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Monday, 28 September 2009

A weekend spent shooting and stalking

Friday was spent in fine company planning the trip to Scotland. This now should work out nicely!
Saturday was spent with a client zeroing the rifles and then I went deer counting.
I saw a lovely Roe Doe and her two Fawns sunning themselves. I sat and watched them for over 30 minutes and they werent too bothered by my presence. The Doe looked tired and thin but there was plenty to keep her busy. Roll on November the first.
Sunday morning saw us visiting another local clay layout, £8 for 50 sporting birds, not bad since I managed to hit less than half.
I also managed to delete all the pics from the weekend apart from some ropey mobile phone ones.
Sunday afternoon I visited another wood, saw several fallow does but was constantly disturbed by dog walkers. The fact that they are tresspassing is bad enough but to allow dogs to run free and disturb fawns isnt a good idea. They wouldnt enjoy the experience of me walking in their garden!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Monday, 21 September 2009

Wow, the Midland was something else

Whilst I wasnt able to photograph all of the top totty (thats not really why I am here darling) I certainly gave it a good go. The stand was set up on Friday evening, come Saturday morning I felt a quick photo was in order. I thought that being next door to the enemy might have caused a problem. Oh no it was to our benefit;
There were a few interesting people and dogs seen walking by;Newfoundlands pulling carts and labrador stunt doubles;
The day was particularly busy and the stand was heaving;

Ofcourse the red cords were out;

This time however Ginger man was in an almost matching outfit and outshone everyone;

Even his hair matched, although on the sunday morning there were a few eye catching moments;

So a good weekend all in all, Toni managed to deal with one of the Charlies in our wood;

Well done Toni, Meanwhile back in Weston Park we watched the deer with the sheep;

Busy is a pretty good description of what the weekend was;

It wouldnt surprise me if numbers are up on last years 47 000.

That said we sold so much that some lines are now discontinued and we spent this evening updating the webshop to show this.

The Deer (all Fallow) were worth watching though, who said they wont share with sheep?

Whilst I am at it, who wanted the map of Australia?

Our Hotel for the weekend was located near some special features;

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Monday, 14 September 2009

A great day out in Hampshire yesterday and Troll hunting

We did reasonably well despite initial doubts to our location and met a few old friends from the local syndicate as well. Hello again if you are reading this. We were placed next to the Gundog scurries away from the main arena, unless you went to the gundog area we wouldnt have met!

It was a nice day weatherwise, overcast and good for shooting so why Stephen didnt win the clay shoot I couldnt say! Thanks for getting us the water though, I must remember a kettle next time. Thanks to all the hard work from the Gundog organisers and especially the CA ladies who really made the day go well
The stand looked good;
The old Gazebo has held up well and the display cabinet seems to work;

Some things however do not change and one thing is definetly clothing, see here for the return of the dreaded red cords with a twist, this time its jeans. Has the man no shame?

This fit young filly was another oddity, you can just make out the mobile phone attachment to her right Hunter! Mind you there wasnt a fag paper space spare inside her breeks!

Whilst back at work today I was enduring a site meeting with a supplier when I spotted a mutant member of the underworld being apprehend by a pair of pointy heads. I suppose being a six foot Troll is a minority without a voice isnt it?

Perhaps he shouldnt have worn so many clothes?

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Weekend again

I spent the best part of the day at work, sad isnt it, still money is good.

The boys went to the Youth Bowling AGM and prize giving, both lads walked away with a few prizes.

I got home to see what E Bay had delivered, 30 minutes with some leds and switches and illuminated displays away;
That should look good at the Hampshire country sports day tomorrow!

Friday, 11 September 2009

Autumn already, where did summer go?

I must have been asleep or was it that week in May?
The reason I ask is this morning as per the usual bimble downhill to the station I saw the first fall of Conkers or Horse Chestnuts to those so inclined!

So there are already on the way down, I suspect a decent frost and I will be out looking for sloes!

A busy week at work culminated in a massive design project, the guvnor was pleased with the output, I hope he has a good weekend at Gavs Stag dooo! I wonder if Cardiff is ready?
As Archer pointed out, I have been busy!

Monday, 7 September 2009

A strange sunday it was:

Eventually after a half day on the clays;

It seems we had really enjoyed ourselves;

We had seriously enjoyed a few rounds of clay dusting including the win by default of div D!

I decided that spending anmother night on site commissioning without knowing I had a hotel room wasnt a great idea!

So I booked one room, twice thanks to lost comms and when on arrival realised that they didnt have any record of me I wwas miffed to say the least.

I kicked up a tad, was given a key to a room already occupied and eventually settled into a room for a few hours before work!

So a few hours on site, a couple of hours in bed followed by half a day at work and it all went wrong:

Which thanks to Thames Water looked like this;

whilst we are on the subject, John the kiwi managed this ona recent trip up north;

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Awfully sorry about the lack of posting (Video heavy)

I have been struggling to find 5 minutes away from work and today free of being on call I managed to find time to visit the birds.

Ben drove us over and we certainly had fun, marking feeders and topping off the ones missed by everyone lese so far. I have been updating the map ready to publish with the locations of these so we can ensure they are all checked to keep the birds on our ground;
I'm reasonably sure Ben enjoys driving lessons;

The feeders still to be accounted for from last year were all on the far side of the wood, its broken up into 3 main sections all of which are just about vehicle accessible if you have the right vehicle.

It has been great fun driving around, finding the old feeders but also great to have my eldest sone do the driving, its a bit of a mark of his age that he can do this now and I look forward to him collecting me from the train when I am blottoed!

Feeding the birds is vital although they havent been left unnattended, the lads have been in every day and Chris especially who seems to be reliable as does Alan and Tony cutting paths in the jungle that is our wood. Busy doesnt really describe the state of play at work, its also in the way that there is very little I can do to help or put things right. Still I am available and will be there as usual. Only problem is this means no training courses so no extra income.

We dropped into the pen before leaving for home, fresh water helps the birds with the feed.

The journey home though uses lanes as narrow as the ones in the wood!