Apparently Google has its knickers all in a twist over those cunts in the Eu and some shite about cookies. Frankly if they are biscuits then I will eat them, if you are concerned about this then fuck off somewhere else and read something else.

Monday, 30 April 2012

one in the eye for Wee Eck the smarmy Bampot!

This has tickled me no end "Usually at night the air closer to the ground becomes colder when the sun goes down and the earth cools. But on huge wind farms the motion of the turbines mixes the air higher in the atmosphere that is warmer, pushing up the overall temperature. Satellite data over a large area in Texas, that is now covered by four of the world's largest wind farms, found that over a decade the local temperature went up by almost 1C as more turbines are built. This could have long term effects on wildlife living in the immediate areas of larger wind farms. It could also affect regional weather patterns as warmer areas affect the formation of cloud and even wind speeds " just think all those subsidies which are loaded onto our bills to pay the land owners and smug wee Eck's Financial plans for making Scotia a 21st century energy exporter lie in tatters. Feck me it doesnt get much better than this does it?

It means cyclist Millar and sprinter Chambers, who have both admitted cheating with drugs, will be eligible to compete for Team GB at the Games

So sport eh, riven by professional cheats and drug cheats too, now look at this bit of news. I wonder if this will make the main news and what Lord Tax you all Coe will say about their possible inclusion in Team GB (Not UK but GB?) I would again like to point out the headline; It means cyclist Millar and sprinter Chambers, who have both admitted cheating with drugs, will be eligible to compete for Team GB at the Games Did you get that, we can jump for joy and select two drug cheats that have admitted it. Now if these two were train drivers or airline pilots admitting drug taking would get them treatment but these two were caught and like drug takers in airline and train driving jobs would be sacked and banned for life but then that would indicate a desire for fairness across the board and we all know the olympic spirit is all about taxing you the public so the circus can roll on and on. I have thought long and hard about this and as I cant afford to fuck off overseas I will keep the television switched off for the whole cheatfest!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Lifted from an old comrades facebook page

Veet for men hair removal cream - best review ever!As a highly competitive amateur athlete, I have long been aware of the benefits of a highly polished scrotum pole and hair-free saddle-bags, especially when going for the `longer look' as displayed by Linford in his famous lunchbox.Previously I had used the old-school method of a cutthroat razor, but as you can imagine, this was a tricky and delicate operation, and to make matters worse, it was difficult to get into a comfortable position in the chair at my local Barbers. Anyway, I am quite hairy down there and my snippet valve looks like Brian May's plughole so eventually the Barber said he could no longer perform the task for me. He also said that looking up my whizzer every Saturday at 11:30 put him off his lunch, as he usually has toad-in-the-hole followed by chocolate-coated donuts as a Saturday treat. He did not want to leave me in the lurch and said that he had read some excellent reviews on Amazon about Veet for men and suggested I give it try.Like many other reviewers, I made the mistake of not reading the bumph properly; I used the whole tube and completed coated my cock eggs, barse and nipsy with the stuff. Anyway, I lost track of time, and it was the foul stench of dissolving clinkers and melting hair that brought me to my senses. As I looked at my watch through the putrid fog that had formed around me, I could see that it had been applied for exactly 5 minutes 59 seconds. This presented me with a problem, as when the searing pain began, I was outside my flat, sat in the communal gardens, in a deck chair precisely 100 meters and 3 flights of stairs away from my bathroom. It was as if I had lowered my under-carriage through a volcano and into Hades, whereupon Beelzebub, annoyed by the uninvited intrusion, jabbed me in the rectum with his fork.I took off from the deckchair like Usain Bolt out of the TV adverts. Within 12 seconds, the bathroom was filled with steamy fetid barse broth, and I had the clock weights, biffins-bridge and Sherriff's badge under ice-cold running water at the tap end of the bath. This did not please the missus, as she was relaxing in there at the time surrounded by floating petals and candles, although she did say that the sight of my ringpiece flashing like a brake light was impressive, and she was pleased to see that my arse barnacles had all but disappeared.When I looked at my watch again, I realised how quickly I had made it up the stairs and the idea dawned on me that I had discovered a 100% legal sports performance enhancer. Now when I compete in a competition I dab a small amount around my Samantha Janus and taint exactly 6 minutes before the race is due to start. If I am doing the hurdles, I change the ratio and put more on my barse to make me jump higher. This proved to be particularly effective a couple of weeks ago, as after crossing the hurdles finish line, I accidentally won the high jump and steeple chase too, looking for the water jump to wash the stuff off.Now I can hear you all thinking that none of this is particularly extraordinary, especially given the reviews that you have already read. However, when I tell you that I am 45 years old, 5' 4" tall and weigh 15 stone, and I used to do the shot-put that should put things into context. As this is an Olympic year I think Tagnutt and Mandeville or whatever their names are, should be redesigned with hairless nether-regions and the British squad should use my technique and be sponsored by Veet, although I don't recommend it for the beach volley ball team. 5 Stars from me.

