ammo from 1970 for the ill fated EM2 and a nice Remington 700 in 6.5 x 55 for conversion to a wildcat.

Fairly rare I know!

We then headed up to Sheffield, collected Alex, spent the weekend drinking beer, watching Bowling and eating Curries;

 The Weber cup in Barnsley

 The aftermath
Sunday saw us up early and back on the road south, we dropped into Coventry airport for the air museum and the DC6 Diner;


Monday, 22 September 2014

A weekend in Puerto Rico?

Actually Yorkshire but listening to the radio I was taken back to the Caribbean in 97 when every sentence included the name of the island we were on otherwise it wouldn't sell whatever they were punting!
Welcome to Yorkshire.


So that was the straightliners scooter shoot off, no results as I was gobsmacked! That said next door is the Yorkshire air museum which ate up sunday;

 Tough seats

So all in all a knackering weekend, 700 miles travelled and glad to be back!