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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The end of PCness

I can remember a time when to be described as "discriminating" was a term of admiration..

It was considered that an ability to separate "truth" from "lies" was something to aspire to, and that "judgement" was a valued activity from someone with knowledge, intelligence and a history of getting things right..

To defer to the opinion of someone with an established expertise in a subject area and whose reputation would suffer if they got it wrong was seen as a sensible way to solve problems and issues, and a process that has stood the test of time.

Somewhere along the line we seem to have confused equality of opportunity with an assumption that everyone's opinion is equally valid... these are not the same!

The truth and facts are not the same as "feelings", beliefs and wishes, although many seem to think and act as if they were..

Wishes only come true in Fairy Tales...(and politics...!)

Sorry that I've been busy, some momentous dates happening around this time, went lamping for foxes last night and only saw sheep and deer, nice though.


Thomas the Tout said...

Nice to see you still live and breath!

I gather that the activity of lamping for foxes is what we in Oz call "spotlighting". Usually a pleasant commune with nature, and if foxes are despatched, so much the better. (And given that some idiot introduced foxes to Australia then we regard them as very feral. Then again, some idiot introduced rabbits to New Zealand, followed by stoats to control the it will be wolves).

Bambibasher said...

Yup spotlighting its the same game, I know I've neglected my blogging, I'll put it right soon