Apparently Google has its knickers all in a twist over those cunts in the Eu and some shite about cookies. Frankly if they are biscuits then I will eat them, if you are concerned about this then fuck off somewhere else and read something else.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Cheers Claypig

It seems someone somewhere shares my sense of humour;

On this day

April 29

1289 Qala'un, the Sultan of Egypt, captures Tripoli.
1429 Joan of Arc leads French forces to victory over English at Orleans.
1624 Louis XIII appoints Cardinal Richelieu chief minister of the Royal Council of France.
1661 The Chinese Ming dynasty occupies Taiwan.
1672 King Louis XIV of France invades the Netherlands.
1813 Rubber is patented.
1852 The first edition of Peter Roget's Thesaurus is published.
1856 Yokut Indians repel a second attack by the 'Petticoat Rangers,' a band of civilian Indian fighters at Four Creeks, California.
1858 Austrian troops invade Piedmont.
1859 As the French army races to support them and the Austrian army mobilizes to oppose them, 150,000 Piedmontese troops invade Piedmontese territory.
1861 The Maryland House of Delegates votes against seceding from Union.
1862 Forts Philip and Jackson surrender to Admiral Farragut outside New Orleans.
1913 Gideon Sundback of Hoboken patents all-purpose zipper.
1916 Irish nationalists surrender to the British in Dublin.
1918 America's WWI Ace of Aces, Eddie Rickenbacker, scores his first victory with the help of Captain James Norman Hall.
1924 Open revolt breaks out in Santa Clara, Cuba.
1927 Construction of the Spirit of St. Louis is completed.
1930 The film All Quiet on the Western Front, based on Erich Maria Remarque's novel Im Western Nichts Neues, premiers.
1945 The German Army in Italy surrenders unconditionally to the Allies.
1945 The Nazi concentration camp of Dachau is liberated by Allied troops.
1946 Former Japanese leaders are indicted in Tokyo as war criminals.
1975 The U.S. embassy in Vietnam is evacuated as North Vietnamese forces fight their way into Saigon.
1983 Harold Washington is sworn in as Chicago's first black mayor.
1992 Four Los Angeles police offices are acquitted of charges stemming from the beating of Rodney King. Rioting ensues.
Born on April 29
1745 Oliver Ellsworth, third Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.
1818 Alexander II, Czar of Russia.
1863 William Randolph Hearst, American newspaper publisher.
1877 Tad Dorgen, cartoonist and columnist.
1879 Sir Thomas Beecham, founder of the London Philharmonic.
1899 Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, renowned jazz composer and musician.
1901 Hirohito, emperor of Japan during and after World War II.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

A sunny day at Bisley?

Today was the two types competition, set up to replicate rapid fire training from the 1st and second world war. Basically 10 rounds, 5 in 5 x 3 second exposures followed by 5 in 30 seconds on a fig 12 at 200 yards. Some good scores were put in, I drove up and put my boots on in the rain expecting an awful day;
 It certainly had been raining, Century range looks like Chat Moss on a bad day;
 The 200 yard point on short Siberia, luckily the point is on a raised berm;
 An eclectic mix turning up to play, straight pull M14 and M4 rifles;
 Straight pull FG42;
 .303 Martini Enfield Carbine;
 .30 06 03 with Unertl scope
 1896 Swedish Mauser with a scout scope;
 Good old No4, a savage;
 There is a Mauser or two back there;
 1940 built .30 30 Winchester 1894
 During lunch at the Army Target club I saw my old mob;

Much fun had by all, looking forward to the McQueen classic;

Friday, 25 April 2014

On this day in History

1214  King Louis IX of France (1226-70) - "Saint Louis"
1228  Holy Roman Emperor Conrad IV (1237-54)
1284  King Edward II of England (1307-27)
1599  Oliver Cromwell, "Lord Protector" of England (1653-58), d. 1658, general, dictator, & genocider
1725  Admiral Viscount Augustus Keppel, RN (1726-1786)
1840  James Dearing, Brig Gen, C.S.A., the last Confederate general kia, 1865
1914  Marcos Perez Jimenez, general, dictator of Venezuela (1952-1958), d. 2001

