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Monday, 21 July 2014

And in sports news

As reported in yesterday's Sunday Times:-
'Emily Benn, 24, granddaughter of the late Tony Benn, said she was "delighted and honoured" after being selected as Labour's parliamentary candidate for Croydon South, a Tory stronghold'.
Anthony Neil Wedgewood Benn might've renounced his hereditary peerage but it seems the Labour Party has a penchant for 'keeping it in the family'. ...
What do you reckon the odds were on there not being another suitable candidate in the entire country apart from one who happens to be the Granddaughter of one Labour MP and the niece of another?

Now call me a cynic but lets face it the political class is a self licking lollipop, after all who else will ensure MP's pensions are safe than hard working lifers in the party apparatus who have served their apprenticeships at the coal face of euro bank or PR company internships?
Well welcome to South Croydon, I hope you have as much joy as the last Labour Candidate!
And in sports news;
Wins 114 caps? I'd rather he won a few international tournaments for his £300 000 a week and less court cases for brawling in bars in Merseyside the useless waste of skin!

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