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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I cant think of a better way of spending a saturday evening

A view across the wooded plantation;
Looking for a Roebuck or two;
In the end all that we saw was a Roe Doe looking pretty nervous!
Still a great evening to be out in the woods!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

The feeder bin Fairy

Has delivered;

These came from Rudgwick Metals and were delivered free. Thanks chaps the birds will appreciate these. They are due in next friday so this is ideal. I still have to deliver water but I can do that next week!

I was also interested in using a pan feeder to restore some of the feeders where Badgers have been at the coil and Wright nozzles.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Arisaka Rifles

Alex: "I want one of these please Dad!";

The lecture continues, containing some good slides, production figures were discussed but not put up

Lots of different models shown on the slideshow, variations etc, Mr Nambus improved bolt;

The difference between the naming and numbering conventions was covered if not the reason;

The first Japanese bolt action rifle with a Beaumont type of bolt, the Murata;

Apparently many were turned into shotguns, the ammuntion was covered as well;

Interesting how 6.5 again was deemed to be insufficient for battle;

The international influence on the bayonet design was clear to see;

Sniping models were covered, interestingly they were never adjustable and set at the factory;

The fact that no scopes seem to match the rifles means that using one may be a good way of wasting your ammo;

The type I developed and built in Italy and ended up in the Japanese Navy;

Dont try to use live ammo in one of these;

The training rifles were confused for late war production weapons where standards for production lowered yet the steel was still of superb quality;

The Japanese solution to lack of sub machine guns for Paratroopers etc was to build an ingenious take down rifle;

Time of the month mit Tiger

I caught up with Alex at East Croydon station but still managed to catch one of the weekenders ;
Mecca as per usual for the monthly meeting, always a great place to go should you want to start an Imperial war or two;
It looks like they manage to get the flag the right way up;

Inside a little treat I have been meaning to get a closer look at;

The new owners a day or so after taking ownership;

The lecture was given by Warren, a nice lad who certainly is enthusiastic about his subject. More to follow

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Parham Park 3, the red strides return

Beware, they walk amongst us, even staring into bins!
Holding leads;
Looking at Spaniels;

Dressing as oddly as possible;

Even wearing short versions;

Blue and pink?

Tucked into socks;

Pale blue this time;

Pink and green;

Pink strides, a pink T shirt and a dodgy motor;

The drive down to the house;

Parham Park part 2

In front of the big house and now the crowds started to grow.
The solar panel mounted on the truck;
The connection in the back;

The solar controller, I need to mount that on a board;

Sunday we took a couple of the boys along, Arthur and Spartacus;

The red strides start to appear, more later.

A busy week followed by a game fair

Alex at College receiving his diploma for his 2 years part time engineering diploma. Good lad, well done.
On the way to work I saw this lovely example of a moggie!
At least the style police decided that flying a rag from a frog car is a no no!

The weekend was spent at Parham Park near Sorrington, a lovely location even if its underadvertised, underattended and seemingly getting smaller each year.

We set up a double pitch and used our solar panels instead of buying in power. It worked and was great, more later. We were set up opposite the Sussex Spaniel Association, on the sunday there was around about 200 of them.

We did see the dreaded red strides again, more later.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Reunion the morning after

Nesscliffe training camp is a bit basic but a bed is a bed.
St Chad's church for Bligny sunday service, nice bugling Dougy!

Some sort of a parade afterwards;
Look closely and you can see the old and bold, very old and bold.

Tucked away, trying to hide in the centre rank, even I found that difficult. We stood fast, the counties marched off and we followed at 140 paces per minute.

After the Parade, a few snifters and the old lads from the KOYLI got out a bugle;

This started off the youngsters from 1LI;

Then the famous cambo started;

There may be more later!