1295  King Sancho IV “the Brave” Castille & Leon (1287-1295), c. 38
1553  Fabio Malvizzi, Patrician of Bologna, executed
1607  Adm. Don Juan Álvarez de Ávila, of Spain, drowned, Battle of Gibraltar
1607  Jacob van Heemskerck, 40, Dutch admiral, cannon balled, Battle of Gibraltar
1644  Emperor Chongzhen of China (1627-1644), 33, the last Ming, suicide
1792  Nicolas Jacques Pelletier, Fench highwayman, the first man to date Mdm. Guillotine
1928  Baron Pyotr Nikolayevich Wrangel, 49, Russian "White" general

0  ANZAC Day --
404BC BC - Athens surrenders to Sparta, ending the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC)
1283  Siege of Bere Castle: The English defeat the Welsh 
1464  War of the Roses - Battle of Hedgeley Moor: Marquess of Montague's Yorkists defeat the Duke of Somerset's Lancastrians
1591  The Moroccans take Timbuktu
1607  Battle of Gibraltar Bay: the Dutch fleet defeats the Spanish & Portuguese
1626  Battle of the Dessauer Bridge: Albrecht von Wallenstein defeats Graf von Mansfeld
1707  Battle of Almansa: Borbonists defeat the Hapsburgists to secure the control of Spain
1792  First execution by guillotine in France
1861  7th NY & 8th Massachusetts arrive in Washington
1861  Battle of Lavaca, TX
1861  Pvt Samuel Young enlists, to retire Jan 9, 1904, as Lt Gen.
1862  Farragut occupies New Orleans, La
1864  Battle of Marks' Mill, Arkansas (Camden Expedition)
1875  Combat on the Pecos: Lt. John L. Bullis and Black Seminole Indian Scouts SGT John Ward, Trumpeter Isaac Payne, & PVT Pompey Factor rout c. 25-30 Lipan Indian raiders, for which the Scouts are awarded the Medal of Honor
1881  250,000 sign petitions to bar foreign Jews from entering Germany
1914  First USN air combat mission: Lt. Patrick Bellinger conducts a reconnaissance over Veracruz, receiving some damage from machine gun fire.
1915  Gallipoli Campaign: 78,000 British & ANZAC troops undertake an amphibious landing --
1925  Paul von Hindenburg becomes president of Germany (1925-1934)
1926  Coronation of Reza Pahlavi as Shah of Persia (1925-1941)
1927  Spain sends 20,000 reinforcements to Morocco to battle the Riffian Rebels
1942  Burma: Chinese troops fail to the halt Japanese before Lashio.
1942  Doolittle Mission: CVs Hornet & Enterprise return to Pearl Harbor
1944  New Britain: 1st Marine Div relieved by the 40th Infantry Div
1945  First UN Session: 45 countries convene in San Francisco
1945  Japanese rout Chinese forces at Wuking.
1945  Last Boeing B-17 attack against Nazi Germany
1945  The Red Army completely surrounds Berlin
1945  US & Soviet forces meet at Torgau on the Elbe River
1951  Korean War: After an heroic four day defense of Hill 235, 39 survivors of the Gloucestershire Regiment reach safety
1960  USS Triton completes first submerged circumnavigation of the globe
1962  Christmas Island: US resumes above ground nuclear testing
1974  Portuguese strongman Antonio Salazar (1932-1974) ousted
1975  Stockholm: Terrorist attack on the West German embassy
1982  Israel completes Sinai withdrawal, in accordance with Camp David accords
1993  Boris Yeltsin elected President of Russia (1993-1999)

