Apparently Google has its knickers all in a twist over those cunts in the Eu and some shite about cookies. Frankly if they are biscuits then I will eat them, if you are concerned about this then fuck off somewhere else and read something else.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

You dont need to speak German

To understand this, I am possibly not the most technologically advanced life form but I do agree that this is possibly one of the best uses for an Ipad I have yet see, good on you Grandpa;

Headteachers whining about exam results

According to Yahoo news The head teachers are whining about the grades;
"Head teachers are demanding that Education Secretary Michael Gove sets up an independent inquiry into this year's GCSE results.

The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) has written to Mr Gove and the exams regulator Ofqual, saying that it has been flooded by complaints about late grade changes in English GCSEs.

Unions claim around 4,000 pupils expecting a C grade pass in English were downgraded to a D - delivering a potentially fatal blow to their chances of taking up places to study A-levels.

Exam boards are bracing themselves for legal action and record numbers of appeals over grades from angry pupils and their schools.

But regulator Ofqual says it believes this year's GCSE results are "right"."
Want my view? No well tough you shouldnt be here then;

"What a load of horse poo, this obviously has nothing whatsoever to do with head teachers being on a performance bonus or bond based upon the levels their students achieve is it? I mean betraying them my arse, they are betraying them by letting them think that life is a socialist Idyll where everyone gets top grades and no one ever has to do a shit job. thats why we have unemployment and mass immigration. Teachers need to realise that life outside of their academic and unionised shelters is actually rather tough if you dont put the work in and not everyone will be a brain surgeon!

I know I'll sue the school that 30 years ago wouldnt let me take O Level Maths and made me do CSE because I was a bit thick with numbers then!

What a bunch of whining fannies, grow up!" And its not just me, some of the other comments are interesting;   "liked this commentRate a Thumb UpRate a Thumb Down5users disliked this commentDavid  •  Loughborough, England
 •  30 minutes ago Report Abuse
Setting great example to our children. Not getting your own way? Sue somebody! Remove their gold-plated pensions, massive salaries, and short working year. Pay them on results with penalties for every child criminal, and unemployed teenager. Maybe we would then educate our children to become citizens (or subjects), not examination statistics."
liked this commentRate a Thumb UpRate a Thumb Down2users disliked this commentSimon • London, England • 12 minutes ago Report Abuse

Grade inflation had to stop. Many teachers themselves grew up with this 'prizes for all' ethos. Now reality has started to hit they don't like it......welcome to the real World.

When kids fresh out of school turn up for job interviews with A* in maths and english, but don't appear to be able to add up, read, write or express themselves something fishy is going on and it needs sorting out pronto irrespective of whose feelings might get hurt.     Christopher  •  Bristol, England
 •  43 minutes ago Report Abuse
No legal action when the grades go up for 20 years, but threats when they go don 1/2 % (one in two hundred). Looks like egg on the face of these Heads.

And these are just the ones I like, bunch of muppets the others!

And lo it came to pass

Mainly due to a lack of cash, a lack of desire and a whole load of inertia on my behalf after over a year being SORNed I finally waved the Monkey goodbye. It travelled to the breakers ignominiously on the back of a very pikey looking transit recovery vehicle.

I do hope that she finds her way to Rhino Ray over at Peacehaven and is at least recycled into a decent off roader. All good things do come to an end so I thought I would share with you those special moments in her career;
 With the dogs, the birds;
The dead  deer;
 The wet end to the range day;

Resting at home as she was;

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Dear Dave and George

I know you get a lot of flak over the economy so I have had a idea which will save the taxpayers a fortune and also help stimulate the economy.
The problem is as I see it that we do have a bloated public sector which is a massive hydra. For those of you who don't know or who slept through ancient Greek mythology here she is;
Now the money is on a massive merry go round, again for the hard of thinking here it is;

Now we already pay you and the other elected representatives a fairly good salary and also give you fairly good holidays and a pension but I cant seem to work out why you seem unable to sort out the bloated mess that is Government.
I see several solutions but I am sure you will have already thought of them, I think the bonus schemes for civil servants is an affront. I mean really a bonus for doing your job properly, where I am in the private sector that could be justified under productivity or profit sharing but in government really?
Also why do MPs get subsidised meals? Don't we pay you enough? Drinking on duty is also a no no. I mean you made it illegal in just about every industry but there you are in between sessions of "Work" quaffing subsidised drinks which means that its the tax payer subsidising your boozy sessions. I can see how getting the opposition so tipsy that they agree to everything is a good plan but only if you are already half cut yourselves and we know that public schoolboys and alcohol don't mix so can we cut that out please?
Whilst I am looking at the costs of your MPs who actually are my employees, after all I do pay their wages (sometimes it feels like all of their wages), I do think a little economy could be pursued.
You do all like to tell us about the great things you do for us, that must mean that you are in office working for me  not in power lining your own pockets!
So lets stop all subsidies. No second mortgages funded by me. No meals paid for by me.
Why? I'll tell you why!
If I want to work in London by choice then I buy a season ticket for the train and have to write off about £4000 a year to ensure I can earn a wage to support you and your family, after all me and my family should come after you!
If I want to eat when I am at work then I don't go to lavishly equipped restaurants and ask for a 3 course meal for less than the price of a bag of chips.
If I want to stay in town overnight for work purposes unless its a work emergency then I have to pay for the privilege myself. If my job requires me to lodge I can have £25 a night, great, where can I get by for £25 a night perhaps there are some spare rooms in Whitehall, I mean I have paid for them, its only fair I should get the  use of them when in town working, you do don't you?
I once looked at serving with the  household division, you know the  smart looking chaps that stand around in shiny boots guarding HM and co? Well it seems because public duties are expected they get a small allowance for living in London, fair one, so should you (mind you get a nice flat free too) and they also get the privilege of living in a tower block and paying for it and all of their meals. Do you?
oh no of course I forgot, your salary is yours not the taxpayers and its the taxpayers that are expected to fund your lifestyle and that of all the other so called elected servants in the palace of Westminster.
Palace eh? Now who wouldn't want a Palace to work in? Yet you want more.
frankly Dave and George its not on. I suggest you cut the waste and fiddles at Westminster first and release the taxman onto the elected representatives no holds barred and then I might consider I am getting value for money from my taxes.
With all that money going back into the economy and not back into your bank accounts I am sure recession will be a thing of the past!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

