Apparently Google has its knickers all in a twist over those cunts in the Eu and some shite about cookies. Frankly if they are biscuits then I will eat them, if you are concerned about this then fuck off somewhere else and read something else.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Cocks day

Or boundary day in old shooters speak. Ben and I had arranged for an armed dog walk with a couple of beaters and any available guns but in the end it was 11 spaniels and 2 walking guns. The bag could have been 6 Pheasant and 3 Woodcock but despite our best efforts at saluting them we werent underneath each others birds!
Still a few feeders were topped off and a new one put along the top boundary courtesy of Mc Shug!

Roll on the poults.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Last syndicate day of the season

Oddly enough despite the truck battery letting me down we managed half a day at Boreham Street on Friday and the dogs loved the chance to work fields rather than woods. Iain looked after us and we were graciously fed and watered here afterwards;

The total bag at our final day wasnt massive, luckily one of the beaters bagged a tree rat which boosted numbers. I suspect thgis is not having all the feeders topped off all the time. A simple solution really!

Now the work starts; pen repairs, feeder repairs, waterers repairs, you get the theme here?
ther is a lot of work to do to keep the remaining birds on the wood and get it ready for next seasons poults!

I do have the end of season walk around on tuesday morning, a sort of cocks and boundary day. Fingers crossed

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Europeans fat lazy and workshy, who'd have thought it?

Well even the BBC did many years ago when the French Socialists introduced their crazy early retirement age and seemed to be happy for the hard working Northern Europeans to pick up the tab! The protests when Sarkozy took office on a platform of reducing these expensive follies were all about those who may have to work longer rather than those who would now pay for their idleness!
At last the other side of the pond recognises the problems too;
"Chart of the Day: Europe’s real problem – they don't work enough
And they don't work enough because the pensions and benefits on offer are just too generous in the world's ‘lifestyle superpower'. "

Interesting read!

Time for more shooting, today I was over in the wood feeding the pheasants and getting ready for the last weekend of the season, a guest day on Friday, syndicate day on saturday and a combined beater and guns walk up on Tuesday!
Dogs will be happy for the rest!

Monday, 23 January 2012

SNP and defence, not really Wee Ecks Thing!

“The SNP wants Trident out and I don’t disagree with that. But they also want to keep the jobs. They can’t have it both ways. Either it is Trident out and we are sorry about the jobs. Or they say the jobs are more important than the ideology.”

An interesting quote from this source which shows how little thought has been given to the massive problems that will come with independance!
Interesting times ahead!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Banks over exposed to the carbon bubble?

Citywire again;

"Up to 80% of the assets held by energy companies could turn out to be useless, knock-down sub-prime junk.
Here’s why:
If we are to keep global warming below 2°C – a goal reaffirmed by politicians at December's Durban climate meeting – then between 2000 and 2050 we can get away with emitting 886 gigatons of carbon dioxide (GtCO2) between us. Now, we’ve used a lot since 2000, leaving a ‘Carbon Budget’ of 565 GtCO2 for the remaining years to 2050. But the world’s biggest oil and gas companies have fossil fuel reserves representing potential emissions of 745 GtCO2. "

Now I have always maintained that greenwash bullshit spouted by goverments in the climate change debate (what fecking debate its all one sided) is solely to allow them to tax us and allow energy firms to take the piss in new and more amazing ways.
I'm all for saving my money but not to give it away to govts or energy firms.
Cunts the lot of them and if the piss takers go to the wall then tough! Maybe they can take a couple of banks with them!

Germany to pull out of the Euro?

This from city wire says it looks like they may have had enough of bailing out the lazt mediterranean countries
"Germany and the Netherlands are likely to quit the eurozone rather than swallow an indefinite number of ‘unrequited transfers’ to the union’s crisis-stricken nations, according to Charles Dumas, chief economist at Lombard Street Research"

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Spelling and Punctuation Matters!

