Apparently Google has its knickers all in a twist over those cunts in the Eu and some shite about cookies. Frankly if they are biscuits then I will eat them, if you are concerned about this then fuck off somewhere else and read something else.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Sweating away in the office whilst outside its a balmy 34 degrees C

The builders are in stripping out our kitchen, so BBQ food till they put everything back later this week, posting may be a little light as the Roe Rut is on.
Oh and did I mention the Roe Rut has started!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Sunday at last and a busy weekend draws to a close

Friday saw us all as a family make the trek up to Blenheim Palace for the 50th CLA Game Fair

It was a very large event and has taken over 200, 000 visitors over its 3 days in previous years, this year it felt as if all 200, 000 were queueing in front of us to get into the car park.

As per usual as at every Agricultural and Country event there was a Rupert thinking he looks dapper in his red cords;

At least the weather was good, too damn good for an outdoor event, I didnt spend much, exchanged some boots at Trekkers, (very good bunch in thier). Met Dr Stealth and picked up some powder at Norman Clarke Gunsmiths followed by a 5 minute tease over my next custom rifle. "Anything can be made for a price!" Not a bad quote that!

At least the day before we got down to the beach at Normans Bay and let the dogs have a swim, all good for the ones recovering from injuries;

This saturday morning was spent phoning round the syndicate for next seasons shoot, organising a work day and squeezing money out of people. I am hoping tpo order the birds tomorrow for a late August delivery. That will give us a couple of weeks to hang the wire for the new pen and deliver the water!

Yesterday afternoon saw us in the wood with some friends doing an introduction to clay shooting along with a little rifle work afterwards.

Coaching an old friends Girlfriend or Wife can be interesting, at least this time she didnt wear a plunging neckline allowing hot empty brass to land where I'm not allowed to stick my mitts.

Still the tea lady had a good go and cross eyed rifle shooting is to be marvelled at;

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Just hanging around

As the stranglers would sing!

Waiting on collection is what I would say, not bad for the first pair I have cut below the eye socket!

Damians 4 pointer is on the left next to my Birthday buck!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

As retreat sounds, in my mind at least

I pause to reflect upon the passing of another Salamanca day without enough booze inside me yet!
I have though been fruitful a juvenile seagull with the Tea Lady's truck this morning and I have also just returned from shooting a Feral Pigeon in a local warehouse.
I dont normally bother but it was a favour as they couldnt go home as walter the pigeon kept setting the alarms off. Needless to say one round one kill!
Despite it being too nice to work I did finish mounting the birthday buck and also Damians first!
I may even post a pic in the morning!

Salamanca Day

I dont usually do an "on this day" type of entry but today is very special for several regiments of the British Army, my own long gone regiment included. I hope the new boys mark today with respect.

Today in 1812 the Anglo Portugese Army (British in the main) defeated Johnny Foreigner resoundingly at Salamanca in Spain

Sunday, 20 July 2008

If you go down to the woods today

You'll be in for a big surprise, especially if you name is Charley Reynard and you fancied Pheasant for Sunday Lunch.

Richards random patrols are paying off;

Well done and thanks for the effort!

A cautionary tale

Whilst that is moderately funny perhaps the persons running the churches nowadays should be less worried about Gay Bishops etc and more about what messages their stained Glass Windows send out;

Friday, 18 July 2008

A hard day in the office

Deserves a trip to the range to rezero the stalking rifles. Roe Rut is on at the moment and the Fallow season is a few days away!
I took Alex with me for a spot of relaxing range work;
The DVD player had died so a trip to Valhalla via some decent .303 was the way forward.

Its a long way to the target for the little 7.62 x 39 round but it does the biz;

Next out was the 6.5 swede in my CZ 550. It needed a check and surprisingly wasnt too far out.

Just the one declared flyer;

A quick rezero and a blast with a flyer again and also 3 rounds using the set trigger just to remind me why I dont!

Back to the more mundane jobs such as bleaching Damians skull which he will get mounted by me!

Nothing spectacular apart from the shot and it was of course his first!

And the DVD player died!

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Congratulations are due to Richard

He has taken a nice buck from a tidy little wood last night. We have been there several times without getting this lad and now he is in the bag. I'm looking forward to doing his head! I cant see too clearly from here but he seems nice, I know he will eat particularly well.
That leaves that wood down to one buck for at least two does, time to leave that wood alone for a while!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Just in case you were wondering what precisely I do to

Pay the mortgage?

That is when I'm not doing the above would be a large dose of this;

Sorting out clients records for databases that will probably be binned but who cares as long as they pay?

