Apparently Google has its knickers all in a twist over those cunts in the Eu and some shite about cookies. Frankly if they are biscuits then I will eat them, if you are concerned about this then fuck off somewhere else and read something else.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Come rain or shine

The Edenbridge and Oxted show goes on. Bank holiday Sunday and monday and despite the awful weather on Sunday afternoon it turned out alright in the end. Even the usual 5 fingered discount mob stayed away after enough hints.
The weather was awful on Sunday and kept most of the crowds away, apart from the odd ones;

The place emptied pretty quickly with the rain;

The next day dawned well, even the moon was out;
Global Rifle had a stand there with a few unusual rifles on display;
In .308 as well but as a single shot it holds little for me;

The red trousers were out on display;

Our neighbours had these hamster racers for sale, very tempting;

Pink Jacket and red trousers;

Red cords;

Sassy, Cody and Suzie came along for the trip, did a few demo's as well;

All in all the best agricultural show takings wise we have done so far this year.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Friday and the weekend starts here

I thought it would be a chance to test the Mauser, no such luck it didnt like the ammo or the scope, new mounts required here;

Chris brought his Ruger 77Mk2 for a zero, he wanted to show me it was on, it still needed to be adjusted despite a session at Bisley earlier that week, another reason I recommend hard cases for vehicle transport;

testing progressed well enough;

The targets were at approx 100 yards;

Which is far enough up and down hill let alone far enough to prove a rifle for deer;

The rfile actually grouped well enough, the target shows two groups, both acceptable and within 2 inches rather than the 4 required;

Having sorted out moving a lod of unused stuff on through e bay we finally got rid off bens Black SJ 413. It looks to have gone to a better home, at least it wont rust away on my front lawn any more.
Bye Bye monkey, the black suzuki is no more;

Thursday, 19 August 2010

You've probably seen these before

But who cares;

Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show

On the advice of a good friend we decided to visit the above show with our trade stand. On the way down the A303 (a great number for a road which passes through Salisbury Plain, the area where many stout bulldogs trained to fight the enemies of the Crown). We happened across the Hippie magnet, be nice when its finished;

Not great photography but what ellse can be done from the cab of a truck at 55mph?;

We spent Tuesday afternoon squeezing into a half size stand

Then came the march of the red trousers;

And shorts;

Purple hair;

the the sun came out and shone, and off came the tweed jackets;

Even more pairs of shorts;

I was lucky (remember it's a one day show) to visit a couple of other stands nearby and see the great work of Dawn Warr;

A nice cock pheasant above and two Roe Bucks found locked together during the rut;
Some great work there and also nice antler products from Keith Fleetwood of Christchurch;
When it rained and it did so often and heavy it certainly thinned the crowds out;
It made packing up half an hour earlier than planned easy enough to justify. A nice event and lots of contacts made but not sure if the money made justified the expense;

Off to the Edenbridge and Oxted Show for the Bank Holiday weekend, Hnry Toombs wont be along to that one, sadly Salisbury is just too far. It was nice to see him and the Frau, he looking so much better and a quick chat about the merits of reloading .303 and case stretching to help Napier with his first .303'.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Weekend training course

Rob after much to-ing and fro-ing arrived for his introduction to woodland stalking course. Great chap, bags of the right attitude, training took place and so started the assesment. A trip to a local beauty spot in the pouring rain, enough to dampen anyone's enthusiasm but we perservered and the sun shone;

Eventually 3 Fallow Does and Fawns came out, not in season but nice to see nonetheless:

Getting a clear close up wasnt easy;
Zoom the digi camera right in and look through binos;

The next morning after a god awfully early start we set off in the company of Colin and visited 2 woods where we had seen fallow Prickets and Roe Bucks this week. Nothing doing, a light shower and Northerly wind put a crimp in that plan. Still Damian dropped off a Roe Buck he had taken this morning so after the exam that was split in two and two stalker went away with something for their freezers.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Of stalking and deer and other things

A diet of black pudding and mushroom ommelette isnt saving my waistline nor is it making me waterproof, a trip out with a kiwi and an Aussie to a spot we had taken deer from before proved fruitless, maybe they liked the torrential rain even less than wee did;
2 days later and back again at the new piece of ground, this has already yielded some fine fallow bucks this last week but alas all we saw was a fox;
It was a nice view and will be better when I move some high seats into place, Alan has a nice left handed rifle, I really must find out what it is;

Big D managed to bag this one and in velvet it was left to me to attempt to clean it up for mounting, a long hot day on the burner boiling down followed and its now bleaching prior to drying and being cut. The velvet has been treated;
Its so big I had to dig out a big FO bucket for the bleaching;

I must remember that last time I visited the wood I am using this weekend it was full of does, we did see a nice Roe Buck so its him I'll be after!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

BBC News - Celebrating Turkish bridegroom kills relatives

BBC News - Celebrating Turkish bridegroom kills relatives: "8 August 2010 Last updated at 19:17 Share this pageFacebookTwitter ShareEmail Print Celebrating Turkish bridegroom kills relatives A bridegroom in Turkey has accidentally killed three relatives while firing an AK-47 in celebration at his own wedding, Turkish media reported.
The groom lost control of the weapon as he tried to fire in traditional celebration in the air at the ceremony in the village of Akcagoze in south-eastern Gaziantep province.
The guests were sprayed with bullets and the groom's father and two aunts were killed.
The groom has been arrested.
The Anatolia news agency reported that eight other people were injured in the firing.
The three who died succumbed to their wounds in hospital.
Firing into the air is commonplace as a celebration in parts of Turkey and has on many occasions led to deaths and injuries.
Turkey has tried to impose harsher penalties but has not ended the practice."

Thanks to Mr FM for this one, what do you reckon Darwin award candidate or outright winner?

Monday, 9 August 2010

Bowood House

Lochry gundogs did a good demo of whats required from working gundogs;
Tim our Ozpig mate at the end kept us fed, I need to bribe him with more venison;
The stand on day one ready or not although Wiltshire's rain was a surprise;

Some people have an obvious sense of humour and a willingness to be photographed too, nice by the way;

We havent seen a crack smuggler as obvious as this since we did the Broadlands game fair with the same organisation;

Now I was really surprised that I saw this, a Welshman in red strides, where do they find all the taffia in Wiltshire?

We had plenty of space on the stand, well when it wasnt raining we had room inside so we sold a few dog toys this time around;

Pink strides and a denim jacket seen inside our stand;
The Tea Lady met up with Sue one of her school friends from an awfully long time ago;

As usual, red strides wandering by;

And wandering in, it was very hot, I was in a T Shirt and shorts and this chap wore a tweed jacket;

At least this gent sat comfortably watching the displays;

Pink waistcoat, shorts and T shirt, stick of dynamite in pocket, Jimmy Saville accent and mannerisms, yes its the organiser;

And still the red strides walk on by;

We were too close to the main arena at times as the speaker had to be adjusted away on occaision;
The last pair of red strides for the weekend;

Some dogs found it too hot and lay down to drink;

The stand on the sunny part of the weekend;

All in all, not a bad show, didnt make what we should have and we really should have been down at the scurry where our customers are. never mind if they want us back thats where they are going to have to put us!