I know quite often we all commit such howlers that our friends like to point them out and I remember my mail being returned from my Grandmother a retired English teacher with red ink in the important places! In a similar vein I would like to thank Henry Toombs for this little Gem;

Monday, 16 January 2012

And in further news Granny is seen sucking eggs

According to the pro EU BBC;
"The government's official advisers on migration say there is a link between immigration from outside the European Union and job losses among UK workers.
The Migration Advisory Committee said there were 23 fewer UK jobs for every 100 migrants from outside the EU."
However not a peep about whether EU immigration takes UK jobs as collating that sort of info is probably illegal!


There's a name to stir the memory cells eh?
No then perhaps the latest recipient of the tag from Grumpy Old Sod will enlighten you;
"The Church of England used to be known facetiously as “The Tory Party at prayer”.
Not any more, it seems.
Under the feeble leadership of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan “Catweazle” Williams, the church seems headed for terminal decline. Probably a good thing too: natural selection and the survival of the fittest requires that the weak and wishy-washy should go to the wall.
Shame about all the nice buildings, though. Who will look after them when all that's left is a mindless, twitching puddle of gutless, liberal-lefty half-baked ideas?
In a rather incomprehensible article published in the New Statesman this week, Catweazle attacks the coalition government, bleating that “we are being committed to radical, long-term policies for which no one voted”.
What a dim-witted thing to say. Since when did any General Election give us the opportunity to vote for policies? Did Labour voters in 2001 know they were voting for war in Iraq? Did they eagerly put their crosses in a box marked “ID cards”, or “open our borders to all and sundry, we have loads of benefits money to squander”?
In 1983 did we know we were voting Thatcher in to smash the miners? In 1970 did we realise our ticks in Edward Heath's box meant joining the EU? These are rhetorical questions, of course, and the answer to all of them is a resounding “no”. Because that's not how elections work – in fact, it's not how democracy works, unfortunately.
No government is elected with a clear mandate to carry out a particular policy. We simply elect the gang of crooks and chancers we dislike the least, and rely on them to make the decisions for us. Sad, but true.
In 2010 we all went to the polls knowing full well that whoever we elected would have to implement a whole raft of measures to cut the government deficit created by the previous Labour administration.
Whether it was Cameron or Brown made little difference: either would have unpopular decisions to make, and the results would hurt us all.
Of course there are always ignorant, selfish people who believe that cuts are OK provided they themselves are not affected.
If they're in work they don't want to pay more taxes, if they're out of work they don't want their benefits cut. Teachers don't want their spending reduced, and NHS workers want to carry on splashing public money around.
Unions are happy to see cuts, but not at the expense of their members' pay packets. Arty-farty freeloaders can't see why their pet theatre or dance company or hedgehog sanctuary should lose its lump of public money so they can no longer prance about looking important at someone else's expense.
Local government bosses can stomach reduced spending so long as they can keep their exorbitant pensions and cut services to the public instead.
But the selfish and the venal apart, we all knew what had to be done, and expected it. The only difference between Cameron who did get in, and Brown who didn't, is that Cameron was brave enough (or possibly foolish enough or inexperienced enough, depending on your point of view) to grasp the nettle and get on with it.
So, in case poor Catweazle is still having trouble sorting out his muddled brain, let's spell it out as simply as we can ...
• The government is in debt. It owes zillions and zillions of squids, and its creditors selfishly demand punishing interest payments (it's worth pointing out that the Blair government often got into debt deliberately, saddling future governments with colossal obligations in the form of PFIs. It's not just self-employed plasterers from Basildon who over-mortgage themselves with gay abandon)
• We none of us want the government to be in debt so much, and would like something done about it
• In order to cut the debt, the government has to spend less money
• Therefore the things the government normally spends money on, won't get quite so much money in future
• Therefore we must all expect some changes in the way our society and our services operate
• Or, if we don't like it, we could all just dig our heads in the sand and hope the debts go away.
It might happen. A tsunami might come and wash away all the banks and financial institutions, miraculously leaving the rest of us unscathed. Or there might be some new plague, a sinister disease that only kills people who have more than £500,000 in the bank.
It could happen ...
There, Rowan, old fruit! That wasn't so difficult, was it? You get the point now?
Unless we introduce some sort of “government by referendum”, no one votes for policies, they vote for parties.
No government has any mandate except for the mandate to govern. Actually, come to think of it, who voted for you?
And what is your mandate, exactly? Anyway, take our advice and lose the silly beard.
You'll never get a man date if you don't tidy yourself up. “Man date”, get it? It's a joke. Like you.

