Apparently Google has its knickers all in a twist over those cunts in the Eu and some shite about cookies. Frankly if they are biscuits then I will eat them, if you are concerned about this then fuck off somewhere else and read something else.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Folk complain about politicians being hypocritical

You only have to see the news about Leveson and hear the uproar, well politicians have form for this, Cullens enquiry findings intio the Dunblane shootings were largely ignored to pander to a minority view by Politicians held by a small anti shooting lobby that grabbed the headlines and set the agenda for 2 political parties solely due to the supportive views of a liberal press.
Well here is some news, its not only professional politicians that are double standard living, lying two faced arseholes. Rock stars (Stars my arse) are too;
Brian May and animal rights hypocrisy
It came as some surprise last weekend to find that Queen musician Brian May had been leasing the stalking rights on his land. The news was broken by the Sunday Times, who found that he was receiving payments of £750 a year for the right to shoot deer on his Middlemarsh estate. Many other papers picked up on this story because of its significance since Dr May has become a figurehead of the animal rights movement.

This is more than just irony. Brian May is the self styled saviour of animals. Not a TV, radio or newspaper interview is complete without the obligatory comment from him "standing up" for the animals. He has vehemently opposed any form of culling, but was most vocal in the recent case of the proposed badger cull. The fact that a millionaire rock star raised his own dwindling profile at the expense of dairy farmers on the brink of collapse and bankruptcy is hard enough to accept. The fact that he did this having profited from a deer cull on his own land is indefensible.

Dr May stood shoulder to shoulder with the RSPCA and other animal rights groups to oppose the badger cull at all costs, including boycotting milk from already pressed farmers. As I reported last week, he also endorsed the policy that would make public the names of all those involved in culling, regardless of the consequences. In a cruel twist of poetic justice, May has been the one whose name was made public for allowing shooting to take place on his land.

Now the tables have been turned, Brain May appears to prefer secrecy about what happens on his own land. The word hypocrite hardly does justice to the level of duplicity displayed, but at least he must start to comprehend how the affected farmers feel.

Barney White-Spunner
Executive Chairman
Thanks to this weeks CA newsletter for that gem

Sunday, 25 November 2012

This weekend I have mainly been

Out in Nuneaton at the English open with the little one. Its his first open tournament and he has lifted his average 40 points this last two months;

and some of this;

and lots of this;

Sadly a 213 average only put us halfway and we needed to be a bit higher placed but for a first  open adult tournament the boy did well.
Next sunday we will be in Ilkeston for another!
I will hopefully be getting some shooting in before hand.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

RSPCA again

Lobbying our elected representatives for change and improvement is a right that is at the core of our democratic process. The Countryside Alliance participates in lobbying on your behalf on a number of issues - we ask you to get involved where you can too (see below story on the Law Commission). It seems, however, that taking this route does not apply if you are the RSPCA, which appears to feel it can bypass the lobbying process altogether.

This attitude was highlighted during the recent badger cull furore, which saw feelings run high. Gavin Grant, CEO of the RSPCA stated publicly that anyone involved in the cull would be "named and we will decide as citizens whether they will be shamed". He knows such actions could lead to reprisals, possibly violent, for farmers and shooters, which is why he made such a provocative statement.

Threatening people's personal security whilst they are carrying out a perfectly legal activity cannot be justified. This example shows, once again, that the RSPCA believes it is above the law when it comes to fighting for its agenda, even if this involves promoting violence and other illegal acts. There is an inconsistency at play: using the law to prosecute hunts, but reverting to mob rule when rulings go against their way of thinking. This should not be the way a Royal Society does business.

To add salt to the wounds, the RSPCA has threatened desperate farmers with removal of their "Freedom Food" label from any farm taking part in the cull. This is completely disingenuous. Surely they would advocate the culling of animals that were causing disease to any livestock? Indeed, the RSPCA is even part of the Deer Initiative, which tackles the issue of over population of deer through culling. How can the Society possibly justify the one but not the other?

The RSPCA has five key pledges. Pledge three states that "We pledge to increase the proportion of animals reared under higher welfare systems in the UK." By opposing the cull, they break this pledge by actively preventing cattle from being protected from disease. Once again, the RSPCA has shown itself to be little more than an extremist animal rights organisation which is more concerned with promoting philosophies than protecting animals.

Barney White-Spunner
Executive Chairman

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Today more than ever

I wish I had a fine singing voice, stood at the town war memorial with last years order of service (well its exactly the same service every year!) I found myself cringing at my own voice.
Still its all about remebering those who fell in past wars, those who are still fighting and those bearing the scars mental and physical of that difficult time in their lives when sacrifices made were normal.
I always think of my Grandfather on this day, I often think of him but today him and his brothers are at the front of my mind along with those friends and colleagues lost during and since my few short years of service;

Grandad and his crew

Grandads resting place Sage CWGC

My only picture of Geoff Curtiss, in the back between Big Stu and Dave 1983

A couple of me to remind me that I actually did that all those years ago!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

PCC Elections? What a waste of my tax money

Dont tell me if you are going to vote or who for but bear in mind the list attached here BASC the British Association for Shooting and Conversation (sorry should be conservation but they are only interested in themselves) have researched all the PCC candidates and there are no real surprises, some Labour dont support private ownership of firearms and some wont talk to BASC. The UKIP candidate for Sussex stands out (I think he may be a retired copper) as one who is against private ownership of firearms but will talk to BASC. Now for those alone I can no longer vote for him. I wouldnt talk to BASC myself but not supporting a legal right?
Despite the fact that ex plod Blair has called for a boycott (I really do think it would embarrass the Govt) I cant find it in my heart to vote even by post.
What a waste of my tax money!

Bloody BBC

I get in my new car and the radio starts straight away, it should be farming today but apparently the BBC seem to think some popularity contest between a religious loon and a lawyer in some former colony is more important. If it wasn't for the demise of a much loved comedy actor Clive Dunn then I feel sure we would have had 24 hour coverage of the colonial popularity contest.
Now don't get me wrong despite allegations in the celebrity death stakes on the army rumour service I did not actually enjoy the passing of Clive Dunn. In fact although he hasn't worked for many years (I have his best work on a BBC boxed VHS set) I feel sure he will be missed. As we all shuffle along the mortal coil wondering when its our turn I suppose 92 years isn't a bad innings and I would be happy to be remembered in the way he is at the moment.
I suppose the plus side is that with only 1 surviving member of the platoon main characters (we cant count the Vicar, ARP Warden or other bit parts) we will be getting more showings of the great series Dads Army.
It is still shown on a saturday evening on BBC2 and yes I still sit down to watch it and my favourite characters are Walker, Wilson and Mainwaring (ok and Sponge for some strange sheep farming reason) I still laugh at every gag and still spare a thought when they have those thoughtful pauses.
I should like to point out that whilst the nation has only recently mourned the passing of our last surviving 1st world war veterans that we are rapidly losing those from the second world war (Clive Dunn was a Tankie) and we have lost as many former servicemen from the Falklands conflict due to suicide than we did in the actual fighting!
These brave men and women just picked up where the could from before and got on with rebuilding our nation. Their sacrifice in war and peace shouldn't be forgotten.
This weekend when I stand on parade at my local war memorial I will think on lost comrades, friends and relatives that I never met who gave their all so I could be here today.
Thank you