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Thursday, 27 September 2007

Crimping one orff!

As its Thursday and still not yet the weekend, as its cold enough this morning to put the central heating on as if I need an excuse to put up a joke on the internet; here's a picture from last summer showing the balcony of Buckingham Palace during the Falklands 25th Anniversarry fly past:

Create your own caption:

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Well many thanks to Eastbourne Borough FC as last night they laid on a bit of corporate entertainment for the various youth team sponsors. Our tankk you was for providing an away strip for the U13 side last year, this was sponsored by my wifes business Paws for Thought

This is the teamlast year on its inaugoral aouting for the away strip, the manager Nick asked for white and first game was played in a mudbath against Pevensey and Westham.

This resulted in the kit becoming very filthy but at least the kids enjoyed themselves. Later on the kit was loaned to another side from the same age group and went on a tour to Holland.

Now back to the big match last night;

Eastbourne Borough Youth FC U18 were to play Haywards Heath Town U18 in the FAYouth Cup. This is a big tournament for the U18 sides and is seen as a great way to get selected for trials at a big club. Last night it was rumoured that Portsmouth FC (Premier League) had their senior scout to watch Haywards Heaths No 11, Jonathon Rowley. They needn't have bothered as the No7 Brannon O Neill was much better and the Borough defence kept all but one goal out.

The match started well with a few of my sons squad acting as ball boys:

The lads thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were kept pretty busy. Borough scored in the 10th, 12th and 30th minute with Haywards Heath getting one back a minute later. Borough came back from a slow finish to the first half and scored two more, one in the 69th minute and the last one in extra time.

Borough out played a team with a better reputation and No 10 Darren Lok scored 4 goals. Perhaps Pompey should have been watching him. Both Goalies were very good and I think the Haywards heath Goalie was mainly let down by the defence not being able to keep out the repeated attacks from Borough.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

The birds are all flying now

I was out last night checking on them and delivering more feed and mixing in some spices. Richard bought a tub of bird puller which hopefully should work. Even without it the 20 or so birds we saw in a neighbouring field came running and flying back in to roost at dusk. I am quite pleased with the way things have gone so far, Chris is ready to move in, the bids are showing lots of feathers and the 29 feeders we have oput are being emptied. We may be feeding all the wood pigeons and squirrels but at least the pheasants are ranging down as far as the northern boundary.

Richard bought a Vitara on E bay and despite needing to rebuild the big end has got it running round our shoot. Richard likes his power toys and chose to cut a new ride on the lower strip with the car rather than wait for the strimmer.

Great progress was made. until the Vitara found a dried out stream bed and the next picture was like the closing scene from "The Italian Job!"
After all this is why men of Sussex are so stout!

We seem, and the slots around the feeders seem to agree, to be attracting deer back into our wood again. Good news and with the addition of spice to the corn, salt licks, apples and salz paste we should have a healthy population to start on next year.
Jobs outstanding include: Bringing in Chris' caravan so we have a rain shelter and somewhere tobasha up after BBq's, dismantling a concrete sectional garage and moving it 20 miles for re erection so we can store the boys toys in safety.
Next year about March time we will build a new pen. This will be at least 2 and 1/2 times bigger than the other one and we will use both for birds.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Old Bill competition at Bisley

In honour of Old Bill by Bruce Bairnsfather and the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the No1 Mk 111 rifle the SMLE a shoot was held this morning at Bisley ranges using weapons from that period. Entry was £1 with multiple entries allowed. My club is the HBSA so the match was organised by a lovely Gent and consisted of 5 rounds either prone or sitting at 200 yards snaps at a fig 14 followed by 5 rounds rapid. I didnt get the scores as I went onto another shoot this afternoon but it was fun. I fired a P14 from eddystone and a Mk3 1910 Ross, both in .303.

This was one of the rifles taking part, a lovely SMLE sniper rifle.

Sadly it had to be fired with the scope removed, all matching as well.

The picture above shows Maurice with his 8mm lebel a very nice example and Maurice does collect nice French rifles.

Mr Free Market Turned up with The Englishman and proceeded to fire off a large amount of my ammo. Never mind I needed to thin out the old South African Mk7 ball from the 60's. Older than me it was.
Mr FM turned up with his Ikea rifle and sneaked the tupperware Remington into the case as well. It did shoot well despite not counting as a score I enjoyed shooting it too.

Despite the fact that the Norwegians rebarrelled it they didnt scrub the extensive marks and stampings.

After the lunch of venison, smoked mixed game and wild boar sausages cooked behind the bund at 200 yards, bread rolls supplied by Mr FM we dressed down to 100 yards for some fun with a little 7.62 x 39 CZ Carbine and my .303 deer rifle. Mr FM fired his tupperware and The Englishman fired his 357 Marlin. I did too but I didnt get any photos of that!

The Englishman with the CZ 527.

Generally a good day and I would like to thank all those that turned up and took part as well as those Gents that worked hard to organise the day and made it all such good fun.

Mr FM sent this suitably entitled "Suit You Sir!" picture of myself dribbling over an SMLE sniper rifle.

He also included a shot of the Englishman and myself engaging targets at 100 yards. The Marlin gets the exposure it deserves.

Friday, 7 September 2007

Springer Spaniel Rehome alert!

I have to offer on behalf of a colleague a lovely 3 year old pedigree English Springer Spaniel. I dont have a picture at the moment, I'll chase that up. The dog lives in West Sussex and any enquiries can be directed through me. I'm afraid that personal family circumstances force this upon him.

He is well trained but sadly he is stuck indoors all day as both owners now work all day. he is great with kids and although neutered has a great pedigree!
Potential owners will face vetting which is the responsible thing to do! So come on, if any of you know someone that can handle a mature dog then this is the dog that is crying out to be worked and loved!I sadly wont be at work tomorrow but I'll be working hard at the rifle range!

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Back from the west country

with straw in my hair and cider in my bladder! The wedding went well and on the sunday we collected the feed or at least the first installment.

This is the happy couple with my brother and myself at the back!

Chris my helpful friend as usual doing the work whilst I ponce around with the camera. During the wedding, whilst trying to sup wine after the ceremony and take picturesI dropped this camera breaking the display screen but it still takes a reasonable piccy.

We put out a few of these feeders reducing the 3 in the pen down to 1 from 3. The birds are doing well, many are flying in and out of the pen and its getting easier to tell the difference between cocks and hens already. We have started to move feeders along a track that runs downhill from the pen, this hopefully will encourage the birds to use different areas of the wood. I'll remove the final feeder in a couple of weeks and by then all 30 feeders will be out in the wood. We are also considering planting cover crops in the recently cleared areas. This would encourage the deer up from the river area at the bottom of the wood.

Doesnt the wood look spectacular at the moment, coppiced well back with all the old oaks showing?