Police spokesman complains

That the Olympic armed police response units have had their hands tied up in health and safety red tape;
Thanks to sunnoficarus and the Army Rumour Service

The Eu has a foreign policy advisor

Did you know that Ashton a failed UK Political nonentity bought off with a fat taxpayer funded salary is in the Eu as a Foreign Policy advisor? Well she is and as if promoting failure isnt enough look at what they are trying to do, spend (waste) our money in Burma opening a trade office all to encourage Eu companies to invest; EU foreign policy chief Ashton visits Burma The European Union foreign policy chief has met Burma's pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Catherine Ashton, who is in the country to show the EU's support for recent political reforms, said she would open a new, embassy-level office in Rangoon. Ms Ashton will also hold talks with ministers of the military-backed government. Earlier this week the EU suspended sanctions against Burma for a year in recognition of "historic changes". 'Irreversible process' "This is a process of change," Ms Ashton said during a joint press conference with Aung San Suu Kyi in Rangoon, according to Agence France Presse. "I hope we will see all the elements put in place so this will become an irreversible process that will only continue," she added. The EU's role in the country will be to offer investment and expertise, particularly in remote rural areas. Diplomats have said that the new office in Rangoon will mostly oversee the management of aid programmes but will also have a political role. It will be the EU's first step towards a full delegation in the country. 'Investment opportunities' The BBC's South East Asia correspondent, Rachel Harvey, in Rangoon, says that on the part of EU member states there is both a political desire and a practical interest to get more aid into the country. She adds that Ms Ashton's visit is the latest in a stream of high-level diplomatic meetings that reveal a rapidly escalating process of international engagement between Burma and the rest of the world. There is, our correspondent explains, a growing determination among foreign governments to try to keep this country on the right track and to seek to reap the potential investment opportunities that might follow. Ahead of the visit, Lady Ashton said that the EU welcomed what it called the "remarkable changes" in the country and said it marked "a new chapter in our relations". Later during her trip, she is due to the country's remote capital, Naypyitaw, to meet President Thein Sein, the speaker of the lower house Thura Shwe Mann and Railways Minister Aung Min. An EU embargo on arms sales remains in place and the bloc has said that it still expects the unconditional release of remaining political prisoners and the removal of all restrictions placed on those already released. Did you know that Ashtons political career began in 1999 with a life peerage? Did you know she has never been elected to public office but is a political appointee? really if not read this; Between 1977 and 1983 Ashton worked for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) as an administrator and in 1982 was elected as its national treasurer and subsequently as one of its vice-chairs. From 1979 to 1981 she was Business Manager of The Coverdale Organisation, a management consultancy.[11][12] As of 1983 she worked for the Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work.[13] From 1983 to 1989 she was Director of Business in the Community working with business to tackle inequality, and established the Employers' Forum on Disability, Opportunity Now, and the Windsor Fellowship.[citation needed] For most of the 1990s, she worked as a freelance policy adviser.[9][14] She chaired the Health Authority in Hertfordshire from 1998 to 2001, and her children's school governing body, and became a Vice President of the National Council for One Parent Families. She was made a Labour life peer as Baroness Ashton of Upholland in 1999, under Prime Minister Tony Blair. In June 2001 she was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State in the Department for Education and Skills. In 2002 she was appointed minister for Sure Start in the same department. In September 2004, she was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary in the Department for Constitutional Affairs, with responsibilities including the National Archives and the Public Guardianship Office. Ashton was sworn of the Privy Council in 2006, and became Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the new Ministry of Justice in May 2007. So there you have it, an unwanted political appointee representing an unwanted political organisation spends our money in cpountries that have nothing to do with them on the say so of the unelected Eu Commissioners! Which bit of dictaorship did we miss there? the so called political classes creating nice little sinecures for themselves for when they get dropped like the nasty odious pieces of work they really are. To top it all off the Eu is spending our money when we really need it! come on Dave grow some balls and give us a referendum!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Thursday, 26 April 2012

United we stand?

