Apparently Google has its knickers all in a twist over those cunts in the Eu and some shite about cookies. Frankly if they are biscuits then I will eat them, if you are concerned about this then fuck off somewhere else and read something else.

Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Years Eve and

Its beaters day on our little shoot, a good first drive with some smart snap shooting taking place by the youngsters meant that by tea break the bag was starting to fill up;

Dave decides to break out the family heirlooms for it is such an auspicious occasion;
By close of play we had managed a total of 11 birds although I suspect the dogs missed the odd runner or two;

Looks like the guns have their work cut out if they want to beat this next shoot;

Happy new year to you all and I hope its as mild as it is here if not warmer!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Shamelssly lifted from

An Englishmans Castle
The Death Of The euro
Bill Jamieson: Apocalypse could be now for euro -
The reports tell of Foreign Office preparations to evacuate thousands of British expatriates and holidaymakers from countries that may be stricken by a break-up of the eurozone. The Ministry of Defence is also said to have been consulted about evacuation plans should UK citizens find themselves trapped in countries which have closed their borders and where bank withdrawals have been suspended.
In the frontline of this preparation is the Treasury, where reports have been circulating for weeks of contingency planning in the event of a disintegration of the single currency. Key arrangements include plans for the imposition of capital controls. Immigration and border controls would also be tightened.
Cross-border emergency evacuations; curtailment of the movement of money; detailed checks on crossing borders: these are the very opposite of the free movement of capital, goods, services and labour that the European single market was supposed to enshrine. The assumption behind these plans is that there would be a panic-fuelled capital flight as a banking failure took hold. The end result could be a freeze of electronic transfers and a halt to disbursements from hole-in-the-wall machines. And if people have no access to their money, those stricken countries in the eurozone do not just have a banking problem, or a sovereign debt problem. They have a law-and-order problem.
The salvation of Europe would, on the contrary, appear to lie in the overwhelming popular preference for people to be governed locally and by their own people, rather than by supra-national constructs. This is the counter-force that the events of 2012 will unleash as the debt and deficit crisis enters a new and explosive stage. That is why next week we will be in no ordinary year, and in no ordinary new era.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Funny but not for the kids

Yes you may have seen it before but here it is again!

Now since the very good reception this has had I have been sent some more;

Before you ask I have no idea how, the Tea Lady wiggles her ear lobes and that freaks me out!

