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Saturday, 26 July 2014

New pen, new birds and a nice afternoon on the farm

So Ben and I took a couple of hours to help the new keeper, 800 birds is a lot when you have a day job as well so 2 hours on a Saturday to allow him some family time is the least we could do really. The new pen built by the local agricultural college students is really very good and I was particularly impressed with the new style pop hole gate! The birds are starting to feather up and fly well, a true credit to the keeper.
There is always one or two of our pens which suffers Buzzard predation, we have tried many things including the hanging of free CD's from the branches. I wonder if the RSPB know we are using theirs?


 Unfortunately the buzzard gets a kill every day or so. I often wonder if its worth covering the pen with netting for the first few weeks;
 On the way to the final pen of the day, what a view, I wish this was my place of work every day;
Well if I win the lottery then that's it, I'm setting up and running a shoot again!

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