Apparently Google has its knickers all in a twist over those cunts in the Eu and some shite about cookies. Frankly if they are biscuits then I will eat them, if you are concerned about this then fuck off somewhere else and read something else.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Bilderberg Files Caught on Camera by Infowars Reporter

Fat wanker Ed Balls being fecked off at the high port by security!

I'm not sure I woul;d have done this sober

Europe? Crisis? Oh you'd better believe it.
So there is a drama taking place in Europe, they want another 500 million pounds from us and expect us to stump this up without a whimper. Well if they cant see what has gone on over here then they need a real kick up the jacksie.
Whilst Arrse mutters about importing unemployed Egyptian Generals to lead a coup against Brussels the Emporer stands behind with a strong whiff of sulphur.

Its all going rapidly down hill for Westminster and the Eu. About bloody time too.
Dont get me wrong, I am a conservative but when those in office or party leaders in opposition moan about their political friends being caught stealing from us taxpayers and promise them a job back on the front bench soon then its time to clean out the pig stye.
The only question should be blindfold or not?

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Do you think he now gets it?

Not much to add to this

Janet Daley understands

If you really want to understand what has just happened, here are a few interpretations that you should ignore (or better yet, vociferously dispute).
1. This was an anti-politics rebellion: electorates across Europe were engaging in a massive rejection of present-day political reality.
No they weren't. They were making brilliant pro-active use of the democratic process – which is the most important political mechanism they have – to protest against the assumptions and practices of the ruling political class. This was a massive pro-democracy gesture: a rebellion against oligarchic EU structures which quite deliberately disregard the voices of the general population, because they see them as dangerously unstable and ignorant. The electorates have announced that they will no longer accept the doctrine of benign despotism which the EU Commission quite brazenly celebrates – replacing elected governments whenever  it sees fit and over-ruling national governments when it finds them insufficiently "enlightened".
2. We are now in a four party electoral system.
No we're not. We are in a three party system with Ukip replacing the Liberal Democrats as the third contender. The party of general protest is now on the Right rather than the Left – which is actually a more serious change in the political landscape than the mere introduction of a fourth player.
3. This result constitutes a uniform swing toward ultra-nationalist Right-wing forces all over Europe.
No it doesn't. In several countries, Spain and Greece most notably, the vote went to more extreme Left-wing parties. The uniform trend was against the Centre: those parties which are seen to be complicit with the anti-democratic consensus politics of the EU. Above all, this was a rejection of what voters see as a conspiracy against the people by a political establishment which has lost faith in democracy because it regards it as nothing more than mob rule. It was a condemnation of the power of an unelected, unaccountable elite – against centrist authoritarianism and for the integrity of national cultures.
Politicians and their media friends who claim that they want to "learn lessons" from this event had better make sure they learn the right ones: repeating the same self-deluding formula to each other endlessly will lead only to disaster for them and for us.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The N word

To use the best possible reference source, Army Rumour Service and quote Old Snowy;

Reminds me of the absolutely amazing hoops that the MOD and FCO - not to say the whole of the Press - jumped through on Op BARRAS, when the good news was being given to the Bad Men of the local militia called the "West Side Boys".

Only they weren't. They were the "West Side Niggers" and proud of it too. That we could not even bring ourselves to mention their name out loud made for much amusement.

Pretty pathetic really. We are in a country where saying a single certain word can get you sacked, ostracised and lose all social position, but where a politician can steal money and just get to pay it back (sometimes). Odd...   What a state this nation has come to when even saying that you disagree with some gets you branded as a bigot. I wonder if those who shout the loudest actually see the irony of shouting down free speech?

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Angela Merkel yesterday was talking about the euro sceptic landslide, saying "it's a great loss for democracy and not what we wanted!" I think she needs to realise that democracy is about what voter's want and not what she wants!

Monday, 26 May 2014

Silver bullet

Well ok not a silver bullet for a vampire but a silver wedding anniversary. Yes the T lady has tolerated 25 years of married life with Bambibasher. Not much to say apart from I really enjoyed it. I know she did and that's the most important thing. Got some photos from family and friends and waiting on the posh ones to arrive. Till then have a laugh at my expense!

 Your drink sir


 Breathe in
 Cousins, Ursula, Tamsin and Sue
 Paddy and Bex

 Tams and Gill
 Tams and Gill

 Bex, Sue, Tams, Kim and Teresa
 Tams and Kim on the dance floor
 Bex and Ben
 Paul and VB

Tams and Sue 
 Tams and Bex
 Tams and Rebecca
 Tams and Kim
 By the duck pond
 Sue, Tamsin, Kim and Rebecca
 Tamsin and Kim

Thursday, 22 May 2014

If you havent yet voted

Take a look at the balance of payments into and from the Eu below. If you are to the right of the line you live in a net contributor country, if you live in the left of the line then I have paid your bills because you are a feckless tax dodging garlic muncher;

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Before you consider spaffing away any of your hard earned sheckels on the commonwealth games have a read of this;

When you do have a think about how good for the rest of the country a vote in Scotland to take back all of their Westminster MPs could be for honesty and open government?

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Happy Birthday to Dad

Well perhaps not my birthday but it was the present from my youngest lad Alex the lefthooker. So I drove to Manchester from Bristol where I have been hiding recently and spent a bit of time waiting for him to travel over by train from Sheffield. As your kids grow up it seems strange when they go to another city or town for University and it certainly is a strain on relationships but he seems to be doing well. Anyway rather than drive in and struggle for somewhere to park I stayed out by Dane Road tram stop and used public transport to get in;

The stadium looms large and is an imposing structure;
 I'm always impressed by Old Trafford, its seems to grow every time we visit and this time we were in the South Stand backing onto the railway station;

 The club has a long and colourful history, it also has some dark moments in its past;
 The aforementioned station which surprisingly was open to trains on match days;

 Alex pulling faces;
 The teams file onto the pitch;
 An early corner;
A quick spin around then off with the camera;

The result? Well 3 to 1 for United, Hull City played very well and were a difficult and detrmined opponent;

Time to go shooting I think.