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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter. its been fun

Some great things that happened at Easter;

33; Jesus comes back to life on Easter Sunday morning having been crucified the previous Friday.


A Danish landing party at Clontarf.​

1014; The Battle of Clontarf. King Brian Boru sorts the Danes near Dublin. The Proto-Eastern European immigrant was your Danish marauder. They robbed churches, made off with comely maidens and indulged in murder and mayhem wherever they went. They were the Roma/Pikey of the Middle Ages. King Brian was a life-long enemy of the Danes and having worked his way up from herding his father’s cattle back in Clare to being High King, Brian set about sorting out Ireland’s first refugee problem. A stunning victory was marred by the death of the Ould Lad himself, cut down by a sneaky battle axe from one of the Pikeys. As it happens the battle was fought on Good Friday, which in 1014 was 23rd April so Brian Boru and Jesus are practically the same person.

1722; Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen landed on an island in the Pacific. Because it was Easter Sunday he named it Easter Island, demonstrating the wild imagination that has made the Dutch world-famous. The date was April 5th.


Drink it, don't snort it​

1865; Easter Sunday 16th April 1865 saw one of the last battles of the US Civil War when the Union Army attacked and captured Columbus, Georgia. A Confederate wounded in the battle was Colonel John Pemberton who went on to invent Coca-Cola. But the really strange thing was that the Civil War was already over as Lee had surrendered at Appomattox on April 9th.

1916; The Easter Rising began in Dublin on Easter Monday, 24th April. Originally planned for Easter Sunday, the rebellion had to be postponed because the Post Office was shut.

1917; Easter Monday, 9th April 1917, the Canadian and British forces in France began the attack that captured Vimy Ridge. Like the Easter Rising the attack on Vimy Ridge was planned for Easter Sunday. It was postponed for 24 hours because the French don’t work weekends.


1945; Easter Sunday fell on April 1st and the Battle of Okinawa began in the Pacific when the US Marines invaded the island. The battle would go on for three months.

1949; The Republic of Ireland came into being on Easter Monday 18th April.

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