Have you ever wondered how you get spam?

No I'm not talking about the tinned stuff nasty as that can seem until you are hungry. I'm talking about the junk e mails offering you all sorts of treasures if you click this link. The latest ones to get my goat are the on line casinos, I don't gamble, well not with money anyway, I don't have the nerve!
I do frequent facebook but not Linkedin as it constantly demands access to your email address book to "see" if it can help you search for friends on Linkedin!
Well I'm sorry but these sites are all about bragging about your job and educational status and there are very few people I like that use them so No I wont be allowing access.
The latest Facebook scam is to send you an innocent looking message from a friend in Calendar which wont open unless you allow it to access your personal details.
that may be fine if you want everyone to see what you have planned this year etc but I certainly don't want to share my business contacts with the whole of FB!
So think before you click, it may look innocent now but try and unsubscribe from it later!!!!!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

First shoot day of the year

The lack of feeding caused by illness and injury showed itself and the bag was smaller than expected by half time;
It was nice to see the Woodcock back again and the frost certainly made the place look nice. More dogs than normal in fact more than beaters which was very nice and we had Greg with Bob the Bracco showing us all how to retrieve;

Looking forward to the last syndicate day in 2 weeks time.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Stop and Search isnt Racist! its statistically proven

Lifted from the comments secction in Inspector Gadgets Blog;
67 per cent of those caught by police for gun crimes were black.
Among those proceeded against for street crimes, including muggings, assault with intent to rob and snatching property, 54 per cent were black males”.
“… 832 out of 2,882 of male victims of shootings in 2009-10 being black.”Yet- “Just over 12 per cent of London’s 7.5million population is black”
Therefore- “Annual figures show that black people are at least six times more likely to be stopped and searched than their white counterparts.”is not unreasonable and certainly not disproportionate, especially bearing in mind that the purpose of stop/search is to prevent the number of victims increasing!
“… one black politician said the black community needed to face up to major challenges.
Shaun Bailey, a Tory election candidate in London and charity worker, said: ‘The community has to look at itself and say that, at the end of the day, these figures suggest we are heavily – not casually – involved in violent crime.
We are also involved in crime against ourselves – and we regularly attack each other.’
”Correct – well said Shaun!
“Critics say the figures merely show the continuing prevalence of racism in the Metropolitan Police.”
Incorrect – and demonstrably factually so!
“The statistics also suggest that police hold black women accountable for a disproportionate amount of violent crime.
On knife crime, 45 per cent of suspected female perpetrators were black.
”No – the stats show that black women are believed to be accountable for a disproportionate amount of violent crime, ie 45 per cent of suspected female perpetrators of knife crime are black!
“Among those women and girls police took action against for gun crime, 58 per cent were black and in robberies that figure was 52 per cent.”
No – in guncrime and robberies committed by females, 58 per cent and 52 per cent respectively were believed to have been committed by black women!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

The grinning Spiv strikes again

This from the Telegraph. Nothing surprises me but it certainly does upset me, No wonder bankers felt they could get away with ripping the country off when the Dear Leader has his snout in the trough right up to his eyebrows!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

engage brain before opening gob!

now if anyone feels offended enough to report dianne abbott to the police for offensive remarks of a racist nature they would have to act, wouldnt they?

i doubt it but we could die of old age waiting to find out!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

So wee eck, where is the extra 10 billion a year coming from?

This piece sent to me courtesy of Daye Tucker in Scotland asks if an. independant scotland will share the UK's triple A credit rating.
Personally I wonder how long it will take to become a bankrupt Euro basket case?

