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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Happy Birthday to Dad

Well perhaps not my birthday but it was the present from my youngest lad Alex the lefthooker. So I drove to Manchester from Bristol where I have been hiding recently and spent a bit of time waiting for him to travel over by train from Sheffield. As your kids grow up it seems strange when they go to another city or town for University and it certainly is a strain on relationships but he seems to be doing well. Anyway rather than drive in and struggle for somewhere to park I stayed out by Dane Road tram stop and used public transport to get in;

The stadium looms large and is an imposing structure;
 I'm always impressed by Old Trafford, its seems to grow every time we visit and this time we were in the South Stand backing onto the railway station;

 The club has a long and colourful history, it also has some dark moments in its past;
 The aforementioned station which surprisingly was open to trains on match days;

 Alex pulling faces;
 The teams file onto the pitch;
 An early corner;
A quick spin around then off with the camera;

The result? Well 3 to 1 for United, Hull City played very well and were a difficult and detrmined opponent;

Time to go shooting I think.


Hippo said...

I am hoping I can get Marcia and Alex back to UK so I can go places with my boy. It'll be his first time in UK so the list of things to do is enormous!

Bambibasher said...

Firstly how is the foot/leg, secondly if you do now you will be outside the football season but I am sure if you make it later in the year Alex will get a couple of tickets to old Trafford for you both.
Also don't forget to call in on us!

Hippo said...

If I am still here at the start of the next season, something will have seriously gone wrong!

I take size nine large, by the way but what do you want with a load of left hand boots?

Bambibasher said...

I know a one footed eod operator!

Hippo said...

Forgot to mention the leg. They have cut a six or so inch wide piece of flesh stretching from the front of the thigh all the way round to the back down to the muscle out to get rid of the infected area. Now I am waiting to see what the plastic surgeons have to say about filling the hole.

SBW has been to see me and is looking after me.

Bambibasher said...

Anything I can get for you don't hesitate to ask!

Blue said...

Fulham fan here. Well, yes, they were recently relegated but I'm certain they'll be back in a season or two. :)