This Blog is well written (ok grammar isnt everything now my Nana is passed on I can say that!) and points out the problems in the shooting community as our PR people would like us to be known but the Gun Lobby as those 4 New Labour Acolytes of the GCN would have us called.
I am reasonably relaxed about the whole debate but I do have deep seated mistrust of at least one  of the paper punching mobs, the NRA. This is the bunch of overpaid self promoted clowns who responded to the Last Labour Home Office Consultation stating that all shooting should be regulated and shooters trained with themselves being the organisation responsible for this and receiving public money to ensure that they do.
I'm not above empire building myself, after all they can bring good things but having endured NRA training courses I cant believe they have the experience nor the will to teach properly field sport shooting of live quarry. After all we saw how shabbily they behaved to the other paper punchers in 88 and 97 when they preferred to stay quiet rather than represent those who paid them, makes you wonder if an organisation that allows its stock of historic weapons donated from members to be stolen and sold by its own staff, its section 7 ammunition held for members to be pilfered and not even offer an apology can be trusted to do anything more than charge like a wounded rhino?
If shooting falls in this country it wont be for the want of dedicated individuals but because of idiots like the NRA who have done more to damage shooting than any utter with a gun or a writer for the guardian (I should have said crayoner as a 2 year old could produce better less vitriolic bile masquerading as journalism). I suppose that's it Rant over but one thing I will leave you with is that should the worst happen and shooting does cease to exist away from inner city crime and pest control (the same thing surely) then I for one wont waste my time mourning over the remains of Bisley camp when it gets bulldozed for Housing!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

So this is where your tax pounds were spent,

From the Daily Telegraph

"Mr Jasper, an equal rights campaigner and activist, said that while black Britons may hold prejudiced views, they should not be described as racist.

The 53 year-old was forced to resign as senior policy adviser on equalities to Mr Livingstone, who was then mayor of London, in March 2008 over allegations of cronyism. Leaked emails showed that he had exchanged highly flirtatious messages with a married mother of three, whose projects received £100,000 from City Hall on his recommendation.

In one email, he told the woman that he wanted to “whisk her away to a deserted beach and honey-glaze her”. Mr Jasper, who is now the chairman of the campaign group Black Activists Rising Against Cuts, took to Twitter yesterday to complain about the number of black youths being jailed.

Using the hashtag “sackboris2012”, Mr Jasper asked: “Which mayor has seen the number of black youth going to jail in London increase by 100 per cent during his term?”

His comment prompted a bitter war of words on Twitter between him and Ahzaz Chowdhury, a former adviser to the Conservatives in Tower Hamlets, east London. Mr Jasper went on to say: “Institutional racism in the criminal justice means black citizens face discrimination.”

He accused Mr Chowdhury of being “an apologist for the racism of the Tory party”.

He said: “It’s you and the Tory party whose policies have seen levels of resurgent racism not seen since the war. Black people can’t be racist”.

Mr Chowdhury asked: “So you yourself could never be a racist?”

Mr Jasper answered: “Why is it African activists like me seem to attract public political criticism from Asian men? Don’t see Africans attacking Asian activists? You’re confused about the political reality and power dynamics of racism.

“No black person in the UK can be racist. Racism is prejudice plus power. Black people can be prejudiced but not racist.”

Mr Chowdhury later branded Mr Jasper’s views “vile”.

Mr Jasper has been outspoken in blaming the Government’s “economic violence” and failure to help underprivileged youths for last summer’s London riots. "

Well I'm convinced, convinced this man is an utter oxygen thief and should be locked up for his own safety!
Build more prisons, people in prison dont commit crimes against the public! Not sure about Lee Jasper but Mr Choudhury seems the sort of chap that one would invite to lunch! Jasper? Well if he likes Africa so much there is plenty of space there for him!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Stir Crazy

It seems that being stuck indoors when it rains is a little too much for some of us;

When will the monsoon season end?

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Not enough holidays?

Well Oi Larrffed
Thanks to Longsword Gun Dogs for this one;
Well it is a sunday after all!

Seeing how today is Sunday here;

I thought that as I dont know that many god botherers anymore I would invite all of you to share in some of the least well known religeous groups. Today we will be discussing the Norse Gods and the top one in my books has to be Odin;
This gem was brought to you by re-stilly on Arrsse

Thanks old chap, I will do a little more research ready for the next Census (tax on common sense) whenever it is due

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Wasting our money By Lord itoveryou Coe

Yes the launching of the Olympic Motto by the wet Coe, Inspire a generation!