"‘So £13.2 billion of deficit, compared with GDP of £143 billion is about 9% – about the same as the UK is running right now, but way above a sustainable number (for example the uniformly ignored Maastricht limit for eurozone members is at 3%).’
This figure falls to 5% if you add North Sea oil into the equation. But North Sea oil production will fall dramatically. ‘So again, if I’m rating Scotland as a stand-alone entity, I worry what will happen going forwards,’ he says. "
It doesnt loook good!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

And in further news

After 3 attempts at trials and numerous enquiries the PC World version of events has been accepted and 2 nasty horrid white men have been found guilty of murder!
Now the Hampstead set can chatter happily in peace at their dinner parties safe knowing that it took a Labour political apparatus to change the centuries old principle that you cant be charged twice for the same crime just to prove what we all already knew!
Not that I am defending them, that will be some other scum sucking liberal lawyer sucking at the public teat to pay his cleaners wages in his Dordogne farmhouse!
No what will be amazing and sad yet amusing if not infuriating all at the same time is that the police who cocked it up from start to finish will be dragged through the courts again and proved to be instituitionally incompetent.
Makes a change I suppose!

Welcome please Inspector Gadget

The voice of common sense perhaps or just fed up with the inevitable round of talking (dick)heads waiting to be wheeled out.
Any my response was to the point!

" Well as a shooter professional and recreational I welcome the common sense approach and I dont read the printed press so discount them anyway.
As an ex soldier I have worked... with Police in difficult situations and know its not an easy career even over this side of the Irish sea!
Now if ACPO aka the fundraising arm of the politically biased PC World brigade can temper their enthusiasm for more legislation then perhaps some good can come from this.
In fact a cynic would say we should be banning taxi drivers, in fact a sick cynic would say perhaps that removing himself and offspring from the gene pool with firearms was infinitely better and less of a danger to the public than him taking a cab full of drunken geordies down the A1 and into the path of a school bus.
Perhaps he has done us all a favour.
Durham Police get the wally quote of the day though,
“I’d like to assure everyone that Durham Police are in charge and will be innvestigating this case!” Crystal Ball failure? Methinks they have a Ouija board on issue if they are going to find everything out.
You cant legislate against lunacy and the latest PNC flavour shows FAC and SGC holders but without a human to make the link and ask its still an expensive and possibly pointless addition to your armoury.
As for banning guns?
Perhaps banning expressing opinions on subjects people know little about would be more sensible!

Monday, 2 January 2012

as if this sort of thing couldnt get any worse

Reports tonight from the BBC I am currently waiting for the handwringers to start calling for bans but lets face it after Derrick Bird it seems that Taxi drivers kill people not guns, perhaps its time to ban them?
I like to quote from the Army Rumour Service next;

as call me dave said you cant stop nutters going off the handle, he could have taken them all for drive in his cab and wiped out a bus full of kiddies as well. In fact him having a gun meant damage was limited to his own shallow gene pool!

Bank Holiday Monday

As if the country needs any more time off to recover from doing what it cant afford anymore! A trip to the shoot today to fill feeders was particularly pleasing as our rainwater catchment has exceeded our best expectations. I now need to make an over flow so it will top the second tank automatically;

Full? I should co co! Look at this and remember we must have delivered about 5 tanks worth last year when it didn't rain, who says we have a water shortage, sort out the storage gents and its simples;

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Whilst I am bashing Politicians

That wholly useless You Gov No 10 Downing Street petition website is a total waste of time, I have lost count of the times it has rejected my petitions which would put an answer once and for all to that other wholly useless Govt item, the Inquiry into sleaze, jobs for family members and allowances scandal.
Now I'm no fan of a return to MP's working for free, albeit a nice thought that would possibly exclude those for whom serving the country would be good for the country.
Now we all know that they receive additional income to fund a home in London, travel on duty and also an amazing set off perks at the commons such as subsidized bars and restaurants.
I have a fairly simple plan for this.
1. They are in service and no longer in power.
2. All travel to work is paid for by themselves bar end of term rail tickets at standard class to home address for themselves and their family.
3. Accommodation equal to existing armed forces accommodation in the capital is provided for which they are charged the same rate as serving forces personnel. Also the same for married MPs but with Married Quarters.
4. Meals are subsidised for them on duty to the same rate as serving forces personnel.
5. Holidays are taken at the same paid amount as every other working person in the country. This would allow constituency offices to be manned and the public servant to serve the public.

Now pick the bones out of that! If they want more money for their jobs then they should work for that money and only be paid based upon the performance of the national economy!

