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Friday, 3 May 2013

Sunny weather, Bank Holidays, guns and weather girls

So its warm and sunny, I had spent a day on a training course with the all day hangover from hell, Lennie didnt say that came with the hotel room and I am sat in the beer garden of a hotel chain in Chingford, home of the aging Gilfs. So up pops email mail from Mr FM including 2 pics from his recent spring break
With a Blue Wildebeast

 With a Piggy and 3 helpers, the piggy is the prone one
 Big mistake was to leave behind the national reserve of homebrew cider, it would have made for a cheaper stay;
 On the subject of eye candy there are few finer sights first thing in the morning than waking up to a lovely weather girl. Sadly Local BBC for Chingford could only offer this;
 When I really wanted the goddes of all milfs, Carol Kirkwood who if she doesnt have her own website certainly should get one!
 I have to admit to feeling cheated by the all you can eat breakfast when I asked for two of everything and they skipped the hash browns;
 The next day they managed to get the hash browns but forget the sausages, I ask you what sort of kitchen are they running?;
 Still on return from a day spent in design review meetings in central London and the delivery fairy has brought me finally from the auctions, two Spanish 12 bore side by side non ejector boxlocks and a Parker Hale 7x57 Mauser. So not a completely wasted week then!
So a long weekend ahead, started drinking the homebrew apple and pear cider already and I'm looking forward to spending some time with the dogs. Oh and of course I passed the course!