Apparently Google has its knickers all in a twist over those cunts in the Eu and some shite about cookies. Frankly if they are biscuits then I will eat them, if you are concerned about this then fuck off somewhere else and read something else.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Friday, 29 April 2011

Today in history

Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun were married on this day in 1945. Nice to see the Germans keeping up with tradition.

Thanks to Mc Shug for that one!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

jinx wood with SBW again

So warm only desert boots were comfortable and the ground was rock hard, lots of sign but no deer seen thanks in the main to the temperatures being sky high! Cody came along as she had won the fight between her and Sassy;

Sat amongst the Bluebells watching and waiting for the deer who we firmly believed were lying up in the valley cooling off;

Still although the Falllow season has ended this weekend the Roebuck one has only just started and it will soon be time for Fallow Bucks again, now where did I see those Muntjac slots?

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy easter to all of you

Who believe in the Easter ressurection myth, lets face it its not a bad story and has made for some great films over the years strangely all scheduled for sunday afternoons. If any of you were wondering why the easter bunny didnt make it this year then its bad news I'm afraid;

Ok lets face it Marx was right about one thing, opiates for the masses and all;

Dont get me wrong, I'm no communist but more a cynical bastard! Rosemary and Fred at work it seems;

Thanks to Knocker from ARRSE for this one;

And to Boozy for this one;

What do you call an anesthetized rabbit?

An ether bunny!

Happy Easter!!!!

From Mr FMT.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

warm enough for you

close on 110 degrees f already and its only easter weekend!

Still the dogs seem to be enjoying the heat or maybe just the paddling pool that comes out with the sun;

Friday, 22 April 2011

Thanks to Old Snowy for this

"The Daily Mail: A Banker, a Daily Mail reader and an immigrant sat down to eat. There were 12 biscuits between them.The banker took 11, and said to the Mail reader - look out, that immigrant is trying to steal your biscuit"

As seen on the Army Rumour service.

The London Olympics

2012 or sports answer to the annual luvvies back slapping fest aka the Baftas is again the subject of a little press coverage. I say a little as they seem to be trying to keep it under wraps in the main, after all you wouldnt want your dirty washing aired in public now would you, especially if that washing was all about money?

Now lets look back at this classic British comedy or should I be more accurate and say farce?

Foist upon the taxpayer (some would say ungrateful) by a Labour Govt and now they are rowing about the cash surplus forecast from the event. Sorry but where did the money come from to fund this?

I'll keep it simple shall I? The BBC account shows this from 2006:
Brown reveals 2012 funding boost
Chancellor Gordon Brown has used his Budget speech to reveal details of an injection of funds to boost British hopes at the 2012 London Olympics.
A national School Olympics and a £600m funding package for athlete training were the key parts of his plan.
"The 2012 Games is for athletes to excel in, but must be an event all Britain can share in," he said.
British Olympic Association boss Simon Clegg said the government should be "congratulated for their commitment".
Lottery funding would supply £300m for "training and facilities for our world-class athletes of the future", with £200m of public money and £100m coming from private sector sponsorship.
The additional £300m means all Olympic sports can focus on programmes that will contribute to the target of fourth place in the 2012 medals table
Simon CleggBOA chief executive; The money is to be added to the £60m a year already targeted at elite athletes and potential medal winners.
The School Olympics will be open to all school children across the country every year from now until 2012, with the first event taking place in Glasgow, and then moving round the country.
The BOA said it was pleased with the £300m pledge, which will come from public money and private sponsors and is in addition to the £300m in lottery funding which already comes through UK Sport's World Class Performance programme. "
Ok so we have already spaffed away £60 million a year at the atheletes who are professionals, yes in the main they get paid to perform and whilst they tend to retire from sports earlier than most workers they also tend to pick up lucrative post sport careers usually in media so again usually paid for by us the taxpayer.
Now compare this to 1936 when a young Streatham girl couldnt afford the tickets to the Berlin Olympics despite having been selected to represent her country in the High Jump. Result?
Well she stayed ordinary Barbara Brown, married My Grandfather during the war and the rest is history.
So should we fund the olympics? I cant honestly say we should, not at least to the current tune. The whole disgraceful dirty laundry issue just goes to show how little they care for the taxpayer that keeps them in silk. The money should go back to the taxpayer and be used to fund the country, the whole country and not just the London centric politicians pet projects.

Will I be attending?
no way not in a million years would I waste a penny of my wages on that! Worst of all you have to have a visa card to apply for tickets. Add the handy link on the tickets website to apply for a card and they are just taking the piss. We are in enough debt already without borrowing cash at extortionate rates to see atheletes funded by my taxes come last again!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The waterers and feeders are checked

This is the rainwater catcher we made at the last work party, as I said we are in a drought but if it helps for later then good. Only about 9 weeks till the birds arrive and one work party so I may have to prepare plan B which is drums of water and a tap;

Steve was there and managed to zero his .243 ready for the foxes;
All in all a glorious day only marred by the dust.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Kelmarsh Game Fair

Another hot weekend, 100% different to last years show here where it howled a gale across the mud, the shop went up quickly and we were happy with the event;

The crowds came out and Sunday was as good as saturday;

The Tea Lady joined in the dressing up this year;

The pups came along and soon settled down to admiring affectionate customers;

The hot weather brought out the pinks;

Some pinker than others;

Not a massive turnout for the pinks but worth recording;

As usual there were some quality T Shirts on display;

Best of all was a quality electric car, I hope she isnt too scareed to put her off a real one when she gets older;

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A bit cold to be taking the piss!

