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Sunday, 27 April 2014

A sunny day at Bisley?

Today was the two types competition, set up to replicate rapid fire training from the 1st and second world war. Basically 10 rounds, 5 in 5 x 3 second exposures followed by 5 in 30 seconds on a fig 12 at 200 yards. Some good scores were put in, I drove up and put my boots on in the rain expecting an awful day;
 It certainly had been raining, Century range looks like Chat Moss on a bad day;
 The 200 yard point on short Siberia, luckily the point is on a raised berm;
 An eclectic mix turning up to play, straight pull M14 and M4 rifles;
 Straight pull FG42;
 .303 Martini Enfield Carbine;
 .30 06 03 with Unertl scope
 1896 Swedish Mauser with a scout scope;
 Good old No4, a savage;
 There is a Mauser or two back there;
 1940 built .30 30 Winchester 1894
 During lunch at the Army Target club I saw my old mob;

Much fun had by all, looking forward to the McQueen classic;

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