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Monday, 31 January 2011

Cocks day

Alex, myself and Hugh who was going to beat for us made the most of the chance to shoot on the last day of January, we put up a few pheasants but only managed to shoot a brace of woodcock;
Still it made for a great walk in the woods, the dogs enjoyed themselves and we certainly did;
Alex and his handsome woodcock;

Roll on next season, until then its time to get on with the Doe cull.

More from beaters day

Archie deep in thought again;
Charles or William in line;
The banditos;

The err ahem err cartridge to kill ratio was err;

Happy beaters none the less;

Saturday, 29 January 2011

beaters day upon us

not a massive bag but with the average age well under 16 and closer to 12 I was happy to see anything within reason in the bag. A slow start but the 4th drive was like the ok corral, Steve looking after the kids will never be the same!

The Happy lads;

Of course now the season is nearly over Nigel decides to show off his pair of pink strides;
Cocks day on Monday, of course anything goes!

Friday, 28 January 2011

Cruel but amusing

So beaters day in the morning, I am looking forward to it. I will beat for most of it but I get payback on monday when we have a cocks day. Its been quiet on the humour front in here for a while so its time to fish out some clips about blondes, hell even Andy Gray couldnt offend them could he?

Well just in case you were unsure as to how this blonde thing started I think we can look here;

Its promising to be a good weekend, 3 days of shooting ahead, birds, clays and birds again and today we tried the puppies out on their first taste of the Dead Fowl trainer mini mallard. I am impressed, 5 months old and they all picked it up and retrieved. I am looking forward to some work with them this year!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Its been a while

Well about a week anyway so a trip to one of the farms up on the Weald was in order, Alan dressed for the occaision and the weather despite blowing a steady North Easterly breeze was kind to us;

The view from the first and often very fruitful spot showed how much rain we have had recently;
We traipsed across to the other side and I took the high seat whilst Alan walked the boundary. There were foxes running everywhere and Alan saw 2 chasing a Roe;

After Alan caught back up we stalked to where I had seen Fallow on the pasture from the high seat;

This is what had been hidden behind the trees, sadly something was amiss and they pronked off to the cover again;
Whilst sat waiting for them another large dog fox ran almost straight at me. He got to about 15 yards when a 140 grain bullet from the 6.5 stopped him dead crushing his skull;
Tail off for tanning and he wasnt a bad specimen, 36 inches nose to tail;

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

New Year, new lecture calendar

Where would you start with a subject such as this from such a respected researcher? yes the material is if anything well researched and numerous publications exist but Tony's aim was to lay out the requirement and the timelines of the rifle and its accoutrements;

One or two examples were on the front as per usual, it was of course a packed audience and I feel even if we dont learn a lot of new things it is nice to see someones research into arms laid out for perusal;
The reason the SMLE was designed goes back to the Boer wars and some requirements from the Field Army to rectify defects in either existing weapons or the tactics which were limited by these two issued weapons;

The requirements were reasonable and sensible in light of the fact that this was the first well equipped modern army we had fought since the Crimean War;
The Superintendant at RSAF had two versions made up to his design, model A;
And Model B;
The result was the Rifle SMLE Mk1;
Together with the bayonet which it seems wasnt long enough to outreach a sword wielding horseman;
Of course it didnt take long for various changes to be implemented, these resulted in Mk's 2 and 3 being produced, the principal changes being;
The 18 inch bayonet was adopted and in 1913 had the hooked quillion removed;
Further changes were necessitated by the development of the Mk7 Ball, seen here next to the Mk6;
4 models of charger exits, sadly I dont have Mk1 just the others, Mk4 was accepted into service before the end of 1918;
For a full list of patterns and marks here is an interesting table;
As can be seen many rifles were converted as well as new onnes being built, see the pic above. This was a drain on factory capacity until the war was well under way;
Of course the final result by 1914 was an army mainly equipped with a very decent battle rifle;
There were numerous buts developed for the new trench warfare, rifle launching of grenades being one of them, this is the first version of the cup grenade;
Tony fitting the cup discharger and rodded grenade;
This is the first cup discharger and its associated blank cartridge;
There was a 20 round trench magazine developed as did the Hun, none were apparently issued and I have held one and a pouch on seperate occaisons. Rare doesnt describe them;

A flap to prevent mud entering the muzzle;

A bayonet mounted wire breaker;
Muzzle mounted wire breakers;

As per usual small bore adapters and rimfire conversions were developed;

In WW2 UK production was continued in the main by BSA and they also managed the dispersal scheme which in essence was a mirror of the peddled rifle scheme of the previous war;
There were many slides with a lot more information on them, I have decided to limit them as the post is heavy enough as it is. I will given time put up some more pics over the following days.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Back on the shoot at last

Well not the biggest of bags, a woodcock retrieved by shock yes a GSP and thanks for Tony for returning to the fold after his spell away;
The total bag was as seen, plenty of birds about but with strong winds after a wet week there was no way they were getting off the floor for us. Typically i took a stick instead of a gun and was a woodcock magnet, could've shot 6 or 7 myself!
Good effort by the beaters and better shooting next time!

Pauls trip stalking

So at the tail end of what has to be the wettest week in years we go for a morning stalk, Paul was down for a few days enjoying the balmy sunshine coast's offerings so a trip to the range after breakfast was in order. Paul decides to break in his new toy;

Ok whats in the box;

Its Mr Bradleys finest converter of live to empties that we are currently allowed to own;

A quick description please;

yes I had to have a go as well: