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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Georgina Burnett

yes another quality piece of kit in the BBC weather girl stakes, I have to admit she gives Rachel Mackley a run for her money and I wouldn't mind tag teaming the pair but hey ho being as old as I am that's all in my dreams.
Anyway, work sucks but you all know that, the bank holiday looms and I need to visit the poults, drop off some feeders and thin out the foxes followed by a bit of a BBQ and then a zeroing session and maybe a stalk or 2.
I can hardly wait.
Kiwi sent me this, I know its possibly old but there are a few on here that may appreciate it;
Anyway those of you in the dark continent keep your heads down, its a year and a half before I can visit, Scotland is booked for this October along with a possible repeat visit in the new year for a small group of friends.
I suspect that with 3 days off I will be spending a bit of time working for a private job, one needs to fund the addiction to firearms doesn't one.

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Hippo said...

Try as I might over these last two days, I have been unable to play these vĂ­deos, so poor is my internet connection.

I have to confess that the young lady you mention makes it worth slogging through a weather forecast but, as you know, I do like them with a touch of the tar brush so I will stick with my wife (who was dipped head first into an entire barrel of tar) and dream about the young lady on Sky who has, as you so poetically pointed out to me, nipples like cigar butts jammed into jafffa cakes.