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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Of Ragley Hall, hot weather and the CLA

Now I am not naive enough to believe that for one moment the CLA gives two hoots about the traders who spend many thousands of pounds for some sheep shit ridden hard as concrete pitch in a farmers field, nor am I naive enough to think that unlike the French who protest in style they would take any notice of the traders who spent £150 to hire the CLA preferred electronic card machines for the weekend only to find that the network fell over on Friday morning resulting in hundreds of thousands of lost sales.
I suspect that they don't care about £29 tickets putting off punters, £2.50 ice creams, £2 bottles of water and £8 burgers all at the shergar burger end of the spectrum making folk decide that perhaps it wasn't worth coming again.
Yes folks the annual red cords weekend out that is known as the CLA game fair rolled into Ragley Hall near Evesham and promptly exposed the CLA as greedy money grabbing gits and the punters as tight arsed Brummies. I'll give you the fact that the welsh pikeys also made an appearance fortunately we looked too expensive for them but none the less the weekend was pretty grim. If traders keep price cutting to that extent then they will cease to exist.
The silly price cutting is something we just don't engage in and yet our sales for the weekend were on par with every other trader, about a third less than Blenheim. Lets hope that next year is better.

The stand took us about 5 hours to build over 2 days, it was too hot to erect and too hot to work in!
Friday morning was ridiculously hot for Warwickshire and the crowds stayed firmly away!
We did get a brief chance to see the big house whilst searching for the non existant water supply!
Yes he is wearing tweed in 30 degree heat, mad dogs and Englishmen

Saturday dawned cooler but this was taken at 7 am, the same place at 1300 on the friday would have seen the same amount of people, sad really. Ragley wont be on our list in a hurry.
Saturdays crowd appeared more interesting but still not a patch on Blenheim.

At least legs were on display
Returning home in this heat means at least the 7x57 can have another and hopefully final coat of paint baked onto it in this heat!

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The Suburban Bushwacker said...

£29! Sheesh and they wonder why numbers are down!

Looking forward to seeing and hearing the 7x57 in action

Catch you soon as the madness subsides