Apparently Google has its knickers all in a twist over those cunts in the Eu and some shite about cookies. Frankly if they are biscuits then I will eat them, if you are concerned about this then fuck off somewhere else and read something else.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

I know I know, I've been very naughty

I have been so busy at work, yes even me gainfully employed, shock horror. I had to go to North Lincolnshire to visit the head office and collect a company car. I know a car!
More about that later. I have however been running around all over the place. I have been reasonably busy with the auctions. I had a nice surpise, a rifle delivered which I bought in the sealed bid sale (one without a photo too) and I hadnt expected a custom rifle or an original military spec rifle but I actually got a reasonable sportered military Mauser. An Argentinian Modello 1891 in 7.65 x 53mm;
The bolt handle has been cut and welded down to clear a scope, the receiver is drilled and tapped and a rail fitted and the rifle was proofed this year indicating its recently come in from the States where loads of them were sportered. I also managed to order in 250 odd 150 grain soft point Norma rounds in original packaging. I think this will get a quick check over at my mate the Mauser Specialist and then a trip to the range! Well it has to be done doesnt it!
Whilst we are here I thought a quick joke might be helpful;
While visiting the United Kingdom, Winnie Mandela was invited to a cocktail party which was also to be attended by Margaret Thatcher.

When Winnie saw the ex-prime minister on the other side of the room, she barged past everyone, spilling the drinks of several invited guests on the way.

Winnie elbowed her way to Maggie, stood brazenly in front of her and declared,
"I hear they call you the Iron Lady!"

"I have been referred to by that name, yes," replied Maggie, peering down her nose at this impudent upstart.
"And whom, may I enquire, do I have the honour of addressing?" asked Maggie icily.

"I am the iron lady of
South Africa !" bragged Winnie, waving her fist in the air.

"Oh, yes," replied Maggie dryly. "And for whom do you iron?"
Also I think seeing how Call Me Dave must be ecstatic about Jimmy Savilles detractors dragging the BBC through the mud and meaning that no one has thought too much about asking him about his referendum promises again perhaps he could be honest with us all for once
I was considering asking everyone to boycott the local police crime commisioner elections but now that cunt Ian Blair has done the same I may decide to vote!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

As a great weekend draws to a close

I can look back at the fun I have had with Alex, the banter with Chris and the abuse hurled at the television set on Friday evening when our so called sporting heroes took forever to score against the international equivalent of Neasden FC (Sid Bonkers Manager). As it was I thoroughly enjoyed myself, missed my dogs but certainly feel that the time spent in reconnaissance at the 10 pin bowling alley was well spent. Roll on the English Open!
Anyway the reason we came all this way;

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Knobheads on the road!

You know the sort, own the road and wont move over making overtaking impossible and driving just plain dangerous, well here you have one getting his medicine;

Me, well today I'll be at Nuneaton ten pin bowling with  the lefthooker preparing for the English open next month!

Friday, 5 October 2012

An interesting E Mail from the CA this morning

"The RSPCA has been back in the news this week, with Quentin Letts in the Daily Mail and the NFU in the Western Daily Press questioning methods and motives within the Society.

Last Saturday Daily Mail columnist Quentin Letts used his column to report that "Sir Edward Garnier, former Solicitor General, rose in the Commons a few days ago and pointed out that the RSPCA is treated with rare generosity by judges. 'When the RSPCA loses cases because it has got either the law or the facts wrong, cost orders are never made in favour of the successful defendant,' noted Sir Edward.

Letts continued: "The RSPCA is in the rare position of being both investigator and prosecutor. It is able to bring prosecutions in its own name. When the Crown Prosecution Service loses cases, as sometimes happens, it tends to have costs awarded against it. This deters gung-ho prosecutors from bringing cases at the drop of a hat. Yet when the RSPCA loses a case, costs are frequently paid from state funds."

The piece ended by noting that "Justice Minister Jeremy Wright has told Sir Edward he will investigate this use of public money."

Following this, on Monday the Western Daily Press carried a scorching commentary from Ian Johnson, the NFU's South West spokesman and ex-RSPCA press head, who wrote about the RSPCA's seeming confusion over the difference between animal rights and welfare. The piece centred on the reaction to the badger cull, with the Society calling for a boycott of produce from farms taking part in the pilot cull. Johnson quoted RSPCA Chief Executive Gavin Grant as saying "Those who care will not want to visit areas or buy milk from farms soaked in badgers' blood."

Johnson goes on to question whether the emotive language is to attract new funding and support, or to politicise the Society as Grant "may well be looking to a renaissance of RSPCA influence under a Lib Dem/New Labour coalition after the next election."

Johnson finishes by noting: "...if the animal rights movement is all about ending their use by mankind as opposed to animal welfare being about responsibly ensuring their health and well-being, and the culling of badgers is a scientifically and legally validated means of disease control in pursuit of the ultimate health and well-being of both badgers and cattle, is the RSPCA an animal rights or an animal welfare organisation?"

I have written about the RSPCA before in the grass e-route. Both these articles echo our own concerns and it is gratifying that our views are widely shared. The RSPCA's work should remain about animal welfare - that is its background and its strength. Adopting the language and tactics of the animal rights movement will do neither it, nor animals, any good.

Barney White Spunner

Executive Chairman"

I dont expect them to lose charitable status but it should focus their minds onto their core work as orginally envisaged when set up and hopefully should cost orders be made against them they may start to back away from politically motivated cases.
One can only hope eh?

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

From Field To Stream

Sharing someone elses work is important, it helps their business grow and helps maintain friendships, Andy despite being a typically Scottish Goose Guide is one of the good guys;