Apparently Google has its knickers all in a twist over those cunts in the Eu and some shite about cookies. Frankly if they are biscuits then I will eat them, if you are concerned about this then fuck off somewhere else and read something else.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Hampshire, a long day but dry and fun

The devils own drive for a bit of beating and backgunning but taking the wrong cartridge bag meant I stuck to running the beating again. Never mind it was a grand day, I took 4 dogs and as I type they are comatose on the sofa.

For those readers overseas or those who never have been beating before its a good way to earn your sport;

First you need to put the guns around the cover where you think the birds are, line up beaters, unleash the dogs and conduct a break in. The hardest part has to be not opening fire on pigeons as its the Partridges and Pheasants we really want.

The dogs run freely in the thick cover but the beaters try to maintain some sort of line.

The total for the day was 11 & 1/2 brace, not as big as some but all were well earnt;

The wettest drive back ever and a day at a ten pin bowling tournament followed. Still I managed to sort out another 10 lbs of venison for mincing into bangers!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

The weekend looms

The weather looks better and its time for a trip to Hampshire for some beating on the Bosses shoot.
Until then perhaps you can have a laugh at this idiot or perhaps wish like me to be able to re educate his brother;

Now this person is deserving of your support, I dont want you to send them any money, it can gho to someone who needs it, what I want you to do is read this.

Nice to see resistance against the enemy continues.

its not as if they do anything decent anymore, the latest so called attempts at comedy, the impression show and comedy road show suck like only a sucking chest wound can!

Even with canned laughter its still miles better than the usual pish the BBC produces, Mock the week and Have I got news for you being the only exceptions.

This is amusing as a mate has recently started work for these;

Anyway that will have to do as River Cottage is about to start!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Saturday is Tiswas day

Ok so it isnt really, its a great day to be out in the woods and despite the recent weather and local forecasts it was the mildest shoot day so far.

Started out with the usual BBQ;
Managed a varied bag today, a magpie before we started, a squirrel, a Jay and 3 big cock pheasants;
A spot of soup and a swift half and then back to make a start with a new toy;
I've been neglecting the trophies recently but I have enough ones here to practise on!

Friday, 20 November 2009

One for the laydees

Now as the weekend approaches, less than 12 hours away, and we prepare to visit our pheasants and salute them once again I wonder what the weather will bring, lots of wind = good, lots of rain = not so good.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Branching out to make up for budget shortfalls or

The latest addition to the air trooping fleet? The choice is yours;

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

That time of the month again

Time to visit the two places of worship I know in London;

To worship at the altar of classic breech loaders
and converted muzzle loading colts which is what the lecture was all about;
A chance for some hands on after a decent lecture;
Before a little supper at the altar of bloatedness!

Monday, 16 November 2009

How much is Wales worth?

Certainly not £45 million but then again there's no accounting for taste!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sunday and its clays again

The heaviest rain this year so far hits us and Ben and I decide a 50 bird sporting layout is the best way to spend the morning. Lets face it despite it being world at war weekend on Military History channel the rain has disrupted the signal so out come the guns.

As per usual the rain and wind made the birds challenging, well they should have but as usual I cleaned stand one, clean as in whitewash. I didnt get my eye in until stand 3 so a miserable 19 out of 50 was all I could manage.
Back to the bat cave and time to boil out an old roe skull that was hogging space in the family food freezer, well mine were both full of hides waiting for a week of dry weather!
Its currently sat on the kitchen window with a drop of bleach to aid the whiteness;

A few days there and then onto the office window for a little sunshine to bleach the skull nicely;

With the weather the way it is at the moment it will be a few weeks at least before it goes up on the Valhalla wall or is sold to an interior designer type!

Just a quick reminder of where it came from;

Ah yes the first deer to fall to the Rigby in my hands!

Now to get on with mincing some Red Hind venison, I have a lot of sausages to prepare!

Saturday, 14 November 2009


I'm no massive fan of the cuddly drivel produced by the twits on Autumnwatch so it normally isnt granted airtime in Castle Bambibasher.

Tonight though having nodded of after the Tea Lady had served her attempt at Hugh Furry eat them all's latest effort at soup the Haus Frau woke me for the stoutest of bull dogs pudding, Spotted Dick.

Whilst cleaning the bowl I noticed that autumn watch was on and the odd one with the funny face and voice was prattling on about how next week us the taxpayer are sending them to the Cairngorms to look for Arctic Hares.

Well pardon me, if he got of his taxpayers funded arrsse he may have been able to come along and see the real thing whilst we were hind stalking, provided he sourced the "Humble PIE"!

Of course he would have had to see a lot of this

and heaven forbid should the taxpayer see what its publicly funded officials force upon the land owners in the name of conservation eh?