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Happy St Georges day

April 23
1348 The first English order of knighthood is founded.
1500 Pedro Cabal claims Brazil for Portugal.
1521 The Comuneros are crushed by royalist troops in Spain.
1661 Charles II is formally crowned king, returning the monarchy to Britain, albeit with greatly reduced powers.
1759 British forces seize Basse-Terre and Guadeloupe from France.
1789 President George Washington moves into Franklin House, New York.
1826 Missolonghi falls to Egyptian forces.
1856 Free Stater J.N. Mace in Westport, Kansas shoots pro-slavery sheriff Samuel Jones in the back.
1865 Union cavalry units continue to skirmish with Confederate forces in Henderson, North Carolina and Munsford Station, Alalbama.
1895 Russia, France, and Germany force Japan to return the Liaodong peninsula to China.
1896 Motion pictures premiere in New York City.
1915 The ACA becomes the National Advisory Council on Aeronautics (NACA), the forerunner of NASA.
1920 The Turkish Grand National Assembly has first meeting in Ankara.
1924 The U.S. Senate passes the Soldiers' Bonus Bill.
1945 The Soviet Army fights its way into Berlin.
1950 Chiang Kai-shek evacuates Hainan, leaving mainland China to Mao Zedong and the communists.
1954 The Army-McCarthy hearings begin.
1966 President Lyndon Johnson publicly appeals for more nations to come to the aid of South Vietnam.
1969 Sirhan Sirhan is sentenced to death for killing Senator Robert Kennedy.
1971 The Soviet Union launches Soyuz 10, becoming the first in Salyut 1 space station.
Born on April 23
1547 Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish author (Don Quixote).
1564 William Shakespeare, English playwright and poet.
1791 James Buchanan, 15th President of the United States (1857-1861).
1813 Stephen A. Douglas, American politician.
1897 Lucius D. Clay, U.S. military governor of occupied Berlin.
1902 Halldór Laxness, Nobel Prize-winning Icelandic novelist (The Fish Can Sing, Paradise Reclaimed).
1926 J.P. Donlevey, American-born Irish writer (The Ginger Man).
1926 Virgil I. "Gus" Grissom, Mercury and Gemini astronaut, died in an accident on Apollo 1.
1928 Shirley Temple Black, child actress, later U.S. ambassador.
1932 Jim Fixx, runner and writer who popularized running as a form of exercise in the 1970s.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter. its been fun

Some great things that happened at Easter;

33; Jesus comes back to life on Easter Sunday morning having been crucified the previous Friday.


A Danish landing party at Clontarf.​

1014; The Battle of Clontarf. King Brian Boru sorts the Danes near Dublin. The Proto-Eastern European immigrant was your Danish marauder. They robbed churches, made off with comely maidens and indulged in murder and mayhem wherever they went. They were the Roma/Pikey of the Middle Ages. King Brian was a life-long enemy of the Danes and having worked his way up from herding his father’s cattle back in Clare to being High King, Brian set about sorting out Ireland’s first refugee problem. A stunning victory was marred by the death of the Ould Lad himself, cut down by a sneaky battle axe from one of the Pikeys. As it happens the battle was fought on Good Friday, which in 1014 was 23rd April so Brian Boru and Jesus are practically the same person.

1722; Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen landed on an island in the Pacific. Because it was Easter Sunday he named it Easter Island, demonstrating the wild imagination that has made the Dutch world-famous. The date was April 5th.


Drink it, don't snort it​

1865; Easter Sunday 16th April 1865 saw one of the last battles of the US Civil War when the Union Army attacked and captured Columbus, Georgia. A Confederate wounded in the battle was Colonel John Pemberton who went on to invent Coca-Cola. But the really strange thing was that the Civil War was already over as Lee had surrendered at Appomattox on April 9th.

1916; The Easter Rising began in Dublin on Easter Monday, 24th April. Originally planned for Easter Sunday, the rebellion had to be postponed because the Post Office was shut.

1917; Easter Monday, 9th April 1917, the Canadian and British forces in France began the attack that captured Vimy Ridge. Like the Easter Rising the attack on Vimy Ridge was planned for Easter Sunday. It was postponed for 24 hours because the French don’t work weekends.


1945; Easter Sunday fell on April 1st and the Battle of Okinawa began in the Pacific when the US Marines invaded the island. The battle would go on for three months.

1949; The Republic of Ireland came into being on Easter Monday 18th April.

Dont feel left out now

Just in case I missed you earlier

It Could Be You Army Training Film Pt 1

I was raised watching this film, really brought back happy memories of pre Video days

Just in case there is anyone I have yet to offend on this day

He really does move in mysterious ways

Happy Zombie Jesus day

And today we should also be celebrating/reminiscing;
1808  Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, better known as Napoleon III or Napoleon "the Little", d. 1873 --
1809  John Smith Preston, Brig Gen, C.S.A., d. 1881
1824  Alfred Holt Colquitt, Brig Gen, C.S.A., d. 1894
1827  John Gibbon, Maj Gen, U.S., who held "The Angle" at Gettysburg, d. 1896
1839  King Carol I of Romania (1881-1914)
1889  Adolph Hitler, Frontsoldat (1914-1918), German Chancellor & Fuhrer (1933-45), mass murderer, suicide 1945
1891  Charles Humphrey Kingsman Edmonds, British naval aviator, RAF Air Vice Marshal, d. 1954 --

