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Friday, 25 April 2014

On this day in History

1214  King Louis IX of France (1226-70) - "Saint Louis"
1228  Holy Roman Emperor Conrad IV (1237-54)
1284  King Edward II of England (1307-27)
1599  Oliver Cromwell, "Lord Protector" of England (1653-58), d. 1658, general, dictator, & genocider
1725  Admiral Viscount Augustus Keppel, RN (1726-1786)
1840  James Dearing, Brig Gen, C.S.A., the last Confederate general kia, 1865
1914  Marcos Perez Jimenez, general, dictator of Venezuela (1952-1958), d. 2001

1295  King Sancho IV “the Brave” Castille & Leon (1287-1295), c. 38
1553  Fabio Malvizzi, Patrician of Bologna, executed
1607  Adm. Don Juan Álvarez de Ávila, of Spain, drowned, Battle of Gibraltar
1607  Jacob van Heemskerck, 40, Dutch admiral, cannon balled, Battle of Gibraltar
1644  Emperor Chongzhen of China (1627-1644), 33, the last Ming, suicide
1792  Nicolas Jacques Pelletier, Fench highwayman, the first man to date Mdm. Guillotine
1928  Baron Pyotr Nikolayevich Wrangel, 49, Russian "White" general

0  ANZAC Day --
404BC BC - Athens surrenders to Sparta, ending the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC)
1283  Siege of Bere Castle: The English defeat the Welsh 
1464  War of the Roses - Battle of Hedgeley Moor: Marquess of Montague's Yorkists defeat the Duke of Somerset's Lancastrians
1591  The Moroccans take Timbuktu
1607  Battle of Gibraltar Bay: the Dutch fleet defeats the Spanish & Portuguese
1626  Battle of the Dessauer Bridge: Albrecht von Wallenstein defeats Graf von Mansfeld
1707  Battle of Almansa: Borbonists defeat the Hapsburgists to secure the control of Spain
1792  First execution by guillotine in France
1861  7th NY & 8th Massachusetts arrive in Washington
1861  Battle of Lavaca, TX
1861  Pvt Samuel Young enlists, to retire Jan 9, 1904, as Lt Gen.
1862  Farragut occupies New Orleans, La
1864  Battle of Marks' Mill, Arkansas (Camden Expedition)
1875  Combat on the Pecos: Lt. John L. Bullis and Black Seminole Indian Scouts SGT John Ward, Trumpeter Isaac Payne, & PVT Pompey Factor rout c. 25-30 Lipan Indian raiders, for which the Scouts are awarded the Medal of Honor
1881  250,000 sign petitions to bar foreign Jews from entering Germany
1914  First USN air combat mission: Lt. Patrick Bellinger conducts a reconnaissance over Veracruz, receiving some damage from machine gun fire.
1915  Gallipoli Campaign: 78,000 British & ANZAC troops undertake an amphibious landing --
1925  Paul von Hindenburg becomes president of Germany (1925-1934)
1926  Coronation of Reza Pahlavi as Shah of Persia (1925-1941)
1927  Spain sends 20,000 reinforcements to Morocco to battle the Riffian Rebels
1942  Burma: Chinese troops fail to the halt Japanese before Lashio.
1942  Doolittle Mission: CVs Hornet & Enterprise return to Pearl Harbor
1944  New Britain: 1st Marine Div relieved by the 40th Infantry Div
1945  First UN Session: 45 countries convene in San Francisco
1945  Japanese rout Chinese forces at Wuking.
1945  Last Boeing B-17 attack against Nazi Germany
1945  The Red Army completely surrounds Berlin
1945  US & Soviet forces meet at Torgau on the Elbe River
1951  Korean War: After an heroic four day defense of Hill 235, 39 survivors of the Gloucestershire Regiment reach safety
1960  USS Triton completes first submerged circumnavigation of the globe
1962  Christmas Island: US resumes above ground nuclear testing
1974  Portuguese strongman Antonio Salazar (1932-1974) ousted
1975  Stockholm: Terrorist attack on the West German embassy
1982  Israel completes Sinai withdrawal, in accordance with Camp David accords
1993  Boris Yeltsin elected President of Russia (1993-1999)

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