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Friday, 27 September 2013

For the old and Bold,

For those of us who remember, a real mans rifle!

Today I have finished the first of my last 4 weeks at work with my current employers. I have no problem with most people even those who do little more than balls the job up. Recently we have been enjoying the attentions of seagull management, you know the sort, brought in to sort out a mess yet just make a big noise and leave an even bigger mess to be cleaned up afterwards.
Well I cracked, a company that had apparently been chasing me for an interview for 4 months caught up with me and offered me a job.
So its back to contracting and being smart with my books again. At least it means less weekends at work, more shooting and more gun buying!
Hopefully win win.
I thought I would close out this week with a little pinching of published cartoons;

I am left wondering after watching Blackout on Ch4 if solar power is capable of running a house if the main grid goes down, would you notice and is any extra work needed to make it happen?

Answers on a postcard please. Sod it email will do!

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