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Monday, 26 May 2014

Silver bullet

Well ok not a silver bullet for a vampire but a silver wedding anniversary. Yes the T lady has tolerated 25 years of married life with Bambibasher. Not much to say apart from I really enjoyed it. I know she did and that's the most important thing. Got some photos from family and friends and waiting on the posh ones to arrive. Till then have a laugh at my expense!

 Your drink sir


 Breathe in
 Cousins, Ursula, Tamsin and Sue
 Paddy and Bex

 Tams and Gill
 Tams and Gill

 Bex, Sue, Tams, Kim and Teresa
 Tams and Kim on the dance floor
 Bex and Ben
 Paul and VB

Tams and Sue 
 Tams and Bex
 Tams and Rebecca
 Tams and Kim
 By the duck pond
 Sue, Tamsin, Kim and Rebecca
 Tamsin and Kim

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