Apparently Google has its knickers all in a twist over those cunts in the Eu and some shite about cookies. Frankly if they are biscuits then I will eat them, if you are concerned about this then fuck off somewhere else and read something else.

Monday, 30 June 2008

A busy weekend is over thankfully

We drove to Dunstable for a kids 10 pin bowling tournament, this time leaving early thinking we would be home for lunch. Not a hope, both of the boys qualified, Ben came 3rd in his age group and Alex 8th in his. There was a play off for prizes and Ben won a £49.99 voucher towards a bowling ball. He used it on a second hand ball that looks interesting and at 16 pounds fills a niche in his armoury.

We were proud of both of them as they dont normally qualify and especially for Ben as he hadnt won any sports prizes before.

Here he is at prize giving, at last we all sigh, poor dogs were stuck for 13 hours needing a pee and not one accident from the 3 inside!

Back at work today as per usual the sun is shining and I'm indoors for a couple of days as the builders and plod are visiting!

more later.

Friday, 27 June 2008

Back from the woods

and despite almost tripping over a big herd of Fallow the only kill for the night was;

Thankfully the BARF diet means I can chuck the carcasse over the kennel fence allowing the dogs to get stuck in. The Tea Lady used to insist on me cooking the things which had no effect upon the dogs.

One of the many things we noticed whilst wandering (aimlessly I might add) around these woods is the mass of tiny frogs moving around the forest floor.

Thieving Pikey Scumbags

Who helped themselves to our poult waterers, hammers and nails spilling the fencing staples everywhere were at it again last night. They went into the wood about 30 minutes after I left, that means we will be mounting an ambush. How do I know this? Well our trail camera, the one bought to replace the one stolen by the same pikeys caught them and we have photos of them armed on our property.
Time for a phone call to the old bill and lacking a suitable response time for an ambush.
Photos to follow but first I'm off to kill something large and furry!
In the meantime some entertainment;

Why commuting is bad for you!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Just walking the dog

My day is reasonably relaxed, up at 0730, commute to the office via the kettle, dogs in the garden and a stint on the Khazi.

Work for a while (read e mails actually) load the fit dogs in the truck at about 0930 and give them a walk. Today I managed to see the house I'd rather fancy owning even if just for the land around it;

Back to the house, tea and work till lunch requires me to run the tea lady around on some errand, today it was over to Newhaven to look at some custom built sales trailers. Ouch they are a future wish list item.

back to the office for the afternoon and Biped calls over tonight to take his stalking test and then I must get on with loading some ammunition! 6.5 swede and .308 are on the hit list!

In the meantime a word from our tea lady on watching what you are doing;

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Another day another 8 hours spent

Looking at the clients plans, still when the lads get back from school we are going to the woods with a shotgun to see if we can thin out the magpies and pigeons amongst others. Sassy the poor girl is in season and doesnt appreciate being locked up indoors so she can come out for the walk.
In the meantime see what the tealady sent me this morning;

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Terrier racing

Before GCHQ misread this and SO13 and 1/4 descend upon our humble fortress mistakenly believing I am some sort of airport shop worker, I spent an enjoyable afternoon watching a friends terrier racing at a local village event.

Terriers whilst being neither mine or my wifes cup of tea fill a certain necessary niche in the working dog world.

Whilst many seem to be owned by persons just a quid away from being pikeys they also seem to organise some fun filled and relaxed events. Where else can you get 6 psycotic bundles of fur and spit snarling their way out of a homemade trap to rundown a fox brush?

The evidence speaks for itself;

I certainly enjoyed myself and if a flutter had been available I would have been very happy!

Another quick clip;

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Normal service is resumed

At last back from the Imperial Death Star.
I took two previous clients on their 2 day introduction to Woodland Stalking this weekend.
Biped who as you can see by the picture is pretty well immmersed in the sport;

Biped did see some Fallow across the boundary stream but not on our land and not in season.

Archer and I saw a lovely Fallow Pricket grazing away. He didnt know we were there;

This chap presented several shootable opportunities, lets hope we are as lucky next month.

This morning saw us staggering around after about 4 hours sleep in another wood on the other side of the county.