Whilst some of us have been enjoying ourselves

Others have been telling it as it is;
Thought: A reflection on David Cameron’s vetoSunday 18th December 2011
This open letter from Frederick Forsyth is an excellent – brilliant even in its simplicity and understanding - reflection of the Euro issue and of David Cameron’s veto of the Merkel / Sarkozy proposals.
It should receive as much publicity as possible, so please pass it around. My instinct at the time of the veto was of both concern and relief – concern of the consequences of opening an old can of worms and relief that, by finally opening it, the festering sore between Britain and France (for that is what it in reality is and what has now become all too obvious) would have to be addressed - instead of brushing it under the carpet in an attempt to be good Europeans.
Contrary to the views of some, we are not bad Europeans. I have long maintained that the UK, with its civil service policy of gold plating all European legislation sent to us from Brussels, is the most compliant of all 27 countries in its obedience of the spirit and the letter of European law. The fact that, to varying degrees, the other 26 (notably France) don’t comply properly is one of the reasons for our widespread hatred of the EU – reasonably so. The Euro crisis is a direct result of disobeying the Growth & Stability Pact.
Angela Merkel backed attack on the City
Tuesday December 13,2011
By Frederick Forsyth
Dear Madame Chancellor,
PERMIT me to begin this letter with a brief description of my knowledge of, and affection for, your country.
I first came to Germany as a boy student aged 13 in 1952, two years before you were born. After three extended vacations with German families who spoke no English, I found at the age of 16 and to my pleasure that I could pass for German among Germans. In my 20s I was posted as a foreign correspondent to EastGermany in 1963, when you would have been a schoolgirl just north of East Berlin where I lived.
I know Germany, Frau Merkel, from the alleys of Hamburg to the spires of Dresden, from the Rhine to theOder, from the bleak Baltic coast to the snows of the Bavarian Alps. I say this only to show you that I amneither ignoramus nor enemy. I also had occasion in those years to visit the many thousands of my countrymen who held the line of the Elbe against 50,000 Soviet main battle tanks and thus kept Germany free to recover, modernise and prosper at no defence cost to herself.
And from inside the Cold War I saw our decades of effort to defeat the Soviet empire and set your East Germany free.I was therefore disappointed last Friday to see you take the part of a small and vindictive Frenchman in what can only be seen as a targeted attack on the land of my fathers. We both know that every country has at least one aspect of its society or economy that is so crucial, so vital that it simply cannot be conceded.
For Germany it is surely your automotive sector, your car industry. Any foreign-sourced measure to target German cars and render them unsaleable would have to be opposed to veto-point by a German chancellor.
For France it is the agricultural sector.
For more than 50 years members of the EU have been taxed under the terms of the Common Agricultural Policy in order to subsidise France’s agriculture. Indeed, the CAP has been the cornerstone of every EU budget since the first day. Attack it and France fights back.
For us the crucial corner of our economy is the financial services industry.
Although parts of it exist all overthe country it is concentrated in that part of London known even internationally as “the City”.
It is not just afew greedy bankers; we both have those but the City is far more.
It is indeed a vast banking agglomeration ofmore banks than anywhere else in the world. But that is the tip of the iceberg.
Also in the City is the world’sgreatest concentration of insurance companies. Add to that the brokers; traders in stocks and sharesworldwide, second only, and then maybe not, to Wall Street. But it is not just stocks.
The City is also home to the “exchanges” of gold and precious metals, diamonds, base metals, commodities, futures, derivatives, coffee, cocoa... the list goes on and on. And it does not yet touch upon shipping, aviation, fuels, energy,textiles... enough.
Suffice to say the City is the biggest and busiest marketplace in the world.
It makes theParis Bourse look like a parish council set against the United Nations and even dwarfs your Frankfurt manytimes.
That, surely, is the point of what happened in Brussels. The French wish to wreck it and you seem to have agreed. Its contribution to the British economy is not simply useful nor even merely valuable. It is absolutely crucial. The financial services industry contributes 10 per cent of our Gross Domestic Product and 17.5 percent of our taxation revenue. A direct and targeted attack on the City is an attack on my country. But that,although devised in Paris, is what you have chosen to support.
You seem to have decided that Britain is once again Germany’s enemy, a situation that has not existed since 1945. I deeply regret this but the choice was yours and entirely yours. The Transaction Tax or Tobin Tax you reserve the right to impose would not even generate money for Brussels. It would simply lead to massive emigration from London to other havens. Long ago it was necessary to live in a city to trade in it.In the days when deals can flash across the world in a nanosecond all a major brokerage needs is a suite of rooms, computers, telephones and the talent of the young people barking offers and agreements down the phone. Such a suite of rooms could be in Berne, Thun, Zurich or even Singapore. Under your Tobin Tax tens of thousands would leave London.
This would not help Brussels, it would simply help destroy the British economy.
Your conference did not even save the euro. Permit me a few home truths about it.
The euro is a Franco-German construct.
It was a German chancellor (Kohl) who ordered a German banker (Karl Otto Pohl) to get together with a French civil servant (Delors) on the orders of a French president (Mitterrand) and create a common currency.
Which they did. IT was a flawed construct. Like a ship with a twisted hull it might float in calm water but if itever hit a force eight it would probably founder. Even then it might have worked for it was launched with a manual of rules, the Growth And Stability Pact. If the terms of that book of rules had been complied with theGood Ship Euro might have survived. But compliance was entrusted to the European Central Bank whichcatastrophically failed to insist on that compliance.
Rules governing the growing of cucumbers are more zealously enforced. This was a European Bank in a German city under a French president and it failed in its primary, even its sole, duty. This had everything to do with France and Germany and nothing whatever to do with Britain. Yet in Brussels last week the EU pack seemed intent only on venting its spleen on the country that wisely refused to abolish its pound. You did not even address yourselves to saving the euro but only to seeking a way to ensure it might work in some future time. But the euro will not be saved. It is crumbling now. And since you have now turned against my country, from this side of the Channel, Madame Chancellor, one can only say of the euro: YOU MADE IT,YOU MEND IT.

