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Monday, 10 March 2014

The Beast of Bisley returns

Something for the weekend?
Yes after 3 hours travelling, a taxi, two trains and 25 minutes walk I ended up here at Bisley camp or the NSC as it has restyled itself.
Below is the hut our Depot used to use when attending small arms meetings;
After booking in at the range office collecting radio etc I wandered off to the 600 yard point in trepidation for what would be the first range practise I have run in many years. The club is full of very senior shooters and collectors who make me look young, I had to do a decent job.

Bring on the shooters, the point starts to fill up and its looking good, 2 x L39s, a Moisin Nagant Carbine


 A 1938 Tula with a PE (?) scope, little and large together
 That's not so much a rifle as a flame thrower.
Wait what's that I see over there?
 Yes, its a straight pull L1A1 SLR, I had a go and shot better with it than when I was paid to do so!
I got back to the business in hand and over on the left is a Sharps 45-90;

There is a lot of work that goes into each shot;

The afternoon saw lunch at Clays followed by two of us venturing onto the 900 yard firing point, a glorious afternoons shooting even if we enjoyed it alone;

It looks like it goes on for ever and when you are prone behind the rifle it certainly seems that far away!

 A night spent at the Artist Rifles Clubhouse and the next morning saw me here in the British Sporting Rifle Club area.
 All of this is common sense and enshrined in basic marksmanship training;

 The 50 yard time limit range, for .22rf and centre fire rifles with a similar Muzzle Energy such as rook and rabbit cartridges;

The Walther bolt action and semi auto rifle!

A very interesting rifle and a Beretta copy is available for which I am seriously sniffing around

 Monday lunchtime, a late start after a trip to the quacks and its back at work;
Yes I have Gout, time to deal with that!

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