In Power?

Politicians eh? You know when they are lying, their lips move! The one point about the whole snouts in the trough system that really grates and there is a huge list which includes free travel, subsidised meals and accom and favoured tax status by HMRC is amazingly the lie perpetuated and supported by the so called unbiased television and other media news people.
Yes I'm getting to it, the whole grit in my ointment is the use of the phrase (or rather misuse) "in power".
Now I'm not sure when those self appointed guardians of our language started to allow its use but it seems to be in common parlance now.
The phrase should be in service as they are serving us the electorate and are therefore our servants elected by us to serve.
Now if that seems too feudal then in office could be a slightly less contentious term but in power never.
Power comes from a wall socket or a dictator!
Stand up for your rights and make those damn servants serve!

Grumpy old sod on Global warming

From the website of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, this article by engineer and physicist Andrew Kenny ... It is a year since the so-called Climategate emails were leaked. Since then, we have had freezing winters in Europe and the US, and revelations of gross misrepresentations from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The lasting impression is of massive corruption of science.
Leaked from the Climate Research Unit in England, the emails showed the scientists behind the climate scare plotting to hide, delete and manipulate data, to denigrate scientists presenting different views, to force journals to publish only papers promoting climate alarm, to subvert "peer review" into "pal review", and make the reports of the IPCC nothing but alarmist propaganda.
The corruption spread through governments, universities, scientific societies and journals. You have to look back to the Lysenko episode in the Soviet Union in the 1940s (when a crank persuaded the Soviet establishment that agriculture did not follow Darwinian evolution) to find such perversion of science. The worst nonsense after the scandal was this: "Well, some climate scientists committed a few minor transgressions but the basic science is sound." In fact, the basic science is non-existent.
There is no evidence that mankind is changing the climate in a dangerous way. The slight warming of the past 150 years is no different from previous natural warming periods, such as the worldwide medieval warm period from about 900 to 1200AD. Global warming and cooling are closely correlated to variations in the sun, especially in its emission of charged particles. Carbon dioxide (CO²), a harmless natural gas upon which green plants depend, is a feeble greenhouse gas. Its only significant absorption band (15 micron) is saturated, so adding more to the atmosphere has a small and diminishing effect.
Over the past half-billion years (the span of multicelled life), CO² levels have averaged more than 2000ppm (parts per million) but with wild fluctuations, from more than 6000ppm to less than 500ppm. This has had no noticeable effect on global temperatures, which have remained remarkably constant for long periods, pointing to a stable global climate system, without which higher life might not be possible.
This stability probably comes from low clouds, which increase when temperatures rise and have a powerful cooling effect by reflecting away sunlight. In the 19th century CO² levels were about 280ppm, extraordinarily low, putting stress on green plants. Man, by burning fossil fuels and through deforestation, has pushed the levels up to 390ppm. On present trends, they will be more than 500ppm by the end of the century. This will have only one major effect: better crops and forests, and more biodiversity.
The effect on the climate will be insignificant. Talk of a temperature rise of 2°C is not valid. But rising CO² has spawned the new millennial religion of man-made climate change. It has the usual religious themes of sin, damnation and redemption. The sin is naughty industrial man emitting CO². Damnation is soaring temperatures, rising seas, floods and droughts. Redemption is forsaking fossil fuels and building wind turbines. The priesthood has special exemptions. The faithful see nothing wrong with US environmental activist Al Gore telling us to reduce carbon emissions while consuming vast amounts of fossil-generated electricity in his mansion and flying first class around the world.
The ideological reasons for climate alarm are the usual religious ones too: a desire to show how sinful man is, and to control human behaviour. The alarmists yearn to forbid ordinary people from using fossil energy. What is new is the staggering amount of money involved. It is estimated that the US government alone, in the past two decades, has given $79bn to fund climate alarm.
This dwarfs any money oil companies might have given to research. The sinister effect of this political funding is to drive science towards a desired result rather than truth: you will get your funding only if you show that mankind is causing dangerous climate change. The more alarm, the more funding. Harold Lewis, emeritus professor of physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara, recently resigned from the American Physical Society (APS) after 67 years. In his resignation letter, he wrote about "… the global warming scam, with the (literally) trillions of dollars driving it, that has corrupted so many scientists, and has carried APS before it like a rogue wave.
It is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist. Anyone who has the faintest doubt that this is so should force himself to read the Climategate documents, which lay it bare. (Montford’s book organises the facts very well.) I don’t believe that any real physicist, nay scientist, can read that stuff without revulsion." He refers to The Hockey Stick Illusion by AW Montford, which is essential reading for understanding the climate scam.
The book is about a key part of the scam: denial of the medieval warm period. More than 900 scientific studies confirm the medieval warm period. So does historical record: during this period, the Vikings colonised Greenland and grew crops where it is now too cold for them. The alarmists hate it because it showed the world warmer a thousand years ago while CO² was lower. So they used quackery to deny it. The "hockey stick" graph, first published in Nature magazine in 1998 and then shown six times in the IPCC’s 2001 report and brandished around the world, showed temperatures in the northern hemisphere steady from 1000 to 1900AD (the handle of a hockey stick) and then rising to unprecedented heights in the 20th century (the blade). No medieval warm period! This nonsense was accepted with blind, unquestioning faith by the IPCC and much of the scientific establishment.
They liked the result; they didn’t care about the method. The hockey stick theory was eventually demolished by Steve McIntyre, an expert statistician, who managed to get hold of the data on which it was based and found outrageously wrong statistical methods, deliberate use of data known to be wrong, and other manipulations. The Climategate emails are there for all the honest world to see. You will see a small number of names — Jones, Mann, Bradley, Hughes, Briffa, Schneider, Santer etc. — conspiring among themselves to silence critics and promote climate alarm, which they have done with great success. The climate alarmists are unable to counter the scientific arguments of the climate rationalists so they resort to vilification.
Anyone who questions man-made global warming is a stooge of the oil companies, or just like those who deny the Nazi Holocaust or deny that cigarette smoking causes cancer, or deny that Americans landed on the moon. In May, I attended a superb climate science conference in Chicago. Most of the speakers were the world’s leading scientists, all of whom showed convincingly that climate changes are natural. But some were politicians. One, Harrison Schmitt, gave a passionate attack on the pseudoscience of man-made climate change. He had been a US senator. He had also been a crew member of Apollo 17 — among the crew who were the last humans to walk on the moon.
The GOS says: The mention of Trofim Lysenko is rather apt. Put "Lysenko" in Google and read a few of the pages it finds. These days we are often told, plaintively, that no real scientist would falsify or deliberately misinterpret data because all they are interested in is the pursuit of scientific truth. This is total b*ll*x. As the story of Lysenko proves, scientists are just as capable of perpetrating enormous, dangerous, bare-faced fraud as anyone else.

