Apparently Google has its knickers all in a twist over those cunts in the Eu and some shite about cookies. Frankly if they are biscuits then I will eat them, if you are concerned about this then fuck off somewhere else and read something else.

Monday, 30 September 2013

BBQ season, a little late even with an Indian summer?

I share the office corridor with these folks but it seems my idea for an aquatic BBQ didn't work out;

A distinct lack of parental supervision

Some of us shouldn't be allowed out shopping without a responsible adult;

Needless to say some of us wont be going back to a certain shop in Sheffield in a hurry!
Maybe by Christmas they will have forgotten?

Friday, 27 September 2013

For the old and Bold,

For those of us who remember, a real mans rifle!

Today I have finished the first of my last 4 weeks at work with my current employers. I have no problem with most people even those who do little more than balls the job up. Recently we have been enjoying the attentions of seagull management, you know the sort, brought in to sort out a mess yet just make a big noise and leave an even bigger mess to be cleaned up afterwards.
Well I cracked, a company that had apparently been chasing me for an interview for 4 months caught up with me and offered me a job.
So its back to contracting and being smart with my books again. At least it means less weekends at work, more shooting and more gun buying!
Hopefully win win.
I thought I would close out this week with a little pinching of published cartoons;

I am left wondering after watching Blackout on Ch4 if solar power is capable of running a house if the main grid goes down, would you notice and is any extra work needed to make it happen?

Answers on a postcard please. Sod it email will do!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Monday, 16 September 2013

Shopping in Lidl

The Midland Game Fair

The (allegedly) much respected Midland Game Fair has just passed us by. Its the  30th birthday of the never cancelled show at Weston Park near Telford. The park itself is nice but unfortunately its closeness to the M54 seems to attract a lot of the 5 fingered discount mob.
The usual suspect were there this year bar the usual ones who having fallen out on previous years have sworn never to darken their doors again. I'm happy with that, takings are as per usual down on previous years which is apparently to be expected but as some traders decide to sell at the only two events they do stock at prices so low that I could buy from them and still make a profit and wonder why the public stays well away from them for the rest of the year when their prices are sky high.
The usual oddjobs abounded;
I had my usual game of playing spot the "most inappropriately dressed fair visitor" but this year was sufficiently busy enough to be restricted to some limited perving at the usual batch of cute puppies being exposed to the public (usually far too young) and some happy faces despite the weather.
Ghost Rifle put in an appearance, unfortunately as per usual visitors land at just the busiest moment when the Tea lady is getting excited about selling her wares.
Sunday was the wettest and least busy of the days and despite the strict instructions not to drive in front of the stands just about everybody did. I drove in on sunday morning just in time to pull two caterers vans out of the mud (who said I didn't need a 4wd pick up?) and face the idiot trader from down the road.
Many years ago I was asked if I sold a Halti lead which worked by forming two loops which sat over the dogs head. I said I hadn't but had they considered using a slip lead making a large loop over the dogs head and twisting it to make a second loop. This second loop would fit over the dogs nose and have the same effect. They already owned a few slip leads and went away happy, neither of us had thought of it at that time. The lead they wanted actually had a stitched loop so it couldn't revert to a simple slip lead when the dog ceased to pull. This was in my opinion pretty poor and the dog wouldn't get the positive learning effects of the removal of the nose loop.

Over the last 6 or 7 years we have sold many 6 foot leads from our shop all down to this very simple improvement. We have for at least 3 years had a simple advert saying "does your dog pull? Have you tried the figure 8?"
So last feb at the shooting show one of the traders started to market a figure 8 lead and it turns out its the original "Halti style" with the sewn in loop. They have had all these years to steal an idea which we thought was pants ie the original lead and now they claim to have trademarked it and demanded we take down our advertising and stop selling anything named the figure 8.
Oddly enough the Tea Lady felt threatened by the pikeyish appearance of the roll up smoking toerag and asked for my opinion. Needless to say when he put in an appearance on the sunday claiming the same trademark rights I challenged him to prove it and when he couldn't I told him to fuck off!
Now as an uncouth ex serviceman use of such language isn't outside of my experience and I usually try and reserve it for a special occasion. Trust me this was one of them. I now await our next meeting with glee.
By the way for anyone interested the case of Victoria Beckham versus Peterborough Football Club Commonly called the posh proved that trademarking words or phrases in common usage is worthless. The figure of eight in ropes has been around longer than I have and a quick google search reveals something like 31 million responses just for figure of 8 dog leads. I feel secure that I will be selling these for a few years yet!