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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Back on the road again or shitting through the eye of a needle

Yes as Easter approaches I am sat here in the sun contemplating my belly button fluff and the last of my Homebrew bitter;
Its an interesting process, pop down to Lakeland, buy the bag, add some water, shake in a sachet of yeast and 20 days later you have a bag of beer. Not exactly prize winning but its had me shitting through the eye of a needle. Last week I had a successful interview for a temp job over in Bristol. I have taken it and will be spending most of the week down there in lodgings. Weekends will be the same, ranges, foxing, overtime and buying more guns. I did manage to pop a fat vixen off last week;
She wont be bothering the chicken breeder again. Yes .17 Hmr again. Had some interesting rifles in for sale, a custom target .308 in a Macmillan stock with a Border Barrel;
Built on a nice Sako 85 action too. Also some more shotguns, .17 Hmrs and the odd .303 No4;
Still life isn't all about selling guns, we have been fairly busy, sorted out our trade stand space for this years CLA Game Fair oh and organising a 25th wedding anniversary. looking at the beer and the singing acts at the moment. I think I've sorted 3 barrels of beer and now need to trawl through some of the singers advertising locally. Some seem quite good, some seem to believe what their mum told them!
You do know though that should I find any howlers they will appear on here!
Before I leave you in peace though I did miss the evening meeting in London on Monday. I had just had another good interview for a follow on job and thought that Weatherspoons in Farringdon looked good for a cheap pint and lunch. I forgot about lunch when I started on this at £2.85 a pint;


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