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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Zombie Jesus day

And today we should also be celebrating/reminiscing;
1808  Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, better known as Napoleon III or Napoleon "the Little", d. 1873 --
1809  John Smith Preston, Brig Gen, C.S.A., d. 1881
1824  Alfred Holt Colquitt, Brig Gen, C.S.A., d. 1894
1827  John Gibbon, Maj Gen, U.S., who held "The Angle" at Gettysburg, d. 1896
1839  King Carol I of Romania (1881-1914)
1889  Adolph Hitler, Frontsoldat (1914-1918), German Chancellor & Fuhrer (1933-45), mass murderer, suicide 1945
1891  Charles Humphrey Kingsman Edmonds, British naval aviator, RAF Air Vice Marshal, d. 1954 --

1164  Anti-Pope "Victor IV" - Ottaviano Montecello (1159-64)
1314  Pope Clement V - Bertrand de Got (1305-1314), c. 50, who initiated the "Babylonian Captivity" of the Papacy at Avignon
1534  Sr. Elizabeth Barton (c. 28), 'the Maid of Kent,' nun, executed by Henry VIII when her prophetic visions no longer pleased him
1836  Prince Johan I Jozef of Liechtenstein, Austrian field marshal, at 75
1947  King Christian X of Denmark (1912-1947), hero of the Resistance

1283  Sicilian naval hero Roger de Lauria becomes Grand Admiral of Catalonia
1505  Philbert of Luxemburg expels the Jews from Burgundy
1653  Coup by Oliver Cromwell dissolves the "Rump" Parliament and institutes a dictatorship under the title "Lord Protector" (1653-1658)
1775  American patriots  Separatist Terrorist and tax dodgers blockade the British in Boston
1789  George Washington is sworn in as the first POTUS, Federal Hall, NY
1792  Republican France declares war on Austria, Prussia, & Piedmont, initiating the War of the First Coalition
1799  Napoleon issues a decree calling for settling Jews in Jerusalem
1809  Battle of Abensberg: The French defeat the Austrians
1813  Battle of Bautzen, Day 1: Napoleon v. the Russo-Prussians
1836  Skirmish between Texian and Mexican outposts near San Jacinto
1861  Robert E Lee resigns from United States Army
1861  Union forces burn and abandon Gosport (Norfolk, Va) Navy Yard.
1864  Confederates capture 85th NY at Plymouth, NC
1915  US Navy issues its first contract for lighter-than-air craft.
1919  Polish Army captures Vilno from the Red Army
1934  Heinrich Himmler becomes head of the Prussian secret police
1936  Jews beat off an Arab attack on Petach Tikvah, Palestine
1941  German bombers raid Athens
1941  Switzerland beats Germany 2-1 in soccer, on Hitler's birthday!
1942  Burma: British forces begin a general withdrawal.
1942  Malta subject to a heavy Axis air raid, as USS 'Wasp' (CV-7) launches 47 Spitfires to reinforce the defenses
1942  Learning that Task Force 17 is to visit her country, Queen Salote Tupou of Tonga orders all young women into the hills,
1943  USS 'Runner" (SS-275) lays mines off Hong Kong.
1944  Burma: Chinese New 38th Div ejects Japanese from terrain near Kamaing, as the British approach the Yenangyaung oil fields.
1944  India: British lift siege of Kohima, Japanese hold the road to Imphal
1945  Okinawa: U.S. forces capture Motobu Heights, in the north
1945  US Seventh Army captures Nuremberg, site of Nazi Party rallies
1947  Peleliu: 27 Japanese troops surrender, 18 months after VJ-Day
1951  Ticker tape parade on Broadway for General of the Army Douglas MacArthur
1987  US deports Karl Linnas, charged with Nazi war crimes, to USSR
1999  Two students run amok in Columbine High School, 13 killed, 2 suicides

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