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Thursday, 17 April 2014

More spin and bullshit, or is incompent and lazy policing to be expected nowadays?

Police said the size of the 30-weapon haul was 'exceptional'
One of the capital's biggest gun hauls has been made in east London, the Metropolitan Police have said.
The 30 firearms seized from an address in Leyton include assault rifles, sawn off shotguns and a Thompson machine gun.

A large amount of ammunition was also seized in the raid on Wednesday morning.

Acting Det Supt Gary Bruce said the size of the haul was "exceptional".

He added: "The danger of these weapons in the wrong hands cannot be overestimated."

A 51-year-old man was arrested by the Waltham Forest Gangs Task Force and remains in custody, the police said.

Now look at the picture, I wouldn't want any of them waved around in my face but I wouldn't necessarily get over excited either. The converted blank firers are just as likely to blow up wounding Jamal and his bloods and you know what, let them get on with it!
The voice of the free world? My arse it is, a bunch of tofu munching yoghurt knitters. Free range swivel eyed loons the lot of them!

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