Apparently Google has its knickers all in a twist over those cunts in the Eu and some shite about cookies. Frankly if they are biscuits then I will eat them, if you are concerned about this then fuck off somewhere else and read something else.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Warming up nicely

The Tea Lady is in lizard mode soaking up the rays and I've just had the rat catcher in to deliver some more bait, I thought a glimpse of what yesterday was like might be fun;

Apparently the RAF are working in temperatures close to 50 degrees in the sandpit, tsk tsk it must be hard not carrying a bergan and wearing body armour eh?
Anyway whilst chatting with Lefthooker this came up;

Not the best programmes that Hugh Dennis has ever done but David Armand is a star for sure!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Happy Salamanca day folks

Bashing Bambi Passim

Ah the memories of post Salamanca day  hangovers strong enough to kill a rifle company let alone me, drunken 3 legged races and a vague recollection of a BBQ!

Friday, 20 July 2012

I've been away a day or two without any internet access whatsoever

And I come home to find this;
Yes courtesy of Mr FMT if you remember him! With no added irony!
Also from redcoat Greenjacket;
Oh yes! 

Monday, 16 July 2012

Another wet weekend

Running the gun dog scurry at the Kent County Show and waiting for pics to come in, yes I forgot to take the camera. There werent that many red cords in evidence, a bit difficult to see under all the waterproofs.
The show itself went well even if we only raised half this year of what we managed last year. Some friends showed up to help and some helpers showed up to be friends. Thanks to all who came, watched, competed or donated.
I have taken on the suggestions and next years comp will have a simplified family dog comp making it a little easier for them. That said some of the times taked for thr family dogs put the trained gun dogs to shame.
The weather was expected but the BBC didnt help by announcing variously that the show was shut, the car parks were shut or only prepaid were being let in. The agricultural society have announced a loss forecast at about £300 000 for this years show. Perhaps 30k of that for a press manager would be well spent!
As soon as the promised pics arrive I'll post them. This is possibly our only outing this year especially as now the CLA has been cancelled again at Belvoir Castle.
So as I said pics up asap. The next thing to avoid is the sports day which if we are lucky will get rained off.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Will they add the lost tax revenue to the cost of the games? I doubt it but they should!

Did you know about this? I'd bet a quid you didnt, know wonder we are deeper in the shit than the Govt admit. I hope the lost revenue gets added up into the debt Smug Cunt Coe has run up for our future all for a games day that with a bit of luck will rain for the whole fucking month!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

This has been a gun porn free site for long enough

So I figured you would like to see whats been going through the books recently? A couple of old shotguns, one a Westley Richards one of a pair black powder proofed damascus barreled and dating from 1880 ish but sadly in need of some serious TLC although once refurbished will net its new owner a few quid! Also in came a nitro prooved damascus barreled non ejector sidelock from W&C Scott which sadly will possibly end up as a parts gun;
 English damascus barreled sidelocks of that era are very attractive guns but seldom survive in great condition;
 Also in came a spare barrel, bolthead and magazine for this Mauser M03 a clients rifle. An interesting and attractive rifle, modern take down or switch barrels as they are known tend to be very well made and work exceedingly well;
 It is a nice piece of wood;
 The barrel is held in place by a locating stud and two captive bolts, it is simplicity itself and if you have ever handled a Blaser this will be very familiar, the barrels are made at the same factory apparently;
 The Bolt head interchanges very easily and this is it going in;
 The safetly doubles up as a bolt remover and whilst it takes a little getting used to after traditional safeties it is really just the logical place to put a Mauser safety, where it always has been on the bolt;
Its an interesting rifle with 2 barrels,one in .223 and one in 7x64 which is more than capable of dealing with anything out in the UK and most of Europe!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

So who is the ad campaign company for Go Compare?

Everyone loves to hate the annoying adverts with the fact hunt in a suit wailing away but it seems the ad agency has cottoned on to this.
the reason I suspect this is because the ads are appearing to be vandalised using the same methods, words, colours all over the country. No as much as I wish this was a viral anti ad campaign its just some muppets in norf lahndan coming up with a new way to subconsciously embed their product in your noggin.
Piss of you are so busted;

Any other offerings folks?

