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Friday, 30 January 2009

its been nearly a week,

since my last post, I've been ill and still struggling to shake of the lurgy and I have also been busy chasing around like a headless loon at work. The end of season shooots are take place tomorrow and I for one will be missing the saturdays but working hard with the shoot towards next years!

So here are a few happy clips to tide you over.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Woodcock a plenty

The last formal organised day at Park wood was this morning. I dont normally show how we start the day, just how we finish but this time it I thought I'd show you all a little Sussex Hospitality. I get in early and fire up the BBQ;

There is never a shortage of things to feed the piggy, in our syndicate we have a Butcher and a Baker.

After Millies Drive during which we managed to miss a few Pheasants and the odd Woodcock Richard at least managed to put a nice cock in the bag;

Millie was Elmer Fudds old Cocker Spaniel who sadly died this week, as long as Elmer is ok we are naming this drive after her!

The shoot was slightly shorter than planned as i was absolutely knackered with a heavy head cold. The total bag for the day was 1 cock pheasant and 4 woodcock. Nothing massive again but when the guns get better we will increase the bag, we put more than 20 woodcock out today, makes you wonder why we bother putting pheasants to the wood!

Here are the guns;

And the beaters;

Next saturday I will be in Hampshire so I told the lads to help themselves!

Friday, 23 January 2009

ACPO, freedom of information and your money as tax payers

This thread caught my eye on the Army Rumour Service!
Now I'm not one to whine on about the police state especially as with all the e mail and phone tapping without a court order I would be silly to wouldnt I.
I thought if the ACPO are exempt bits of the FOI then my local Police Authority arent. I actually expected to have to add up the numbers but no they even did it for me.
What worries me is why the ACPO is paid by us the taxpayer to formulate police policy and then decides it isnt publicly accountable. Who pays for all of the officer seconded to ACPO and who pays for their replacements whilst they are away?
I'll wager its you and I!
Now here is the letter;

Your Ref:

Our Ref:
FOI 766/08
12 January 2009

Direct Dial No:
01273 404334

Dear Mr Bambibasher

I write in connection with your request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 which was received by Sussex Police on 10 December on transfer from the Sussex Police Authority with your agreement.

2008/9 - £17,333.38
2007/8 - £17,333.38
2006/7 - £16,713.49
2005/6 - £16,226.29
2004/5 - £15,923.98

Payments from budget are made on behalf and with the authority of the Sussex Police Authority. The financial governance arrangements for the Authority are shown via the following link to their public website – If you have further queries about the nature or statutory basis of those arrangements you can contact the Authority as shown in the following link –

The Association of Chief Police Officers of England, Wales and Northern Ireland (ACPO), although not a body subject to the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act, can be contacted via the following link-

In addition, we hold a copy of the following briefing note supplied by ACPO, which may be of assistance;

“ACPO was set up over 50 years ago with the aim of providing a means whereby work in developing national policing policies could be undertaken in one place, on behalf of the police service as a whole, rather than in the 44 forces simultaneously.

“Moreover, the Association provides a central point for police service issues and is the representing body of the Service nationally. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a staff association for chief officers – that function is fulfilled by a separate and distinct entity – the Chief Police Officers’ Staff Association. ACPO is therefore an independent, professionally led strategic body. In the public interest and, in equal and active partnership with Government and the Association of Police Authorities, ACPO leads and coordinates the direction and development of the police service in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In times of national need ACPO, on behalf of all chief officers, coordinates the strategic policing response.

“Police authorities voluntarily contribute towards the funding of ACPO. They decide annually how much the grant should be and each authority makes a pro rata contribution. For the 2007/8 and 2008/9 Financial Years, funding of £809K was provided, in 2006/7 the contribution was £781K, in 2005/06 the contribution was £758K and for 2004/05 the contribution was £735K. In addition, the Home Office also provide a similar level of annual grant which in 2008/9 amounted to £836K.

“These payments are determined annually at the present time and reflect the recognition that without the existence of an organisation such as ACPO, each force would have to in its own right perform many of the functions undertaken by the Association on a national basis; thus increasing bureaucracy and reducing the cost effectiveness of the Service overall. The operational arm of ACPO performs a critical co-ordinating role for the Service in times of international and national crises ensuring the efficient, timely and effective deployment of skilled personnel when required.”

Yours sincerely

T Mahony
Freedom of Information Disclosure Officer

To; Mr Bambibasher
By; Email

Thats an awfully large figure to pay to serving police officers to do their day jobs!
Why isnt the ACPO a function of the Home office?
Why is it paid for directly by the local council tax payers withoput their knowledge?
Look at those figures again, from my own authority:
2008/9 - £17,333.38
2007/8 - £17,333.38
2006/7 - £16,713.49
2005/6 - £16,226.292004/5 - £15,923.98

That would pay for an awful lot of police shifts where I live, reduce FAC application turn around time, the figures nationally are a real surprise and thanks to the chap who provided them saving me a lot of guesswork;
“Police authorities voluntarily contribute towards the funding of ACPO. They decide annually how much the grant should be and each authority makes a pro rata contribution. For the 2007/8 and 2008/9 Financial Years, funding of £809K was provided, in 2006/7 the contribution was £781K, in 2005/06 the contribution was £758K and for 2004/05 the contribution was £735K. In addition, the Home Office also provide a similar level of annual grant which in 2008/9 amounted to £836K."
Thats nice of them isnt it, voluntary contributions, didnt ask me the tax payer did they?
Think about those figures for a moment and ask why and how is an organisation getting so much money to do what effectively is its day job?
A private company?

