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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Where it all started

Who knows where it will all end?

This season I will mainly be

I will mainly be at an Auction looking at bits and bobs like this;
Being watched by bits like this;
Whilst drooling over bits like this;

Last night we went to a viewing, a table full of pistols;

Some even I remebered firing;

Piles of Lugers;

Colt New Service;

And whincing at the thought of letting fly with this smallbore;

Testing the .17HMR

Alex and I nipped down to Colin's yard to sort out his .22rf and also have a go with the Savage .17HMR, nicely set up with a Leupold scope, Harris Bipod on a Shooters bench;
Alex has a go at the target;

A little settling down is needed, despite being left handed this is the first left handed rifle I have let him use, I sadly have also sold it already so it wont be wrapped up for Christmas;

It's a very enjoyable activity and despite paying sod all is much more fun than work. A peek through the scope after a few more reactive type targets were set up;

Bear with me here;

Effective little beasty;

Monday, 20 September 2010

The Midland Game Fair 2010

The sun did shine on the 1st day of the last game fair of the season. This weekend is held to be the best in the calendar by many. We certainly enjoyed ourselves, met some old friends, some not seen for over 30 years and some not seen in the flesh before. Ghost Rifle popped in and said hello! Some of the pics are a tad blurry and not up to my usual standard of mediocre so bear with me;

Saturday started well, we had driven up the day before and worked late getting the stand ready, this meant we forgot how early the show opens and had a real rush getting the final touches in place before they arrived, yes the red strides put in an early appearance;
Crowds were fairly heavy but good natured, again we were at the gun dog arena and again we had a great spot;
There wasnt as many as last year or at other fairs and I missed the shot of the chap in a real tree suit of traditionally cut breeks, waistcoat etc, next season perhaps;

The gun dog scurries were held alonsg the entrance path and the demonstartions in front of us;

Apologies for this one but this new Mitsibushi car was the prize for the dog owner wwho dog could retrieve the fastest;

1600 hrs saturday and the sky went very dark and it rained through on and off until about noon on sunday;
It didnt put the punters off and sunday was our best day, trade and unusual sightings wise;

We certainly had a good pitch this year and going for a double width meant we could see more outside and also when it rained there was room inside;

A quick escape to wander the aisles led me strangely enough to Gunmakers row and this little gem, I know a few lads would liike this;

Hello, I see an almost matching brace;

Next to us was Nick Ridley with a queue of customers for his high quality animal photgraphs, time for a new camera I think;

A trip to the boys rooms took me past the angling area and this gem that Left Hooker would love;
The gundog finals were held in the arena in front of us and sadly for me so many watched that we couldnt see much. The weather did smile on us for the last run and for stripping down;
In the arena they were using these remote fired launchers, R Trieve launchers which the Tea Lady stocks in a locallly made remote firer. Not only do I want one but I want to stock them for the Tea Lady;

Now to rest after a manic season and get ready to plan next years campaign!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Savage .17 HMR

Today I managed to get the new left handed .17 HMR out to the wood;
I didnt have a suitable rimfire scope handy, you know the sort, big magnification so I stuck on a Leupold Vari X3 1.5 - 5 x 20 which is a great woodland deer scope but a challenge on rabbit sized targets. It was fed a diet of these;
Dinky little 5 round magazine, more than 2 or 3 are needed really, this gets addictive;
Ben chauffered me around the wood working on brush clearance;

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

More Stalker training

The woods rang to the sound of gunfire, at least where the training took place, it was very quiet in the stalking woods with only does seen. Still the bucks are there and they will be seen.

Up in a high seat:

from below;

It's a mushroom:

Hampshire Country Sports day

The tea Lady and I drove across to Tichbourne Park for this years Hampshire Country Sports Day put on by the Countryside Alliance;

Of course it was a target rich environment;
Some of them even spending cash;

Sadly I missed this chaps green waistcoat;

Classic country sports summer wear;

Pale pink, not the same but earns an honerable mention;


This chap has a stunt double wearing a hat;

Here he is;

And finally a brace, a proper left and right;

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A day in the woods getting wet is better than any day at work

I spent the day with Alex, Alan and Tony cutting about reducing the amount of brush and bramble and generally finding feeders. We seem to be constantly impressed by the amount of work Colin our part time game keeper puts in. He is a star. I did however complete the double with Toni's power tools, I have killed his brush cutter;

That put paid to another couple of hours planned work so I got on with testing a rifle.
Feeding the piggy was 139 grain Privi Partisan, FMJ and SP;

Very nice rifle, from the 1950's according to Sako Forums, topped with a nice Pecar 6x42;

The first Group FMJ at 50 yards, group size was 1 inch with 1 declared flier;

Benchrest target with 5 rounds soft point, 1 inch group with 1 flier;

Getting on with it;

Monday, 6 September 2010

Chatsworth House country fair

A weekend well spent here is definetly worth the travel

The stand set up with help from Claypig, the view on the drive in was worth the pitch money!

Opposite us was the gundog scurries, both of them, well run and well laid out. A real challenge.

Of course our customers come first, we saw that plenty of water was available;

There was always something to see, from the red arrows to hot air ballons, from free fall parachute displays to stunt pilots;

Not forgetting the red strides were evident, poor targets here especially for a 3 day gun dog event, sad really;

They still showed up from time to time;

Just enough to remind me that someone doesnt leave the house unless mummy has dressed them;

As this was in Derbyshire we certainly saw some unique local variations on the unable to get dressed front;

This chap has nearly matched his lady friends waistcoat;

At least it wasnt a blue quilted coat;

Obviously a refugee from the 1960's denim and red trousers, oh the shame;

Sheffield Muzzle loaders had a nice display of british service arms as did the HBSA but I forgot to get the camera out there;