Pheasant Hunt

The game is damn addictive and I'm getting chilblains just watching the snow!

Happy Christmas

Paddy asks mick "what do you most like about christmas?"

"The food," says mick." I love turkey.

"I don't" says paddy.

"We never have turkey, for our dinner we always have Babybels."

Mick looks at him. "Why Babybels?"

Paddy replies: "because Christmas is all about the baby cheeses!"

So now we are sat festering in front of the television playing computor games and generally drinking ourselves silly it is I suppose a well earned break before the New years Eve shoot which for us this year will be beaters day!

I have to agree that the T Lady made an inspired purchase this year!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas eve shoot

The day dawned cold and bright, always a good indicator of plenty of birds, there were a fair few saluted too. The bonnet didnt look too full at tea break but it wasnt a bad start;

Dave and Linda laid on a great lunch of game stew, much appreciated and enjoyed by all;

Meanwhile on drive 4 Arthur found a nest over by peg 8;
The final bag wasnt our best ever but still respectable;
Still only 7 days to the new years eve shoot and beaters day!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

There you go

The final product 53 pounds of venison sausage bagged and ready for the fridge or freezer:

I have kept a couple of large packs by for the shoot breakfast, I'm looking forward to the next couple of shoots, Christmas Eve and New Years Eve!

Why women dont hunt turkeys

Ok maybe just not blondes;

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

sausage time

The Mc Shug Venison mountain; Remember this?

so something like 50 pounds of frozen venison put through the porkert hand mincer, thanks to legal richard about 20 pounds of berkshire free range belly was next on the list for mincing
The next day I headed into town for the morning only to be disturbed by this;

I wasnt too sure about Santas little helper, well she wasnt too little and what was Santa doing in the Anne Summers shop anyway?

So after the meeting with the Bank it was home and wait for Mc Shug to turn up and give a hand, I sorted out the minced and herbed venison from the fridge and set up on the dining table in the conservatory;

The sausage skins and stuffer all came from Ascott Smallholdings a great place to buy from and good after sales service. I tend not to buy seasoning mixes annd dont ever use a filler but I do mix my own spices etc. here is Chillie, chillie and chives and BBQ;

The finished article are hung overnight and this time of year the conservatory is cool enough overnight even down here. the excess blood etc drains out and they get packaged up and either frozen or chilled for this weekends shoot breakfast. There is a good few months worth of sausage here for the boys and I and I have kept to one side about 2 pounds of mince for the christmas eve sausage rolls;

A fine way for an old buck to go, the rest is jointed and we shall enjoy a little roast on Christmas day.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

A bit sodding Parky here today

Today I spent a few hours looking at some very cold places, yes I know its colder elsewhere but the Thames has its own level of cold. We were fairly close to the latest monument to mammon;
Which doesnt look half as nice as the rest of the skyline;

Or seem to affect the christmas shoppers in Channel 4 middle class catering/ideal living world aka Borough Market;

Not a view of the market often seen.
Enough for now I'm too sodding cold to type!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Shoot day at Park Wood

Thanks to Steve for the lift and use of his truck for the bag, a much understrength shoot today with many regulars absent and a shortage of beaters too, it didnt stop the birds flying well although we are seeing less Woodcock than usual and also not hitting them;
Thanks to all who turned up, it made a great day from what could have been a lot of hard work for no return.