In addition, the Home Office also provide a similar level of annual grant which in 2008/9 amounted to £836K.

That just about does it for me, the government spunking away money it has taken from us on employees that are already paid by us and then the local police authorities pish away even more of the money demanded with menaces by local paid officials.

I'm not sure where this leads me but I'm willing to bet that it doesnt end here!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Where's Wally? (again)

Well today I was out in the Thames Valley apparently, with No1 son. Blowy start to the day with rain clearing by lunchtime. We passed a remarkable looking game farm that our pack of spaniels would have created mayhem in.
On the way to get lunch we passed an unusually named road;

On closer inspection it seems that someone has been amusing themselves;

Now for another throbber nominee;

And a little advertising perhaps;

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Throbber of the week award goes to;

Having decided to run a new throbber of the week award for those persons whose video clips show them in a less than favourable light I have decided that this chap is this weeks winner!
more nominees along these lines please, no politicians as it isnt liar of the week now is it?

Come on then.

Penultimate day in Hampshire

Not overburdened by either guns or beaters we certainly managed to get a good bag. Macey managed her first retrieve although she was reluctant to release it and lots of pigeons flew over for the last time. Here she is with Amber by the top of the mustard strip;

Tristan managed a nice big cock bird here and Sassy pinched it from her sons and daughters;

The shoot started in stiff rain and within moments of starting it was sunny and we were peeling layers off, funny the difference a week can make. A mixed bag was had by the end of 2 drives which was doubled by tea break;

That was then doubled again with more pigeons and a brace of Partridges added. Nice to see was a woodcock on the sedge, it flew off unsaluted!

The Partridges were put off the Rape field which was blanked in nicely;

Tris had his hawk in for the afternoon as well;

All in all a good day out, now to get plucking last weeks birds!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A rare day off

Thanks to spending a night in town with some contractors, before I set off I sat down with a mug of tea and watched my dogs make the most of looking cute;

I then set off to Croydon to see the work,

A few hours in bed before rising again to deal with life, buying ammo for the rifles and shotguns. Ouch that was expensive!

Saturday, 10 January 2009

I wonder if?

Well its worth asking isnt it?

Thanks to Happybonzo for this one!

Its been a long and cold week without posting or shooting

Yet this morning things certainly looked better. I found a supply of quick lighting charcoal and snagged enough bags for the rest of the season, everyone turned up scarily early and the birds really flew very well. New guests who are hoping to become syndicate members next season turned up. Things went really well. I bagged a cock bird going back from the beating line, Elmer Fudd managed a nice Cock Bird, Big sticky managed a lovely woodcock. The dogs enjoyed themselves immensly and best of all young Edmund bagged a nice cock bird.

The bag was as usual small but well earned and will eat well;

The guns;

The beaters;

Friday, 9 January 2009

Frozen cars and a little humour

Another shoot day tomorrow, I am out of charcoal for the BBQ for breakfast and I have just spent 30 minutes scraping ice of the inside of my car windscreen!

I hope this cheers you up?

Monday, 5 January 2009

Let it snow, let it etc

First day back and as with many places in the country we got a light dusting of the fluffy stuff, sadly all gone by the time I got home from work but nice none the less, time for more stlking methinks;

I wouldnt mind a stalk along these fields;

Hopefully a bit more snow coming up but it will be gone by the weekend I guess!

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Pheasant Pluckers

Alex and I have spent this evening preparing our Sunday lunch, a brace of fine pheasants shot by us both;

First lay out your birds, ours were kept in the game safe in the very cold garage until we were ready;

The birds get laid out and the beer is poured;

Plop the birds on their backs and pluck away, pull the feathers in ones and twos awaay from the tail exposing as much flesh and trying not to tear them.

Roll them over and start on the back in the same manner and then pull away at the tail and wing feathers;

Then you need to trim off the wings, legs and head;

then draw the bird and clean out the crop and the cavity;

The birds are left to drain for a couple of hours and then popped in the fridge, tomorrow afternoon they'll be wrapped in bacon and roasted for a short while!

3rd day in a row shooting

Well I started it beating but as I had brought down a gun for another beater to try and we were short a couple of guns I had a wander through a drive with my old Mundial 20 bore. result 1 dead Hen Pheasant.

Shelley managed a first bagging a pheasant too;
Keith who was trying out my gun managed to forget about the safety catch being automatic about 3 minutes after this picture was taken, passed up on the best chance of the day, a cock bird at about 20 feet away, as it cleared the hedge Roger was attending to business on the other side and unable to raise his gun either!
The dogs certainly enjoyed themselves and despite the usual minor cuts and grazes were fast asleeep in the car on the way home!

Tomorrow is a family day and no clay shooting but thats ok as work on monday will be a day in long trousers at last, breeks for 3 days in a row so far!

Friday, 2 January 2009

A cold day in Hertfordshire

Looking for Muntjacs, Big Richard, the Grinch, Mr FM and myself had a wander around the woods. I did see the odd Roe Doe but almost trod on a Muntjac who waved his tail at me sadly with the sun behind him and the bu&&ered off into the brambles. Sadly after several hours of bloody cold stalking we met back up for lunch.

beautiful scenery though;

The lonely empty handed walk back!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

I only hope that yours starts as well as ours did. Alex aged 15 fired the first shot of the year on our little shoot and brought down a lovely cock pheasant;

All the regular members were there and some guests who brought their families, thanks for making it a great start to the year and see you all on the 10th!

The Guns;

The Beaters and underemployed pickers up;