Apparently Google has its knickers all in a twist over those cunts in the Eu and some shite about cookies. Frankly if they are biscuits then I will eat them, if you are concerned about this then fuck off somewhere else and read something else.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Sunny weather, Bank Holidays, guns and weather girls

So its warm and sunny, I had spent a day on a training course with the all day hangover from hell, Lennie didnt say that came with the hotel room and I am sat in the beer garden of a hotel chain in Chingford, home of the aging Gilfs. So up pops email mail from Mr FM including 2 pics from his recent spring break
With a Blue Wildebeast

 With a Piggy and 3 helpers, the piggy is the prone one
 Big mistake was to leave behind the national reserve of homebrew cider, it would have made for a cheaper stay;
 On the subject of eye candy there are few finer sights first thing in the morning than waking up to a lovely weather girl. Sadly Local BBC for Chingford could only offer this;
 When I really wanted the goddes of all milfs, Carol Kirkwood who if she doesnt have her own website certainly should get one!
 I have to admit to feeling cheated by the all you can eat breakfast when I asked for two of everything and they skipped the hash browns;
 The next day they managed to get the hash browns but forget the sausages, I ask you what sort of kitchen are they running?;
 Still on return from a day spent in design review meetings in central London and the delivery fairy has brought me finally from the auctions, two Spanish 12 bore side by side non ejector boxlocks and a Parker Hale 7x57 Mauser. So not a completely wasted week then!
So a long weekend ahead, started drinking the homebrew apple and pear cider already and I'm looking forward to spending some time with the dogs. Oh and of course I passed the course!


Thomas the Tout said...

Crikey, I have not bumped into Mr FM for a year or two. I enjoyed his posts, back before he was gagged by the boss. Nice to see that he is still enjoying his outings. Thanks for relaying.
I shan't ask about your headache, but that stuff in the fridge looks like bottled headache - moderation in all things might be wise.
And I a m pleased to see that I can read the code words to prove I am not a robot. None of us could read the earlier version!

Ghostrifle said...

Hey Mate
Long time no comment how you doing? You tell Mr F.M. the Ghostrifle says lucky git! would have recognised that Blaser anywhere. He still needs a Sauer lol. Look after yourself.

Bambibasher said...

Hello Ghost. Mr FM has a new taste for doubles.I'll be at Highclere this month and he CLA later!

Ajdshootist said...

Pray tell us why Mr FM is doing his best Lone Ranger impression in the photos.

Bambibasher said...


Hippo said...

For me, it is Nazaneen Ghaffar on Sky News. Legs all the way up to her armpits and, let's face it, I cannot deny, I do like them with a touch of the tar brush.

Now how politically incorrect was that?

Bambibasher said...

PC moi?
Nazaneen Nips Ghaffar sadly used to be our local weather girl before she took the Murdoch shilling! A woman for whom the phrase "cigar butts in Jaffa cakes!" Could have been written for!

Hippo said...

"A woman for whom the phrase "cigar butts in Jaffa cakes!" Could have been written for!"

Sorry mate, you're going to have to explain that one to me.

Bambibasher said...

As in nipples like scammel wheel nuts, cigar butts in jaffa cakes, chapel hat pegs!

Hippo said...

Ah, now I understand. I just tracked her legs and never got higher than her bum.

The weather in UK is of absolutely no interest to me whatsoever but I shall be glued to Sky News tomorrow morning to check out the, er, chapel hat pegs. I can't bring myself to associate such a beautiful young lady with cigar butts and jaffa cakes although, of course, you realise that every time I see my secret crush on television, because of you, and only down to you, you absolute bastard, I shall think of cigar butts in Jaffa cakes. I used to like Jaffa cakes as well. Shit, you are fucking my life up!

Please, don't ever talk about marmalade or English breakfast tea. Leave me something to drool over at breakfast time.

Anonymous said...

I might be on the same continent as Hippo, or maybe not; but I presume neither of us is in the UK.
The only edible Jaffa I know is the round chocolate ball covered in a crunchy orange layer. Great in Australia, because even if the choc melted, the coat kept it together. And before the picture-theatre went all posh with carpet, you could roll them down the wooden steps (clunk, click, clunk).
But jaffa cakes? I will get in some ingredients and start baking - all I have to do is get that orange ball to stay on top!