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Saturday, 13 July 2013

I know its been a while

I have been busy and I mean really busy, I spent the last 2 years mainly working part time at game keeping and gun dealing with some day job thrown in. I rather enjoyed it although the lack of funds wasn't much fun so it was with regret that I had to go back to a full time job working as a contractor. I suppose I am lucky to have had those 2 years in which to have the freedom to work when I wanted but sadly it was mainly the poxy London Olympics which put a dent in my day job plans. I wonder how many others were inconvenienced by wanker Coes sports day?
Anyway I have kept my hand in, been shooting a fair bit, joined a syndicate as a member and taken on teaching deer stalking to the game keeper. I have also renewed my dealers license and been busy buying in second hand Spanish Boxlocks to sell on. Occasionally the odd gem turns up and I also managed to bag another 7x57 by Parker Hale. A little external TLC and its ready for the Hill. I will zero it this weekend time permitting and it should be a good little rifle for the Scottish week in October.
 I luckily bagged an ex demo Swarovski 6x42 for this, it will be a keeper scope, if the rifle doesn't cut the mustard accuracy wise I will keep it and rebarrel it for a pet project.
 Kristoffs restoration of the stock really seems to have paid off, it looks really nice, another coat of paint for the barrel and a few coats of \BLO for the stock.
 On return from the Kent County Show today we noticed how warm it was in the garden!
 The trip home via Steve's House revealed a Barnes TSX with a case from his 9.3 x 63. A nice round, bullet and rifle. The bullet was recovered from his back stop and the case is for my sporting collection. I like Steve!
Today again at Detling we were privileged to witness both a Spitfire and Hurricane, truly great aircraft with great engine sounds. I couldn't get the phone out in time for the Hurricane sadly.
Now I have just started 9 days leave and I am looking forward to packing the trailer for a week at Ragley hall in preparation for and taking part in the CLA Game Fair! Looking forward to seeing you there, do pop in and put the kettle on. I don't think I will have much time as the Tea Lady will be cracking the whip!

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Hippo said...

There's you sweating yer nuts of in UK and me only 6 degrees south of hte equator freezing my nuts off. It is COLD!