Up at 5 and not stalking? Sad to say yes, I had to travel to foreign climes for a drug screen prior to restarting my career with some training. Damn fresh it was too all the way over here near the frogs; Still the warm weather has brought them out, something I wouldnt have expected to see near where I live:

Sunday, 10 April 2011

A nice parade of Harveys

There should be a bottle of Armada ale but sadly the bottle top caught up in the tail gate and opened! Nice to see some of my Favourites, thanks to Mc Shug and Helen!

First work party done

Yesterday was the first shoot work party, we built a catch water for all the regular rain we get. probably be a damned drought now. Still I managed to leave a flask behind in the wood and some other bits and bobs. I did take a picture but somehow lost that as well! Never mind, at least I've eaten and starting to perk up again, I still cant open the beers that Mc Shug bought for me! That said we have what must amount to close on an acre of wild garlic in our Little Italy drive so I may be saving on the cooking herbs this spring! Best bit about the work party was meeting all the shoot members bar 2 and only one of those was a new one. A bit of a result really! Also been working on getting a rifle in to test, I'll let you know when it arrives, it really looks promising!

Friday, 8 April 2011

21 again

Ok so more like 46 feeling 56 and I didnt sleep a wink. Not sure if it was sunstroke or just a bug but I was in dog order and still am slightly tender to say the least. I should have been up at 5am to go deerstalking but by the time the alarm went off I had only had about an hours sleep. It was 3pm before I ventured outdoors to see how hot it was, 21 degrees they said on the TV. They obviously dont broadcast the weather report from my back garden! Still today I am in better fettle if still not 100% and it's our first work party for the coming season so hopefully as many as possible will turn up bringing faces to get to know and willing hands to do all the work we will find today. Apart from tidying the pen our major investment this year is to build a catch water for all the rain we seem to get. It will save on carting drums of water down there. That said we will probably have a drought!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

So Tom on holiday from University calls and asks if he can practise his 3 position shooting as he has been selected for the UOTC team. Fine says I, bring ammo and rifle, oh neither, ok then I'll come along. So I did and a fun morning wwas had by both of us. In the end Tom took away one of Pauls new hunshead targets filled with holes. After all it cant all be hard work can it;

The Huns Head was shot along with a handful of clays after spending 4 hours shooting at 1 inch squares at 100 yards in 4 different shooting positions. I think I'd want a break after that! It was/is the hottest day so far with temps rising to above 23 degrees out of the gentle sea breeze we enjoy down here;

Stalking in the morning, Physio in the afternoon, a busy life to be lead!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Richard Corrigan

For it is him no doubt, showing mere mortals how to cook venison on Channel 4 cookery school. Yes he is a real mans chef, you can tell not just his stout build and the face with more chins than the hong kong phone directory (a bite like me then according to the Tea Lady) but he has a lovely flossie with him and he claims his cooking is inspired by his mums (or in his case Ma's) home cooking back in dear old Ireland.

So whats not to like? Well he too has fallen for the sea bass bullshit, sad to say but a fine cook as well!

Still if his mums cooking is anything like my mums, (more cordonned off than cordon bleu) then there will be one or two truly magnificent meals that she did really well as well as making do with sod all in the way of ingredients.

For truly memorable meals that they make really well, if you live in North London specifically Hampstead then its called a signature dish by luvvy chefs.

Anyway I can only hope he has taught those students to respect the venison, it doesnt just walk into the restaurant on its own you know!

The Pups first day on the beach

If you want to introduce working gundog pups to water there is nothing finer than a sandy beach, a quick note though; go during school term and midweek. This meant we had a lovely trip to Camber Sands yesterday and despite the usual car park being closed for some luvvies filming we managed to get access to the beach within feet of the truck this time and no massive dunes to hunt for turds over;

Exitable aren't they?

Sunday, 3 April 2011


Which trendy foody tool decided to call the fish seabass? When I used to catch them in the evening surf in cornwall as a lad they were just called Bass! Why? Because you don't get them anywhere else but the sea do you? You don't get sea tuna or river tench do you?
Yes I know you get sea salmon but they are called that for a reason.
Another reason not to trust a skinny chef!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Hanging Gralloch method

I should really have done the throat cutting before hanging the beast, that makes tying of the oesophagus easier. That said Mc Shug ran out of space on his memory card. This was the doe we shot on the last day of the season!

Friday, 1 April 2011

The doe season is over again

It ended an hour after last light yesterday, by that time I was already home having brought back the last doe to be shot by our team this season. 65 yards 7.62 x 39 handload (to keep to legal muzzle energy limits) in a CZ 527. Not one for being squeamish but I'm glad the season is over, every doe shot since christmas was pregnant and this one was no exception. The shot was good, taken standing I went against my usual convention and employed the set trigger. Result was one neat shot through the heart and lungs and one very dead deer;

We used a tree for the gralloch this time, it did keep the carcasse cleaner but wasnt as easy as a table! She bled out really well as Mc Shug found out when covered in claret!;

So the Fallow bucks continue for another month and the Roebucks started this morning. As a note we saw a Roe Doe on the far side but didnt get a shot, she was in front of the high seat fleetingly so we know she will bring us a buck there soon enough! Add to that the impressive Muntjac sign and we have a busy year ahead of us again.