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Monday, 21 July 2014

No pics, just a quick update

I am back from a week away at the CLA Game Fair, yes the annual peak of spot the pink trousers has been and gone, hot as hell and complete with almost refreshing thunderstorms despite takings being down on previous years Blenhein was as ever Blenheim, a good event, well laid out and a till almost full of sheckells. I didn't get to see any of the show despite some fantastic support from Claypig and VickyBob and as usual Eastenders Steve. I did get to see some old friends and chat with them along with making some new friends.
The break started with a rush home from work to drive to Stansted because FedEx are too retarded to work out that .22 dummy launcher blanks that have been flown in from the states are actually unlikely to explode all on their own destroying the planet whilst being delivered in a van. Not to worry I can take that risk!
Wednesday morning saw us trudge up to Henley to pick up the rented motorhome. Not as big as I had hoped but still a 4 berth at a squeeze. It wouldn't have mattered if the fridge hadn't acted as a slow cooker, the shower had drained away and the water heater had heated water. Well that's £600 spent on discovering another rental company that I wont be using again! Next year we will rent locally and use it to tow the stock trailer to the show.
Only 150 emails on the work Blackberry. I think I'll delete them n the train in tomorrow. Nice to meet old army mates, invited up to Durham for some stalking on the way north next time and also to Northern Ireland for Sika stags. I am looking at prices for flights next!
I doubt I will actually stay awake much longer, as I slept on the pull out bed last night and didn't seem to sleep at all and the T lady thanked me for not snoring! I think its her that causes the snoring!

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