Friday, 16 December 2011

A couple of days in the city

So Claypig and I went to an auction viewing, Holts who descend en masse from their base in Norfolk to Hammersmith, its always a good sale with plenty of lots at various prices from seemingly reasonable to whoa would you look at that. Suburban Bush Whacker had me look at a 6.5 x 54 MS which went in the end for a reasonable 500 pounds;They always have the lots from the sealed bid sale there for viewing and we saw what was sadly a deactivated Bren gun;

A very nice Rigby (one of many) which exceeded its estimate by 100% as did all of the Rigby rifles in the sale despite them not being available to the US market;

An early pre 98 Mauser built into a Rigby;

As expected Rupert in his red trousers made aan appearance;

Not an isolated sighting either;

In fact its an urban camouflage scheme if you are seeking to hide in the auction room;

In fact the early lots of air pistols and rifles were selling so well that I passed my card to one of the collectors but sadly lost his number, if you are looking then this is the article, not mint but in VGC;

So a good sale for some especially if you are on the recieving end of the commission even more if you sold the lot that raised 231 000 pounds!

Sadly all the lots bar one were bid clean out of my clients maximum offers so we came away with a good Swarovski scope to fit to the Grendel project rifle which was collected today ready to be sent for rebarreling!

Monday, 12 December 2011

shock horror Newspapers may have lied!

Will the Guardian close or be prosecuted? Will it fuck bunch of mealy mouthed double standard wankers! That's all the press by the way!

Channel 4

Is it dedicated to middle class pointing at chavs, gyppos and pikeys?
Not sure? Well take a look at the current schedules; middle class angst on homelessness. Middle class cooking lessons on ethically sourced food, middle class ethical home grown christmas?
Middle class pointing at the chav christmas lights and Gypsy excesses!
Says it all really, Channel 4 is a middle class outlet for those unable to feed at the publicly funded teat that is the BBC or don't they fancy leaving Hampstead for Salford?

Snoring Nora

That's Sassy giving it full volume, must be her age poor thing!
She only had the normal walk in the woods and none of the work moving feed drums trying to finish before the rain came!

Friday, 9 December 2011

the 40 year experiment

in european central control, is it over?
well either way call me dave should give us the chance to put right all those imposed wrongs!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Heads up

Mc Shug came round, we set up the burner to boil out a couple of heads and sat there plucking ducks. The burner will be on for a couple of hours yet so I'll do them tomorrow;
So what else can you do on the picnic table in winter?

Saturday, 3 December 2011


If you couldnt make today for whatever reason then you missed a great days shooting. The bag at tea break wasnt spectacular but by close of play it had all changed, definetly a game of two halves;

After we divvied up the three pigeons, two Woodcock and eleven pheasants we collected the rest of the years feed from Tim's farm and went on our way hopefully very happy with a good days work!

I've still to check the game book but its the biggest bag since November last year when we managed 11 woodcock.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

No such thing as

Bad advertising?
read on

They certainly arent daft even if they have upset a few locals its hardly going to dent profits.
I'm all for farms surviving through diversificatopn and brewing is great!
After all its not like the press to generate outrage all over nothing now is it?

Public sector unions and strikes

Was it worth it? Really now be honest unless transport stops then no one really noticed the strikes. A few people were inconvenienced but really the airports ran smoothly and the only people out of pocket were the ones taking a day off work!
Dont get me wrong the right to industrial action is enshrined in law but with rights come responsibilities so I am aking if the Unions really do believe that George Osborne is lying and their pensions are fully funded then please put the figures out in the open so the rest of the public (The ones who pay for your pensions) can see if and who is lying!
You both cant be right! Its a simple fact that that clown Brown wasted billions in foreign aid and propped up his core electorate with pfi projects that have mortgaged away our future.
Now the coalotion has too pick up the pieces and its a broken mess. Labour gave us the current recession but I have no faith that Cameron will get us out of it. In fact I cant see us being in the clear for 10 years.
Politicians just cant be trusted, in fact the sort of person who leaves school wanting to get into politics shouldnt be allowed to be one!