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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Scotland 2015

Maybe a little late in the season and with Hurricane Desmond chasing us we headed north in a hired car.

As can be seen the weather wasn't always bad, this picture was taken on the sunday, typically a day that you cant shoot on in Scotland, same house, same rules
Sadly due to some seriously funny tums I ended up bringing most of the spirits back
Day one hurt like hell, 3-4000 feet up in 2 foot of snow and a 2 and a half bottles of red hangover and a full cooked breakfast. How I survived I'll never know

 The Ghillie was his usual great self, a speed demon at the gralloch and carcasse prep

 Nice to see a return to a normal state of affairs even if its mainly Roe
 Exit wound fro a 173 grain 7x57 on a Roe Doe;
 Heart smashingly effective on the small deer
 Standing proudly but only just in the gales at about 4000 feet up
 SBW with a great kill using the 7x57, a Ruger 77 Mk2, 6x42 S&B with a B&T moderator
 A happy chappy no doubt on the red hind that he took on the last day
 Hartley the Hare was destined for the Ghillies soup after a cracking 180 yard head shot with the Grendel
 Even the Ghillie had a go
For Hartley though it was terminal

Monday, 30 November 2015

Scotland calls

Ive been snowed under with business and other problems recently but in this my fiftieth year I have found time to spend a week in the Highlands with a close and dear friend and two good mates.
Its been one of those years where everything seems to have happened leaving me somewhat bewildered.
I do however have a new camera, an early christmas present thanks to my family and am determined to get back to a better place. It starts with scotland this week. Obviously pics to follow!

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

In keeping with the coming season

Shamelessly lifted from Home on the range
I know Ive been awol, the T Lady is away on holiday so Ive been smuggling some toys into the house

 Very tasty looking, needs a sound moderator though, I bid on it at Holts and although I havent had the chance to shoot it yet I think I should be happy, talking of Holts, two events ago I had the pleasure of meeting these three Gentlemen!;
 And finally, thanks again to Brigid;
I'll not leave it so long next time!

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Well seeing how today is the day after the T lady's birthday

As I asked the sweaty at work today dressed head to toe in Railway orange, "are you marching later, seeing how your dressed already?"

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The end of PCness

I can remember a time when to be described as "discriminating" was a term of admiration..

It was considered that an ability to separate "truth" from "lies" was something to aspire to, and that "judgement" was a valued activity from someone with knowledge, intelligence and a history of getting things right..

To defer to the opinion of someone with an established expertise in a subject area and whose reputation would suffer if they got it wrong was seen as a sensible way to solve problems and issues, and a process that has stood the test of time.

Somewhere along the line we seem to have confused equality of opportunity with an assumption that everyone's opinion is equally valid... these are not the same!

The truth and facts are not the same as "feelings", beliefs and wishes, although many seem to think and act as if they were..

Wishes only come true in Fairy Tales...(and politics...!)

Sorry that I've been busy, some momentous dates happening around this time, went lamping for foxes last night and only saw sheep and deer, nice though.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sausage side

5th January 1945
The bald statistics;
Hannover: 664 aircraft - 340 Halifaxes, 310 Lancasters, 14 Mosquitos - of Nos 1, 4, 6 and 8 Groups. 23 Halifaxes and 8 Lancasters lost, 4.7 per cent of the force. This was the first large raid on Hannover since October 1943.
131 Lancasters and 9 Mosquitos of No 5 Group attacked Houffalize, a bottleneck in the German supply system in the Ardennes. The target was bombed with great accuracy. 2 Lancasters lost.
69 Mosquitos to Berlin, 8 to Neuss and 6 to Castrop-Rauxel, 58 RCM sorties, 55 Mosquito patrols. 4 Mosquitos lost, 2 from the Berlin raid and 2 from No 100 Group.
Total effort for the night: 1,000 sorties, 37 aircraft (3.7 per cent) lost.
Last Monday was the 75th anniversary of that mission to Hannover, one in which my Grandfather was killed by his aircraft being hit by a night fighter.
10 years ago my mother and I visited, this year she was too ill so with my sons we drove over and stayed for 2 nights.
It was a chance to lay a wreath at the graves of my Grand father, his crew mates Eddie Rhind and Jim Clarke.

The graves below were all shot down on the same night;

It was a sobering time, me introducing my sons to their great Grand father and a good amount of Kultur being taken in;