Friday, 13 November 2009

In response

It is a professionally installed safety catch but sadly only has on or off positions as opposed to safe but operate the bolt position available on most Mausers.
It has been adjusted or made to suit a scope mount, the mount we dont think is original
Here it is uncocked and not applied;

Here it is cocked and safety applied, the only way it will work!

There is almost no clearance between the objective lens and the top of the safety though!

It still works though. One of its first outings in the wood last summer;

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The Rigby

regular readers may recall me acquiring the Rigby. I have yet to investigate its age etc but it certainly is a very nice rifle. 4 Deer have fallen to its .275 charms so far this year and whilst it weighs in more than my usual CZ527 that I use when guiding it certainly is a very nice rifle;

Sorry about the picture quality but natural light isnt very common this time of year!

The barrel is Roll Marked with Rigby's London address and I was lucky to find 40 rounds of original 140 grain loads in Norma Cases in the Rigby boxes. Its really 7mm Mauser even the local police accept that so I am lucky there I suppose.

It is a thoroughly nice rifle and provided things work out I will be adding a few more 7mm Mausers to the cabinet, December auctions are upon us!

The scope isnt up to much but it certainly does fine for woodland work and although it isnt moderated it is an elegant rifle, well balanced and straight shooting with a perfect comb height on an attractive walnut stock. not made anymore and to buy a new equivalent would mean Holland and Holland or Purdey so cheapest starts at about £28 000.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Remembrance weekend

Back off the hill and the drive back home got me in just about on time. Getting up in the morning however was a real struggle. Still dogs to be worked and pheasants to be plucked;
Not a massive bag but compared to the previous saturdays effort it was 100% better, funny how a little sunshine brings them out. The dogs worked really hard and the young beaters too. I was very impressed with everyones efforts and it is nice to see the woodcock back again.

Yes its not the size that counts but even had we hit everything the guns saluted we certainly would have managed to carry them all home. That is unlike the big herds of red deer in Scotland, estimates on herd sizes ran from 180 to 250 head and that was just in our part of our glen. Not to mention the little family groups of Roe dotted about just about everywhere, hillside as well.

It wasnt just Red Deer or even Deer that we saw, plenty of birds of prey and some lovely hares;

Sunday dawned to some of the worst weather I have seen in our green and pleasant corner of England, I walked the dogs with a spare poop bag on my bonce as per usual I have started to leave hats behind everywhere. Minime and I spent a couple of hours whilst the weather held at the local Remembrance Parade and paid our respects to family and friends and those known not to us, for their sacrifice.

I was here instead of at Croydon for a parade as the works rep, I think next year I will if I am still working there attend but make it more formal.

As pointed out by others it is nice to see so many youngsters here, not that long ago I wondered if it would all fall by the wayside but thanks to New Labour we certainly seem to have a need for more names to be added to the memorials.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

The Angus hills and the Red Hinds

Cold, wet and 10 hours of travelling in the defender up from Wiltshire to the Angus hills, nice place to visit though;

Organised as 4 days of stalking split between pairs, Mr Free Market and Charles paired up whilst R and I went together.

A lovely little 4 bed lodge, with only 10 minutes in the car to the Ghillies house and the first morning on the zero range;

R and I travelled up the Glen and onto the hill in the land rover (thank god) and R went off to bag his first deer ever;

Happy looking chap, I was then asked if I suffered from Vertigo, we went over the edge of an escarpement and onto a little rocky ledge where I then shot a Hind and her Yearling Calf, the shots were almost vertical and I was terrified to say the least, the Ghillie then ran down the escarpement to gralloch them, a total loon.

You can see that these points are vertically seperated by over 100 yards of vertical drop. That was me for the day, R went on to get another but I was astounded for the rest of the week.
Then it was back to the larder for prepping the carcasses and into the hospitality suite.
The larder;

The hospitality suite;

Mr Free Market and Charles enjoyed both of their days as did R & I, I certainly sweated my final deer, the Ghillie made me work hard for having missed an earlier one and even then I plugged a different hind due to changing firing positions at the last minute;

That said it didnt stop me enjoying myself and the company, stalking is often a solitary occupation and I thank the 3 Gentlemen who accompanied me to the hill and the serial shagger known as the Ghillie!

The last day of all was a phenominal event in my books, 2 rifles and 8 hinds, well worth the long journey to see such an event, during the morning, I skinned a hind which the Ghillie quartered and its now mostly sat in the chiller awaiting processing;
In the evening a céilidh which meant Haggis wrapped in Chicken and Janes Clootie Dumplings followed by a swift run around the tops of the glens;

The view from larry landy as we set off seems to stick in the mind, a wonderful week.