1164  Anti-Pope "Victor IV" - Ottaviano Montecello (1159-64)
1314  Pope Clement V - Bertrand de Got (1305-1314), c. 50, who initiated the "Babylonian Captivity" of the Papacy at Avignon
1534  Sr. Elizabeth Barton (c. 28), 'the Maid of Kent,' nun, executed by Henry VIII when her prophetic visions no longer pleased him
1836  Prince Johan I Jozef of Liechtenstein, Austrian field marshal, at 75
1947  King Christian X of Denmark (1912-1947), hero of the Resistance

1283  Sicilian naval hero Roger de Lauria becomes Grand Admiral of Catalonia
1505  Philbert of Luxemburg expels the Jews from Burgundy
1653  Coup by Oliver Cromwell dissolves the "Rump" Parliament and institutes a dictatorship under the title "Lord Protector" (1653-1658)
1775  American patriots  Separatist Terrorist and tax dodgers blockade the British in Boston
1789  George Washington is sworn in as the first POTUS, Federal Hall, NY
1792  Republican France declares war on Austria, Prussia, & Piedmont, initiating the War of the First Coalition
1799  Napoleon issues a decree calling for settling Jews in Jerusalem
1809  Battle of Abensberg: The French defeat the Austrians
1813  Battle of Bautzen, Day 1: Napoleon v. the Russo-Prussians
1836  Skirmish between Texian and Mexican outposts near San Jacinto
1861  Robert E Lee resigns from United States Army
1861  Union forces burn and abandon Gosport (Norfolk, Va) Navy Yard.
1864  Confederates capture 85th NY at Plymouth, NC
1915  US Navy issues its first contract for lighter-than-air craft.
1919  Polish Army captures Vilno from the Red Army
1934  Heinrich Himmler becomes head of the Prussian secret police
1936  Jews beat off an Arab attack on Petach Tikvah, Palestine
1941  German bombers raid Athens
1941  Switzerland beats Germany 2-1 in soccer, on Hitler's birthday!
1942  Burma: British forces begin a general withdrawal.
1942  Malta subject to a heavy Axis air raid, as USS 'Wasp' (CV-7) launches 47 Spitfires to reinforce the defenses
1942  Learning that Task Force 17 is to visit her country, Queen Salote Tupou of Tonga orders all young women into the hills,
1943  USS 'Runner" (SS-275) lays mines off Hong Kong.
1944  Burma: Chinese New 38th Div ejects Japanese from terrain near Kamaing, as the British approach the Yenangyaung oil fields.
1944  India: British lift siege of Kohima, Japanese hold the road to Imphal
1945  Okinawa: U.S. forces capture Motobu Heights, in the north
1945  US Seventh Army captures Nuremberg, site of Nazi Party rallies
1947  Peleliu: 27 Japanese troops surrender, 18 months after VJ-Day
1951  Ticker tape parade on Broadway for General of the Army Douglas MacArthur
1987  US deports Karl Linnas, charged with Nazi war crimes, to USSR
1999  Two students run amok in Columbine High School, 13 killed, 2 suicides

Friday, 18 April 2014

On this day in BBC land

I thought perhaps since the demise of Free Market Fairy Tales I would have a go at resurrecting the on this day thread;
The BBC:
In the real world;

Today in History on This Day in History

This Day in History for Friday 18th April 2014

Historical Events

Events 1 - 15 of 192
310 - St Eusebius begins his reign as Catholic Pope
387 - Bishop Ambrosius of Milan baptizes Augustinus
1025 - Bolesław Chrobry is crowned in Gniezno, becoming the first King of Poland.
1506 - The cornerstone of the current St. Peter's Basilica is laid.
1518 - Bona Sforza is crowned as queen consort of Poland.
1521 - Diet of Worms: Cardinal Alexander questions Maarten Luther
1552 - Mauritius of Saksen occupies Linz
1663 - Osman declares war on Austria
1666 - Peace of Kleef: Netherlands & bishop Von Galen of Munster
1676 - Sudbury, Mass attacked by Indians
1738 - Real Academia de la Historia ("Royal Academy of History") founded in Madrid.
1775 - Paul Revere & William Dawes ride from Charleston to Lexington warning the "regulars are coming!"
1783 - Fighting ceases in the American Revolution, eight years to the day since it began.
1797 - France & Austria signs cease fire
1809 - 1st run of 2,000 guineas horse race at Newmarket England