4 out of 5 of the public want to punish bankers?

It seems that being punished for breaking banking regulations isnt enough according to a Which magazine survey.
It seems that the public is baying for blood.
Now dont get me wrong here I'm not on the side of any banker unless of course he is paying me money he or she owes me but there has been no breaking of any criminal laws in this country yet. To bring in such laws and apply them retrospectively is positively totalitarian and smacks of the sort of concesus politiking that made us all heartily sick of New Labour with its tax and waste lies.
But first back to the hoo ha;

"Meanwhile, Sky News' city editor Mark Kleinman has revealed George Osborne is to publish a consultation paper about clawing back bank directors' pay.

Which? chief executive Peter Vicary-Smith said: "Consumers are clearly fed up with one banking scandal after another.

"Banks and bankers will continue to be seen as untouchable unless individuals are held to account for their actions and the culture of banking is changed for good.

"The fines handed down to banks are not a deterrent. Last week Barclays was fined less than £60m in the UK, compared to £231m in the US, and has paid out £2bn in compensation and settlements in the last three years, but that seems to have little effect."

What I would like to believe would happen would be a return to the regulations governing banking that stopped the sort of disasters we have seen this century and also  a seperation of banks investment and retail arms. there is no reason why (and honestly there is none) a banks customers should suffer loss of deposits when a bank goes under. They are protected in law.
The people we need protecting from arent bankers but the idiot politicians with their light touch regulations and absolute panic bail outs of banks that sjhould have gone to the wall.
Northern wreck has cost countless people their jobs and homes through negligence but the politicians poured our money in to keep them afloat.
The politicians need calling to account!

Has call me dave grown a pair?

It seems he is under pressure to commit to  an EU membership referendum from his own MPs in the next Parliament, now whether this iss a smokescreen or a means to test the waters who knows, personally I dont trust him as far as I can throw 2 jags but I think we should be given the choice of all out membership, status quo or withdrawal. Anything else is just a fudge. Do I trust him? Well I've made my views clear, perhaps you ought to?
"..Prime Minister David Cameron has suggested he could call a referendum on the UK's relationship with Europe.

In an article for The Sunday Telegraph, he acknowledged that the country's position within an evolving European Union must have "the full-hearted support of the British people".

But he insisted that the vast majority of the public did not support an immediate referendum on whether Britain should be in or out.

Nearly 100 Conservative MPs have written to Mr Cameron urging him to make it a legal commitment to hold a poll on the EU during the next parliament but Mr Cameron was cautious about how the issue would be put to people.

He said: "There is more to come - further moves, probably further treaties - where we can take forward our interests, safeguard the single market and stay out of a federal Europe.

"How do we take the British people with us on this difficult and complicated journey? How do we avoid the wrong paths of either meekly accepting the status quo or giving up altogether and preparing to leave?

"It will undoubtedly be hard going, but taking the right path in politics often is.

"As we get closer to the end point we will need to consider how best to get the full-hearted support of the British people, whether it is in a general election or a referendum.

"As I have said, for me the two words 'Europe' and 'referendum' can go together, particularly if we really are proposing a change in how our country is governed, but let us get the people a real choice first."

Mr Cameron's article in the newspaper comes after an EU summit called to tackle the eurozone crisis moved the bloc towards closer ties.

After the meeting, he told reporters he was not in favour of an in/out referendum leading some to believe he was ruling out a popular vote altogether"
My italics, is he scared the electorate may rule out his career progression to Eu President like the Grinning Spiv wants? Or is he just another wanker toryboy who mouths platitudes about open democracy whilst turning us over for his friends in big business?
Your call.
may I suggest that if you have a Tory MP then a letter to him or her could be a good idea, their hold on office is slim enough without UKIP splitting the vote!
I would have mentioned a letter to the Lib Dems MPs but they are in love with the Eu Soviet and all it stands for so the sooner they go back into the political wilderness the better!