Apparently Google has its knickers all in a twist over those cunts in the Eu and some shite about cookies. Frankly if they are biscuits then I will eat them, if you are concerned about this then fuck off somewhere else and read something else.

Monday, 28 January 2013

More greenwash

So the local unwashed are out in force;
apparently they must have all walked there and not driven along the roads that the rest of us pay for. Perhaps when they are locked up they can bill them for the additional million pounds its ost already because of the so called environmental protestors. I dont normally have much time for road buildng but having enjoyed the A259 car park (its certainly not a road despite a relief road been planned since the early 1970's) I personally thing the great unwashed should get into London and protest against Crossrail being overspent by Bloody Bechtel and HS2 which is another vanity project going to put empty overpriced trains on the track!
Back to Sussex and;
"The group hopes to delay the construction of the £93.8m link road until the start of bird-nesting season in March, when laws limit the cutting down or pruning of trees and hedges.
On Sunday, Conservative councillor Peter Jones said: "These groups represent a serious threat to our democracy.
"There was a major public inquiry in 2009 when all of the arguments they are advancing now were heard. So why don't they just shove off and leave us to get on with this scheme and deliver major benefits for our communities?"
Sussex Police said 20 activists had been arrested since work on the link road began last December.
The new road will link the A259 and B2092, crossing Combe Haven Valley near a site of special scientific interest"
Ah well without road protests there would be little for the trustafarians to do apart from smoke dope!

Friday, 25 January 2013

MPs again

Not content with trying to pull in the public to support a 32% pay rise the utter idiots in Westminster are so removed from reality that today on Radio 4 one of the Lib Dems was heard to claim during a debate on lowering the minimum age for voting tht"we do not apply a test for bigotry, stupidity or lack of understanding the whole picture to voters of any age above 18 so why should those below that age be subject to a proposed form of testing to see if they are sensible enough to vote"
I wonder if we are sensible enough to vote, all joking aside but once these so called elected representatives get their noses in the Westminster trough it seems that they soon forget that the rest of us idiotic half witted bigots put them there and pay to keep them there!
If the HMRC applied the tax rules to them that apply to the rest of us mortals then they would abandon the subsidised bars and restaurants, free public travel and jobs for families as they would be taxed as benefits in kind like the rest of us mere plebs.
As for understanding the big picture dont these idiots actually see what is happening outside of their 30 working week year?
Cunts the lot of them but sadly you get rid of them and another bunch takes over.
I suspect that the real reason the lefty loony libs and sole Green MP want the vote for 16 year olds is that teachers are their core supporters and likely to influence the next generation of soft as shite looney left and green voters. That or perhaps the realisation that when less than 30% of the registered public can be arsed to turn up and vote even when easy to fiddle postal voting is in place (for evidence of this see the recent police commissioner elections) it make the claim that you are elected with a mandate when it reality less than 20% of the country wants you there and if truth were known most wouldnt be upset if you all fell under a bus.
Parliament, wind your necks in and when you want my attention you can pull out your finger and give me the stuff I am still waiting for since I first voted in 1983.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Stay off the roads said the bloke on the news

Then within 5 minutes the bloke in charge of the council gritters stated that unless the gritted roads were driven on the salt wouldnt work!
So the T lady and I drove sprog No2 back to Sheffield, a round trip of about 550 miles and all of it on well cleared a roads and motorways. In fact the only problem was continually refilling the washer bottles due to salty slush smearing the windscreen.
On the way there I sold a rifle and on the way back collected another, this much more interesting. A 1904 Portugese Mauser in 6.5 x 58 all original and a couple of boxes of ammo one of which was correct;

A nice feature is the magazine floor plate release catch inside the trigger guard, a well designed rifle.
Its a nice rifle but as its almost 100% original I cant sporter it so I will be getting one or two of the 8mm Mauser later conversions for that!

Friday, 18 January 2013

A little bit of snow

I know some of you out there in blog land know real snow and some of you know even less now but following HR guidance I worked till the weather got a bit icky then headed home and logged on there.
Mind you listening to Radio 4 has certainly got my blood boiling. The US President some failed lawyer called Obama not content with fecking up his own country wants Call Me Dave to drop any pretence at keeping his election promises especially the one about an in out Eu referendum.
Well Obama wind yer fucking neck in!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Another fine day as it turns out

I took Sassy, Samson, Arthur and Snowdrop the cocker today. I bagged the first  bird and then another, I only fired 3 shots and bagged 2 birds so I am quite happy with my performance. I loaned my gun to another member whose Beretta gave up and my spare to another Beater for a chance and he was succesful. I had as much  fun with the dogs to be honest.
I know I havent put up much in the way of funnies recently so perhaps this will put things  right;

Cheers Clive, one for the christmas list then!

Who says the French dont have a sense of humour?

Cheers Phil!
In the meantime I have a handful of bids in the sealed bid sale so fingers crossed, another weekend shift to complete and a couple of days in town so I may surf the web as there are some great package deals on new Savage and Sauer rifles available!
Its also time to gear up for the British Shooting Show at Kenilworth next month, some new rifles being released so I may be tempted (truth be told I'll probably get a couple of Jumpers as I really need those!).