Famous Birthdays

Born Today

Actor James WoodsActor James Woods (1947)
Birthdays 1 - 15 of 258
1480 - Lucretia Borgia, murderess (poison)/daughter (Pope Alexander VI)
1521 - Francois de Coligny, ruler of van Andelot, French general (Jarnac)
1580 - Thomas Middleton, English playwright (Game of Chess)
1590 - Ahmed I, 14th Sultan of the Ottoman Emperor (1603-17); constructed the Blue Mosque
1605 - Giacomo Carissimi, composer
1729 - Gaetano B Vestris, Italian/French ballet dancer
1732 - George Colman, "the Elder
1740 - Francis Baring, banker/merchant
1744 - Pieter 't Hoen, Dutch journalist/patriot
1759 - Jacques-Christian-Michel Widerkehr, composer
1764 - Bernhard Anselm Weber, pianist/conductor/composer
1771 - Karl Philipp Fürst zu Schwarzenberg, Austrian field marshal (d. 1820)
1777 - Ignac Ruzitska, composer
1786 - Franz Xaver Schnyder von Wartensee, composer
1797 - Louis-Adolphe Thiers, president of France

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 7 of 7
1599 - Valencia arch duke Albrecht of Austrian marries Isabella of Spain
1951 - Cartoonist Charles M. Schulz (28) weds Joyce Halverson
1956 - Grace Kelly marries Prince Rainier III of Monaco (civil ceremony)
1973 - American science fiction writer "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" Philip K Dick marries 5th wife Leslie (Tessa) Busby
1992 - Tennis ace Stefan Edberg marries Annette Olsen in Sweden
1993 - Beirut-hostage Terry Anderson marries Madeleine Bassil
2001 - NBA star player Kobe Bryant (22) weds Vanessa Laine at St. Edward Roman Catholic Church in Dana Point, California

Famous Divorces

Divorces 1 - 1 of 1
1994 - Roseanne Barr Arnold files for divorce from Tom Arnold

Famous Deaths

Passed Away Today

Theoretical Physicist Albert EinsteinTheoretical Physicist Albert Einstein (1955)
Deaths 1 - 15 of 113
680 - Mu'awijja, kalief of Al-Schaam, dies
1161 - Theobald of Bec, Archbishop of Canterbury
1504 - Filippino Lippi, painter, dies at about 52
1530 - Francois Lambert d'avignon, French church reformer, dies at about 43
1552 - John Leland, antiquary, dies
1556 - Luigi Alamanni, Italian poet (Flora, Antigone), dies at 61
1558 - Roxelana, wife of Suleiman the Magnificent
1567 - Wilhelm von Grumbach, German military man, dies at 63
1587 - John Foxe, author (Book of Martyrs), dies
1610 - Robert Parsons, English jesuit leader/plotter, dies at 63
1612 - Emanuel Van Meteren, merchant/historian, dies
1636 - Julius Caesar, English judge
1650 - Simonds d'Ewes, English antiquarian (b. 1602)
1674 - John Graunt, English statistician (b. 1620)
1679 - Hofmannswaldau, writer, dies
Additionally in Britain;