Proud to be English

Its no Scotch Egg even if the couple are from Yorkshire its this style of eccentricity that cheers me up and no need to ride a hunter through the hall to breakfast!

Monday, 14 July 2008

A good weekend spent

Amongst like minded people, couldnt ask for more really, Myles the Oudoorsman turned up with his daughter Holly and snapped us as we finished another very hot and happy day at Michelham Priory Game and Country Fair.

The Tea Lady, Myself, the kray twins and Holly worked hard on Sunday. Ben the Camera decided to build his photography portfolio with acion snaps of the dogs on the scurry. I'll be building his website soon so he can sell his pictures.

Alex of course decided that the best way to get a dog around the agility ring is to tackle the obstacles yourself, he managed to get stuck in the pipe!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Sat in the office all doom and gloom

Still at least I'm at home rather than being sat on the A27 on the way to Rogers place to help him out for the day, I have so much work to do, here at home and also for the little shoot we have, no new pen yet and no birds ordered yet.
I will probably do a last minute thing an order them in for august, maybe late in the month as we wont be shooting until mid to late October at the earliest.
A quick check on the weather forecast shows that Thursday evening should be good for stalking so I'll try and get around 2 woods if possible. The damage caused by that buck was a lot for one deer, I'm sure there are more there!
The tea lady is moaning about the Autumn Game Fair at the South of England showground as they are being awkward about allowing us a stand there!
Still Friday pm will see us setting up at BASC Michelham Priory Game and Country Fair. We will be in the dog field where all the dog handling events are taking place instead of the main arena like last year!
There you go a post packed with links, one more before we go;
Congrats to any Gunners as today is the anniversary of the first VC won by the Royal Regiment
Also greetings to his namesake!

Sunday, 6 July 2008

I'm sat in recovery mode with a barrel of Harveys

trying to work out how 45 people managed to eat a 75 pound pig.
It certainly cooked well and as a 40th birthday party for the Tea Lady seemed the ideal option.
She worked out this morning that we catered for the whole event for less than hiring in someone to do it, admittedly I couldnt have done it without Elmer, Karen etc all lending a hand.

As 40th birthday parties go it wasnt a bad one, a fair few guests had to be carried home, some had to get the AA to cut of their locking wheelnuts to change a flat tyre and some I suspect will end in Relate. Still Madam enjoyed herself so I seem to have succeded. Thanks folks and here's one more gratuitous porker shot to part with;

Friday, 4 July 2008

A big day tomorrow,

guests are due in for a pig roast, I have a 70 pound porker ready for spit roasting to celebrate the tea lady's birthday, I thought that I would sign off with a little clip courtesy of ken the Author of "A long long war";

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Another hard day at the office

I was wading through the plans today and by 1600 hrs I cracked, had a beer, went out into the garden and brought in the spit roast pole to be drilled and fitted with threaded leg attachements. No pics at the moment as I'm tired and emotional but a little clip from the tea lady;

Maybe its a hint about some gardening? Who knows and who cares?

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Damians First Buck

A busy day yeaterday, builders in putting my bathroom back together, local FEO in to discuss my variations of 6 more sporting rifles and a trip out with Damian to see if at last after 6 trips we could make 7 his lucky number.
We were asked to visit an area of the wood that had been out of bounds for almost 6 months as the Roebucks have been busy shredding the bark on the saplings.
This was obvious on arrival and if it hadnt been out of bounds wouldnt have happened;
Well we saw movement on the edge of the mature timber but couldnt sex the deer, bucks only at the moment so we sat tight for almost an hour.

We took a wander further around the edge of the new plantation as the wind was not helping us blowing across our backs. I took us through as much dead ground and cover as possible, my old platoon sgt would have been proud of me!

A painstaking approach of about 2 metres a minute through beds of dried leaves ensure a silent and scent free approach. There was the doe ahead, about 100 yards ish. as Damian was trying to confirm her sex I spied ye olde fallen log trick deeper inside the wood. It was the Buck lying down with his back to us. Only lifting his head to take the air. I put Damian onto it and let him line up. It wasnt much of a choice, a neck or texas heart shot.

I squeeked on the buttalo to get him to lift his head long enough for a shot and Damian centred his .243 Remington 700 on Bambis neck.

Bang! down his head went and his body kicked a few times the stopped.

We waited about 5 minutes for the Doe to leave and silently approached the deer pacing out along the way.

The shot was taken at around 85 yards.

A good shot and as the entry wound shows bang on for the money, a shot I would have struggled with and one I would have expected more experienced shots to have problems with.

About 50 pounds weight dressed out.
Jolly well done.