Inspire to what you Pinko scumbag?
inspire them to waste vast sums of public money so you can bask in reflected glory of those overpaid pampered career atheletes?
Inspire them to Ignore Northern Ireland and only have Team GB as your team name?
Inspire them to take the piss with overpriced tickets at event locations which will be stripped out leaving no legacy?
Inspire them to be a bunch of political trough pigs sucking at the teat of the public purse for a career?
No thanks muppets, if London was shut for a month during the self back patting love in that is the olympics then I personally wouldnt miss it.
Stick it up your arse!

Will the Police really go on strike?

And who will take up the baton?

Safe for work

Thanks kiwi, once you get through the Oh my Gods its quite funny!

A wet and windy day

I took a train journey or 3 to go to Northanpton to see a man about a dog, ok a job then! I hadnt quite expected the sunshine coast to be as blowy that morning as it was, Southern have decided to power their new card readers using solar power, I have the feeling that wind power may have blown a few fuses, is this the pictorial definition of optimism;
I had often thought this, its nice of Boris' team to confirm it for me;
On the way through London Victoria the London Taxi Benevolent Association for War Disabled was rattling its tins. I normally have nothing but disdain for London cab drivers but this warmed even cynical old me so I popped a couple of quid in.
This morning the weather had settled down again and the water butts were overflowing but best of all I had a Magpie in my Larssen trap. A quick nip out before breakfast and I poped it in the centre compartment and reset the trap. When I came down for breakfast another, possibly its mate had occupied the same trap. Well if anyone needs a call bird in East Sussex today before dusk let me know as I'd rather it went as a call bird than was just despatched;

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

September 1981

It seems so long ago and I can still name about half of the faces I see here before me including a few of the many who didnt complete training;
I'm reasonably sure we all survived our service years in one way or another, it would be nice to find out if there are any former members of Moore Platoon (6) Corunna Company Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion Septemner Intake 1981.
I know that only 34 passed out in Corunna Company in August 1982 and we had to amalgamate with Wavell (5) Platoon to do so!
Happy days.

Monday, 16 April 2012

A brief update

Posting from the Blackberry again so its brief!

We spent yesterday in Torquay with Minime at yet another bowling tournament. Travelling was a bit stressful as I spent the 4 and a half hours of each way watching the temperature guage in case the temporary radiator fix didn't work!
We drove back along the A303 we past the hippy BBQ, stonehenge asked The Tea Lady? Hmmmmm I replied, "be nice when they get the roof on!" Wasted talent!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

So does it even out

Yahoo news here
Five terrorist suspects including radical preacher Abu Hamza can be extradited from the UK to America for trial, human rights judges have ruled.
The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg rejected the men's claims that they could face prison conditions and jail terms which would expose them to "torture or inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment" in breach of the European human rights code.
The five include radical Muslim preacher Abu Hamza, currently serving a seven-year sentence in Britain for soliciting to murder and inciting racial hatred, and Babar Ahmad, a 36-year-old computer expert and alleged terrorism fundraiser who has been held in a UK prison without trial for nearly eight years.
Three others - Seyla Talha Ahsan, Adel Abdul Bary and Khaled Al-Fawwaz - can also be extradited, while the case of a sixth man, Haroon Rashid Aswat, was adjourned today until a further hearing.
The verdict declared that "detention conditions and length of sentences of five alleged terrorists would not amount to ill-treatment if they were extradited to the USA".
The human rights judges emphasised that the latest ruling only becomes final after three months, if there has been no further appeal.
Meanwhile, the judges said, "the court decided to continue its indication to the United Kingdom Government that the applicants should not be extradited until this judgment became final or until the case was referred to the Grand Chamber(of the Human Rights court)".

And we have had so much rain the last 24 hours that both water butts are full and I'm thinking of emigrating to Aus where it will be drier/on fire/flooded/eaten by dingos/whinge like a local!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

So earlier this week

I fixed up the new water butt, 60 Gallons in the front of the house complements the 1000 litre one at the rear;
Of course we have yet to have any rain worthy of the name but I was in Derby on Tuesday and it always manages to rain there. I also found the pub I made my full and final conversion to real ale in way back in 1997;
Now its a brewery as well so I sampled the odd pint;
And an even odder one or two;
Meanwhile in gods waiting room its still fairly mild, no rain and no snow, fingers crossed!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Seen celebrating after yesterday fantastic 3-0 win over league leaders Southampton, Burmese independance leader and general all round tea taster Madame Lapson su Chai said "arent the boys wonderful they all look like Dale Winton";

Happy all fools!