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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Shooting again

ell the pheasant season has started, I have done reasonably well so far with my new 28 bore and also have managed to find time for a range day. Bisley at 600 yards was the plan but the weather gods decided to tease us, No wind but a mist so dense that we couldn't see 200 yards in front. Eventually the grown ups moved us to the 200 yard point on Short Siberia and even that was sticky. Eventually about an hour of shooting was had and as the lunch klaxon went it took the mist with it and a glorious afternoon ensued.

Noisy buggers next door to us:
So all in all not too bad.


Ghostrifle said...

Hi Mate Good to me you making some noise. I was on the same firing point two weeks ago doing my RCO course. I am on the proud owner
of a .375 hh now that is noisy!
Take care

Bambibasher said...

Hello Mucker, I had a go with Mr Free Markets .375 double, they are addictive. I almost bagged a 416 Rigby but bottled out more fool me. How's your ammo supply?

Ghostrifle said...

That is a sore point, at the moment they will only give me solids. Trying to sort solid bullets for reloading is a nightmare lol.

Bambibasher said...

talk to Mr FMT, he has a source, if not I may be able to get some for you!