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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Rescuing the 7x57

After the disaster that was the Parker Hale 7x57 out on the hill with a poorly shimmed scope mount I have decided to give it another go and also have a crack with the Ruger 77 next Saturday when we visit the range. Its a good opportunity to try some African Calibre rifles and also rezero the ones I need to check before I start stalking the new ground straight after Christmas.
Yesterday the shoot went fairly well, I managed a bird and the dogs efforts earned me a brace hence Steve's Christmas dinner is secure. Anyway I will update as to the rifles performance and leave you with a Candid shot of Bruce and Myself with the dogs at the end of the first drive;
My new SLR T shirt arrived yesterday whilst I was out, its in aid of Hols for Heroes and thanks to Taff on Arrsse we are starting to look rather smart again!

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