18th April

1740 The birth of Sir Francis Baring, English merchant banker. Barings was the oldest merchant bank in London until it collapsed in 1995 after one of the bank's employees, Nick Leeson, lost £827 million on speculative investing.
1775 At the start of the War of American Independence, US patriots Paul Revere and William Dawes left Boston, bound for Concord, to warn people that British troops were advancing. After Revere's and Dawes's arrest en route, the ride to Concord was completed by compatriot rider and escapee Dr. Samuel Prescott.
1881 The Natural History Museum in London was opened.
1899 The St. Andrew's Ambulance Association was granted a Royal Charter by Queen Victoria. The Association seeks to preserve the lives of people in Scotland by the provision of education and emergency first aid at events throughout Scotland.
1912 The Cunard liner RMS Carpathia brought 705 survivors to New York from the RMS Titanic that had sunk on on 15th April 1912 after colliding with an iceberg during her maiden voyage from Southampton.
1946 The birth of Hayley Mills, English actress, daughter of actor John Mills and sister of actress Juliet Mills.
1949 The Republic of Ireland Act came into force as Eire (Southern Ireland) became a Republic and left the British Commonwealth.
1949 The first 'Bob-a-Job week' began when 440,000 British Scouts started a nationwide campaign to raise the £22,000 needed to cover the deficits of the Scout movement. In the first year £60,000 was raised. The variety of jobs undertaken included a 13 year old who spent four hours cleaning the silver at 10 Downing Street.
1960 At least 60,000 demonstrators gathered in Trafalgar Square to mark the end of the Aldermaston to London 'ban the bomb' march.
1968 London Bridge was sold for £1m to American oil tycoon Robert McCullough. He decided to knock it down, brick by brick, and have it re-built at Lake Havasu in the United States.
1980 Rhodesia became Zimbabwe at midnight and independent from Britain. Canaan Banana was the President and Robert Mugabe the Prime Minister.
1986 Guinness, the giant brewery business, won their battle to take over the equally large spirits combine, the Distillers Group. The manner of the takeover was later investigated by the Director of Public Prosecutions and led to arrests of top financial figures including the Guinness chief executive, James Saunders.
1988 In the House of Commons, the 16th-century symbol of the Speaker’s authority, the Mace, was damaged by Ron Brown, Labour MP for Leith, when he flung it to the floor during a debate. It was described by his own supporters as ‘a childish stunt’ and led to his 20 day suspension.
1994 West Indian batsman Brian Lara broke the record for the highest individual score in Test Cricket when he scored 375 against England in Antigua.
2013 The death of Hillsborough justice campaigner Anne Williams, at the age of 60. She fought relentlessly for the new inquest into her son Kevin's death in the 1989 football tragedy. He was one of 96 Liverpool fans who died as a result of a crush during an FA Cup match at the Sheffield stadium.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

More spin and bullshit, or is incompent and lazy policing to be expected nowadays?

Police said the size of the 30-weapon haul was 'exceptional'
One of the capital's biggest gun hauls has been made in east London, the Metropolitan Police have said.
The 30 firearms seized from an address in Leyton include assault rifles, sawn off shotguns and a Thompson machine gun.

A large amount of ammunition was also seized in the raid on Wednesday morning.

Acting Det Supt Gary Bruce said the size of the haul was "exceptional".

He added: "The danger of these weapons in the wrong hands cannot be overestimated."

A 51-year-old man was arrested by the Waltham Forest Gangs Task Force and remains in custody, the police said.

Now look at the picture, I wouldn't want any of them waved around in my face but I wouldn't necessarily get over excited either. The converted blank firers are just as likely to blow up wounding Jamal and his bloods and you know what, let them get on with it!
The voice of the free world? My arse it is, a bunch of tofu munching yoghurt knitters. Free range swivel eyed loons the lot of them!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Back on the road again or shitting through the eye of a needle

Yes as Easter approaches I am sat here in the sun contemplating my belly button fluff and the last of my Homebrew bitter;
Its an interesting process, pop down to Lakeland, buy the bag, add some water, shake in a sachet of yeast and 20 days later you have a bag of beer. Not exactly prize winning but its had me shitting through the eye of a needle. Last week I had a successful interview for a temp job over in Bristol. I have taken it and will be spending most of the week down there in lodgings. Weekends will be the same, ranges, foxing, overtime and buying more guns. I did manage to pop a fat vixen off last week;
She wont be bothering the chicken breeder again. Yes .17 Hmr again. Had some interesting rifles in for sale, a custom target .308 in a Macmillan stock with a Border Barrel;
Built on a nice Sako 85 action too. Also some more shotguns, .17 Hmrs and the odd .303 No4;
Still life isn't all about selling guns, we have been fairly busy, sorted out our trade stand space for this years CLA Game Fair oh and organising a 25th wedding anniversary. looking at the beer and the singing acts at the moment. I think I've sorted 3 barrels of beer and now need to trawl through some of the singers advertising locally. Some seem quite good, some seem to believe what their mum told them!
You do know though that should I find any howlers they will appear on here!
Before I leave you in peace though I did miss the evening meeting in London on Monday. I had just had another good interview for a follow on job and thought that Weatherspoons in Farringdon looked good for a cheap pint and lunch. I forgot about lunch when I started on this at £2.85 a pint;