Not much to report apart from my snoring may have kept the deer away. We did stumble upon an almost black Fallow Fawn, a doe perhaps. Her lucky day no doubt as we moved off leaving her to stare at us.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

At last pictures of the death star

Its no fun, despite the offices being well equipped they are moving the section I need to visit to York and that means closing down and no access for possibly a month.
I'm struggling to get enough work to keep me going over the next few weeks. Fingers crossed I'll knock a few out tomorrow!
Soon be time to head south to the farm and get my feet dirty again!
In the meantime;

Have fun and I'm looking forward to getting home as I miss my family especially the four legged ones, so here is a little gun porn;

Monday, 16 June 2008

Back in the Imperial death Star

and thoughts turn to escape committees, it seems however that the local pikeys have visited my wood and stolen some tools etc, some scum suck badly, time to mount an armed guard, in the meantime escape plans;

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Sussex country fair day 1

Well its been a long and hot day, I think I enjoyed it, it seemed to be non stop traffic from about 10 till 5. Lots of good demos in the dog arena and lots of interested handlers visiting our stand. I'll try and put some pics up later but Parham Park is a stunning setting and the show is well run!

Wednesday, 11 June 2008


I have escaped the death star for a few hours and although I wasnt lucky enough to encounter the above at the range, I did get a few rounds down the range with a .22 and a .38!

And finally a little help with the catering!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Sussex Country Fair

Is on this weekend at Parham Park, near Storrington on the A283. A good event and we will be there!
A bit like this without the weegies in kilts;

Monday, 9 June 2008

So clamping down on downloads?

Day 1 in the Death Star

Arrived late as per usual, blinking hot in brum today, spent a weewhile blimping around the office and caught up with loads of old mates, who knows more work from this if I'm lucky.

It will be a pity as I miss my office at home already!

For those confirmed frequent flyers here is a reminder of why I like the train!

Sunday, 8 June 2008

as if to reinforce my earlier post

I cant see Liverpool engraved anywhere on here wack!

The strangest people go to Air shows

The car between the two Vauxhall Astras! I wonder what his neighbours think?

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Liberals and labour beware!


Well the death star mission looms ever closer

Another trip around the woods last night brought me even closer to a stunningly pretty Roe Doe. Still no more bucks willing to show themselves yet.
I am dragging oldest son and myself around Biggin Hill in the morning to hopefully see a few of the few and then some.
My trip to Brum will no doubt include meeting up with some old reprobates and sadly some use of public transport.
I will return to stalk again! This time I wont be taking my springer pup Arthur due tim being relieved of his family jewels for all the trouble he has recently caused.
In the meantime if anyone finds a Suzuki SJ410 in reasonable nick I'm your man!

The view from my office window is improving slowly;

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

A slow couple of days at work have resulted in me being sentenced

To a week in Brum at the clients death star. I shall prevail and in the meantime will be preparing this skull which we started to boil out yesterday. Today was jet wash day;

The flesh should be soft enough after a few hours in the pan so it should come apart nicely with the pressure washer. I do recommend protective clothing as this can be messy. I use the plasterers bath for carcasse carriage for this;

The end result is blasted apart skull but to get there takes time;

Now with it being long grass and sheep shearing season I recommend you get the tick pliers out and also look for errant grass seed.

You need O Tom Tick removers available here

Monday, 2 June 2008

EU is it the heart of darkness?

I'm sat here sniffing a pot of boiling Roebuck skull outside my office window
Pondering at which point did the referundum on entering a free trade treaty with Europe become an agreement to implement foreign laws and diktats as our own and throw open our borders. I feel our parents have much to be blamed for on this one as well as that traitor Heath

Now if we were back in the 17th century we could dig him up and draw and quarter his remains.

I havent seen this for a while so its nice

to see it doing the rounds again, how not to release a leopard, now is that a No5 the game warden has?

A busy weekend

2 Stalking clients came down from the North West, Richard treating a mate Johnno to an introductory stalk. The usual training and range work followed by a live stalk. I took Johnno and a mate Chris took Richard. We managed to get in between two barking bucks and stood watching one walk into our woods from a neighbours field.
Johnno lined up on the buck but Buck fever prevailed and he snatched the shot missing the possible siver medal trophy buck. Yes he was close enough to judge. Still we stalked a doe and a fox later so he has been learning new skills and seems hooked.
So I'm sorry no pictures of deer today but I'm out again on wednesday for another introductory stalk with a client.
A very busy week ahead if I can crack the drawings issued by my client and I still have some cleaning and tidying of rifles and ammo to do!