With the grouse season in full swing it seems Darwin is at work

News from the moor of an accident involving a couple of shooters, it seems the chap was poor and could only afford a Beretta, I must shop at Sothebys for my value art in future. Of course there could be something more sinister that we havent been told about yet;

As it happens I may have met him!
Get well soon, I wonder who shot him?

Warm enough?

With the mercury right up there with ermm mercury it seems as if the wet start to summer never happened;
I know everyone says it should be shaded but the point is the garden isnt and the centre bit gets sun for about 14 hours a day and the kennel shaded in the morning is usually seriously warm bt 4 pm. Even when the weather man gives us a daily high of 24 degrees its usually 5 higher than that in the shade by 11 am. Conversely we are totally unprotected from anything easterly and when winter comes we certainly feel it!
At least it has started to rain a little now!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Reintroducing extinct species isnt always clever

Just that if this had been Canada I know for a fact that 100 beers wouldnt have kept us quiet for long;
"..A family of bears has broken into a holiday cabin in Norway and consumed more than 100 cans of beer.

A mother bear and her three cubs broke into the wooden lodge in the north of the country by ripping off a wall, according to Norway's Finnmarken newspaper, and went on to eat and drink nearly all its contents.

The cabin’s owner, Even Borthen Nilsen, told reporters that over 100 cans of Norwegian beer - stored in the hut in preparation for the autumn hunting season - had disappeared.

Bear excrement and footprints – and an awful stench – left him in no doubt that it was the animals that had trashed the place during a night of revelry.

The carnage was discovered by Mr Borthen Nilsen’s mother and grandmother when they returned to the family-owned 26-square foot hut in Jarfjord in Finnmarken.

The bears had also polished off their store of marshmallows, chocolate spread and honey.

Mr Borthen Nilsen, who has studied natural resource management and bears, said: "They had a hell of a party in there.

"The entire cabin was destroyed. The beds and all kitchen appliances, stove, oven and cupboards and shelves were all smashed to pieces.

"They have bitten into the cans and drunk the beer.

"It's almost like taken out of Goldilocks and the three bears."

He added that now that the mother had shown her cubs how to get into the cabin and given them a taste for beer, he feared they might come back for more."

And to think there are folk talking about reintroducing these to britain, havent we got enough drunks already?

Monday, 13 August 2012

G4S and Coes Sports day are we there yet?

G4S  in a pathetic attempt to deflect criticism from its own crap performance has decided to pump the press with some good news, I'm sure the lads and lasses fresh back from picking up bits of their mates in the sandy shithole  will appreciate a new set of  table tennis bats for the WRVS but I suspect they might have preferred to have had the leave they were due and entitled to!
Bunch of cunts, at least the drug cheat fest is over and wont be here again in my lifetime. I can hopefully now enjoy the spectacle of wheelchair basketball a combat sport only slightly removed from chariot racing, that is assuming the BBC can be bothered to televise those allegedly less able than us?

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Whilst we are watching gun porn flicks

A mate Dr Stealth sent me these;

FCSA is the Fifty Calibre Shooting Association, nice chaps, they even  tolerate those smallbore freaks with .338's;

Its time I got out and did some shooting myself, once I have sorted out Young Mongos rifles we will get some stalking done!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

.450 Nitro Express

A little bit of range work filmed by Tac, cheers;

Its being tested prior to a trip to Africa!

Only in America?

I wish I could have this happen tp me;
"Police in Washington are looking into how a local resident who ordered a color TV set via ended up with a high-powered semi-automatic assault rifle instead.

Seth Horvitz, who lives in the northeast quadrant of the US capital, said he contacted police immediately after a parcel delivery service left the military-style SIG Sauer SIG716 at his apartment door.

"They were a little confused at first. They've never seen anything quite like it," he told Fox 5, a local television station.

"They just took my information and then said: 'We'll handle this weapon because it's illegal to keep here.' It's illegal to transport in a car, so it can't be returned."

While the box was addressed to Horvitz, who had ordered a flat-screen television from a third-party retailer via, an invoice inside the box suggested the gun was supposed to go to a Pennsylvania gun shop."

Eh if only I was that lucky!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Yes quiet again

But thanks to the Kiwi you can have this;