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Saturday, 30 January 2010

More photos from today

Some great father and son moments there!
I should really add the tally for the season;
20 Pheasants
16 Woodcock
1 Grey Squirrel
2 Fox
1 Jay
1 Magpie
9 Wood pigeon and 1 feral pigeon
Not a bad days bag, just a pity we took 8 days to make it, never mind I'm sure that the remaining Pheasants, all 242 of them will come back tomorrow to taunt us!
In the meantime please practise on the clays!

Last day of the current season

It was beaters day in our little wood. Sadly the 2 half guns and 2 of the full guns couldnt make it but we had a respectable turn out.
Its a sort of Father and Son day, should you be lucky enough to have a son that beats for you then this is payback time. Some sons took great pleasure in paying back;

Archie here not only took a bird with his first shot but also it was a woodcock. Well done, when you are so young that your dad has to carry the gun between drives then you deserve this luck.

The first drive produced another oddity, One of Tony's pointers flushed a visiting cock pheasant which was snatched from the sky by the neck at about 4 feet up by Dilly Chris's dog!

Here is Frank holding the evidence;

Whilst we mention Frank who I must add dropped a big pheasant, is a very nice Dutch Colleague of mine and he came with the Terminator;
The day wasnt too bad, a fair few birds presented and a fair few saluted, just a pity we only managed two brace of each, this is thanks to Frank potting a big fat Cock Pheasant despite Maurice claiming it for himself and then William potted a Woodcock much to his Brother Charles' disgust! No peace in that house till next season.

I wish we could do a beaters every month and I suspect they do too. I hope next season runs as well as this one, as I said to the guns in their hand out for next season, this one is over but the next one starts on the first of feb with a work party on the 7th.

Todays guns were this seasons beaters seen here with their birds and below are this seasons guns and todays beaters with their sense of humour intact
The last picture I would like to leave you with is this one, two friends enjoying their first day shooting together ever;
More to follow!

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Whilst like my friends I have been neglecting you

This is only because I am gearing up to a seriously good weekend. I will sadly forego the last day of the season in Hampshire which means they are having to recruit beaters to replace my dogs. I am committed to a beaters day on our shoot. This is the first time we have done this and we will be experimenting with the drives so the guns can mix in and walk and stand.
As the beaters are mainly pre teens their dads and assistants will be mentoring them. I hope they hit something, if they do better than their dads I will be very happy. I will take along a couple of 20 bores and a 28. Not forgetting the camera.
So as I have been busy this little gem has appeared again, I'm sure that you have seen it before but its worth an airing;

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Santa's toy gets used

This weekend after what has been a very tiring week, I managed to get a day in on the boss' place in Hampshire, a good day despite the farms having shredded the hedges. I managed a bird and a couple of trees as the bird managed to flit between them!

As per usual I forgot my camera but Jason didnt;
Meself, Arthur and Tristan;

I only took 4 as Misty is still recovering from her fit and should be part time for next week.

Well the bag may not have been big but the lunch was superb and I brought back a brace.

Today saw a few of the syndicate meet up for a practise shoot at our little wood, some fun was had and Santa's present was used for the first time;

San Angelo shooting bench, no more lying down getting my beer belly in the way of a good group.

Steve trying out his .243;

Steve has a very nice Tikka T3;

Colin trying out a .308;

Nice and quiet 100 grain loads doing 2900 fps

Remember it's good for you, thanks Kiwi!

Friday, 22 January 2010

The doghouse

Having returned from 3 seperate meetings yesterday all entailing some form of entertainment I promptly fell into my usual deep dead sleep. The result is that I slept through 4 foxes cavorting on the front lawn.
So tonight finds me sober prior to an early night for a drive to Hampshire and a day of back gunning!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Best pool shot by a naked white chick?

That time of the month again

Been here before? Yup me too, something about Bedlam that always appeals;
If its not whats outside then often rare treats are on offer inside;
Some are even tactile so to speak;

Saturday, 16 January 2010

It rained

Just about all morning, Keith came over with a friend, you may remember Keith from Beater Wives but anyway he wanted to see our shoot. I was concerned that should the weather be appalling (and it was close) we wouldnt see any birds!

All we can do is turn up and see. As it happens we didnt have a great start but the afternoon soon picked up, lots of birds seen including pheasants and even a brace of them in the bag;
I've no idea who took away the feral pigeon? The brace of woodcock looked good, one shot by a guest again!

It was a fair bag conditions considered, we drew to a close and Misty one of my Springer Bitches had a short fit. Not nice but she is better now.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Thursday, 14 January 2010


Is it too soon for jokes about Haiti yet, or should I wait till the dust settles?

I know how the Haitans feel, last time I had 30 aftershocks I couldnt find my house either!

Thanks to Darkwing for those two!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

How not to

Says it all really!

