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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Well its christmas or very nearly

I did take the 7x57 down to Cirencester for testing and new mounts are needed. It was a fairly eventful day though I got to fire a 9x63 Mauser and a Blaser double in .375 H&H. The Blaser proved the most eventful and the recoil whilst manageable was lively!
Steve though was caught out slightly, you may recall Steve who shoots with me regularly and he uses a single trigger shotgun and that means he can use finger tip control which is something that you shouldn't do with a double trigger gun.
 Feeding these;
Out of this:

 And forgetting about the recoil led to this;
Needless to say after we mopped the contents of Steves forehead from the lens we carried on, and into the pub and apparently overnight too. Steve was superglued back together eventually in hospital. Well today has gone fairly well, we had Christmas here today to make up for the fact that I am working tomorrow right through to Sunday. Its money, my first Christmas worked in 25 years since leaving the army and possibly the last one I will work.

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Hippo said...

Good grief!

I am talking about the ammunition, not poor old Steve's injury!