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Friday, 27 June 2014

What a busy week

A new weekend, I've finished in Bristol after 9 weeks and I had a 900 and 1000 yard practice arranged for the Sunday, the day started slowly and was amazingly hot with about a ten foot deep heat haze. Below is a M41B Swedish sniping rifle. It did really well at 900 yards before lunch;
We had point No1 which shot over butt zero where we held the machine gun shoot last September.

 Ben spent most of the day just relaxing and making the most of the weather to hide away:

 The afternoon after lunch at the Army was just as hot but with even less wind all 1000 yards of it!

 Monday morning and its a commute up to town again and Thomas seems to greet me:
 The office is well equipped, I'd be happy to have this fridge in my garage for hanging game;
 This year (hopefully) I will mainly be in:
 So after a few days of sorting out a few dramas I sneaked off to Bristol to see the pogues;
 The support act were pretty good:
 The gang from SSL and NR were all in:
 The light show was pretty good:
 At last at home the garden pond is resurrected and running well;
 As is the waterfall:

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