Delusional and dangerous?

Scotland is bimbling along the road to self determination, not something that supporters of the act of the union seem awfully happy about but its democracy and the right of self determination has been enshrined in UK policy if not law since 1945 at least.
Now if I a mere man with a secondary education can find enough flaws in jolly jockstraps plan then how come those north of the border are blind to a madman that wants to lead them into financial oblivion in Europe? My notes are in italics;
"How Scotland will lead the world
Alex Salmond, first minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party, believes small, independent nations will be champions of change
Nov 17th 2011 from The World In 2012 print edition

After the second world war ended the United Nations comprised 51 independent nations. Today that figure has risen to 193. Globalisation has gone hand in hand with a growing desire for nations to take responsibility for their own affairs and make a full contribution as a member of that global family of nations.
I write as the leader of a nation which is not yet a member of that family in its own right, but I lead a government which aspires to that status. Scotland will hold a referendum on independence before the end of this parliament in 2016, and in 2012 we will lay the foundations by wielding the powers we currently have to boost economic growth.
Global focus may be on the BRIC nations, but there is another success story which needs to be told: that of smaller states championing change. In Spain the dynamic regions are Catalonia and the Basque country, which enjoy degrees of fiscal autonomy from Madrid. To the north of Europe the Danes thrive, the Norwegians are world-beaters while Finland excels in many global indicators. None of the success stories listed are in the Euro, read from that what you will!
Scotland on its path to independence is another example of smaller-nation success: with our limited powers we have already set a more dynamic pace than the rest of the United Kingdom. Lest anyone doubt the capacity of smaller nations to influence the global future, a former secretary-general of the UN, Kofi Annan, has cited Scotland’s history in science, technology and economics as proof that our nation has a “leading role” to play in tackling some of the biggest challenges of our age.
Climate change is one such challenge—and Scotland has passed world-leading climate-change legislation, with a target of reducing carbon emissions by 42% by 2020. That is ambitious but achievable, and it will hopefully act as a spur for other nations, large and small, to act now for a sustainable future. More greenwash, after joining the Eu does he really think that he can pay Scotlands contribution with wind power (currently subsidised by Westminster) and Marmalade exports
It is not the size of a nation that is important, but the size of its ambition and of the contribution it can make to the world
The climate-change agenda goes together with the drive to find more sustainable ways of producing the energy we need, and again Scotland is forging ahead in developing the clean renewable-energy technology which can power the global future. We have set ourselves another challenging but achievable target by aiming to produce the equivalent of all our own electricity needs from renewable sources by 2020—and around as much again from other sources. That will allow Scotland to become a significant exporter of energy to our European neighbours.
It is possible because we have a huge share of the whole continent’s green-energy potential. Recent investment in Scotland’s renewable sector by multinational companies is testament to the scale of that potential, and 2012 will see us redouble our efforts. Energy security and the safe, sustainable delivery of power is one of the biggest issues of our time, and Scotland is already playing a leading role in securing that prize. Recent investment from Westminster not Holyrood and its an agenda you may note, an agenda built on flawed and unproven science!
These new technologies, along with our strengths in areas like life sciences and finance, give Scotland the opportunity to continue to carve the distinctive contribution our nation has made over the centuries, from our earliest days as an independent trading nation, through the Scottish Enlightenment of the 18th century and right up to the present day. Today, more patents are issued to Scottish universities than to any other nation in the world, as measured per head. It was one of those Scottish Enlightenment figures, Adam Smith, who observed that economic progress must, inevitably, be accompanied by social progress—and that holds as true today as it did then, giving us the hope that globalisation can indeed transform the world for the better.
The thorns and the thistle
The age of empires is long gone; even the cold war is now a subject for the history books, and the old certainties which once underpinned international relations have unravelled. In their place we have a more complex, more uncertain world, but also one which is more alive with possibilities for positive change than ever before, where more nations than ever exercise independence in an interdependent world, and where Scotland can and will be a force for good.
That includes playing a full part in the European Union, whose last big expansion in 2004 saw the admission of ten new states—six of them smaller than Scotland, and six of which had become independent since 1990. None of which are financial giants or even capable of holding their own in fact most export unemployed persons who can come here safe in the knowledge that they can always sign on should they fail to get a job undercutting the locals.
As the United Kingdom’s prime minister, David Cameron, conceded in last year’s edition of this publication, the UK is saddled with a large deficit, so size clearly offers no protection or immunity from the vagaries of the global economy. Instead, the countries which appear best equipped to deal with such conditions are those that are nimble and fleet-footed enough to adapt quickly to change. It is not the size of a nation that is important, but the size of its ambition and of the contribution it can make to the world. Scotland is ready to meet that challenge.
Ah yes the global financial meltdown causing a UK deficit used mainly to bail out two major banks, one in the North East and one in Scotland run by a man so reviled that he needed police protection!

Now if I can see all that why cant the Scots or are they being blindly patriotic to the point of jingoistic?
I support Scotlands desire to be independent but Ireland has shown a desire to go back to the Punt and to be linked to the UK financially. If Scotland does enter the Euro it will become a financial mess where its neighbours will go elsewhere rather than trade through more financial borders.
So is he Delusional, dangerous both, neither or just grasping at a means to suck on the Euro teat?
Scotland is a big geographical mass but will never be huge on the world stage without an alliance of sorts, perhaps he wants to walk the world stage as an equal to Merkel and Sarkozy and is willing to sell his heritage to do so!