Whilst I am troughing lunch

Click on this and let tax and waste Brown know how you feel, especially if like me you use a 4WD every day!
" We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Restore the normal rate of road fund license to its pre November 2008 price hike as recognition of the valuable role played by those of us in the country able to continue to deliver vital services during the current weather difficulties.
I feel quite strongly that as a driver and owner of a diesel powered 4 wheel drive pick up truck that I use daily as a business tool I along with many other are being unfairly penalised by tax as a punitive punishment for not appearing to be green enough for the current government and its seriously flawed global warming mantra.
We already pay more for our fuel than petrol compared to when diesel became available and this is almost completely due to tax. Without us continuing in appalling weather to deliver services, volunteering to deliver meals on wheels and assisting other stuck motorists in their environmentally friendly cars we would have had almost no services in this country.
We are taxed as a sop to the green lobby who without those of use delivering vital support to stranded public services wouldnt have been able to get their tofu or copy of the guardian. Repeal this unfair tax now and restore the levels to that of 2008 with rises linked to inflation and not to attempt to scrape more taxes in to pay the bankers bouses!"

Go on you know you want to!

Just a quickie

As I am rather busy delivering value to the local taxpayers etc;
Thanks to Phil for that one. Whilst I am on did I post this one earlier, does anyone remember the fuss made about this?;

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Hot off the text

"I wonder why Emmanuelle Adebayor didnt run the length of the bus to celebrate in front of the gunners this time?"

Followed by; "I doubt I'll bother watching the African Cup of Nations. 347 shots but only three on target. Appalling."
Thats all folks!

The weekend is upon us and our Hampshire event was cancelled so we took

The dogs for a walk on the downs, this time only 4WD cars had made the attampt so the road was clear of abandonded rear wheel drive litter;

It was very fresh and the snow was starting again;

The view from the top is always worth the effort;

The truck made light work of both up and down hill, I wish the same could be said of the Suzuki but this morning it couldnt manage the hill climb.

Nice to see my tax funded grit being strategically placed. I went home and finished off chainsawing and splitting a load of logs for a friend, they were delivered this afternoon after we walked the dogs.

Off course we got the full scenic views across the north side of the downs as we took the logs and delivered them.

Just the usual ironing to wade through before my stag on fox watch !

Friday, 8 January 2010

This morning I saw

In fact it was last night but Charlie wont be sniffing around the chicken coop again;
In fact since the first year we moved in when we removed 10 in 2 months I figured they had worked out that Cul de sac is a dead end, obviously a new generation and this one made the mistake of walking past my window not once but twice. Fias Sabbatti in .22rf at about 30 yards using CCI subsonic hollowpoint!
Its been a while since one fell to the moderated semi auto but it certainly hasnt lost its touch and the brush came off very easily;

Smile for the camera;

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr Schorchio

As those of you may recall;

Today has been a little of this;

Yes even after a day of diversity and valuing people bollocks, a night snow clearing and a day sorting out the mess in the office, Southern manages to mess me around.

Still a little light hearted sh1t comes your way;

With all this dodgy weather you still need to keep your car clean, may I suggest that this isnt the method you emply, it's quick but rather final, also known as how to clean your car with one bucket of water;

This mornings view;

Monday, 4 January 2010

yes the Kiwi is back down under

Of course the first thing he does is send me a mega size email of these:

Seen in a Kiwi bar, my kind of watering hole obviously;
Good luck mate and have a safe trip, best wishes to all your friends and family, I suppose now you are home the island is full, pop. 2?

Saturday, 2 January 2010

First shoot of the year

Most definetly on the downhill slope towards the end of the season though! Crisp and cold and I brought the guest but despite putting a fair few pheasants over various guns we couldnt bag a single one! We did however manage a rather esoterically mixed bag;

The day as said was cold but we certainly warmed up pretty quickly, the dogs worked well and we actually had a surplus of beaters. Combine that with more walking guns and wider beats meant that more birds went in the air. Not sure how many Woodcock were flushed but by our usual average of 2 birds shot for 20 flushed we must have put 40 over the line. I did count at least 2 dozen pheasants flushed but as nusual they are cleverer by now and know how to find the gap in the line.

Does that look deep and crisp and even? No I didnt think so but it certainly looked damn cold!
A quick look at the beaters;
And the guns;

Sassy, my best bitch without a doubt, managed to find a downed woodcock in deepest cover so all I can say to the guns is: "Next time you think you have hit it, pick it up yourself and prove it otherwise accept that it wasnt dead as if Sassy cant find it, it isnt there!"

Happy new year!

Friday, 1 January 2010

I suppose that by now just about everywhere will be

In the new year, so happy new year and keep shooting. My week of oncall finished at noon today so the boys and I went to see Eastbourne Borough play the round ball game for girls. I cant support the local rugby union side as I played a couple of seasons for their sworn enemies, the Loonies. I have avoided the place as they keep trying to get a veterans side together and I dont have a wheelchair or a missing limb, its about the only way to say no and then not even guaranteed.

EBFC were on form as usual, playing at home to Crawley Town the club decided the bar would only be open before the game to club members. Bah Humbug, I hope they made a loss!

A week of christmas and nothing to drink and the bar is barred. B@stards!

The game went no better, Boro went down 1 in the first few minutes and despite the north stand boys making a racket seemed determined to continue their streak of 4 months without a win. At least the season isnt over yet, not that I will be bothering with them again this season!

The ground seemed to fill, 1700 odd I think and odd is just about right!

The North Stand Boys have a few interesting tunes to sing to the visitors;

The game was fought reasonably well I suppose, it just seems pointless if all you do is kick the ball straight at the opposition goalie! It ended 2-0!