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Monday, 8 April 2013

Farewell Maggie

A true leader, a person who stood up for what was right regardless of the consequences!


Hippo said...

She did so much only to be stabbed in the back by the chinless brigade. Now watch all these snakes crawl out of the woodwork to get their thirty seconds on Sky to say how wonderful she was. Cunts.

Bambibasher said...

Succinct as per usual but also bloody accurate as well!

Ajdshootist said...

And she had bigger and better balls
than any of todays crop of chinless
wonders,not one of them fit even to
carry her handbag.

Anonymous said...

I take it none of you were miners, steel workers or shipbuilders or are related or descended for those that were.

Bambibasher said...

Dear Anonymous, this is your one and only chance to post without some sort of identifier. I dont usually allow anonymous posting but I couldnt let this slip without passing comment.
You are quite right, I wasnt a ship builder or miner as years of failed labour laws that favoured powerful union interference with industry had already killed off the faintest of chances of making a career in anything remotely industri
al. Not every policy she introduced was right but more of them worked than people when I left school. I came from a socialist family grew up working on a share trawler which is as communist as it gets but nothing was going to save this country and the sick state its industry had become. I suppose you hate me as I left school without bothering to get a degree in a social media studies subject yet own my own home, drive a nice company car and did all of this on the back of a privatised industry which at the time I opposed its break up.
I can only surmise from your lack of venom that you are assauging your middle class guilt by being as socialist as your inheritance affords you? In the mean time the rest of us will put this country back on its feet!

Hippo said...

They're always bloody anonymous these chinless shits. They charge down the high street smashing shop windows in the cause of freedom and a few DVD players yet cover their faces with faux PLA scarves.

Collectively they will use social media to amass a riotous mob to destroy reasonable society but if, for example, I invited Mr Anonymous to face me off, one on one on any field of his choosing with any weapon of his choice (I personally prefer fisticuffs to thrash oiks in public), do you think the dickless wonder would have the courage to respond? (Oh God, I really hope he does!)

Wilson sacked more miners than Thatcher. Wilson closed more mines than Thatcher. These you ignorant little fuck are facts. So why don't you just piss off back down whatever benefits subsidised hole you crawled out of you little shit, you disgrace to this country. FUCK OFF!

Sorry Bambi Basher. I realise I have just lost my name and shall report for orders first thing in the morning.

Bambibasher said...

I'm sure you will be admonished!

Hippo said...

I wanted to conclude my comment by saying:

"BB and I fought hard to give you the right to say whatever you want but don't push yer fucking Pulheems"

Too much pathos, I decided.

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately I am at a loss as to how to create an identity to attach to my comments so I ask that you bear with me.

Unlike you, I can I can recall the days where this countries industrial workforces were treated like scum by their employers, were expected to work 45+ hours a week for a pittance and were considered fortunate indeed to given a few days holiday a year that had to be taken when the bosses decreed. Is it any wonder that we banded together under the banner of the unions in order to better our pay, our conditions and benefits. Or perhaps you would have prefered us to remain the exploited masses that drove our industries.

The fact that certain corrupt politicians decided to sell our industrial heritage along with our gold and natural energy resources to further their political and corporate careers is nothing to be proud of IMO.

I don't hate you for your failing to get some sort of social media studies degree. Personally I consider things a cop out for the feckless middle classes, and please don't confuse my lack of venom for middle class guilt. The venom is there along with my working class roots. I couldn't care less that fallen into the trap of owning a mortgage, are allowed to drive a provided car that you pay through the nose for by way of additional taxes. As for getting this country back on its feet...please you're just a pen pusher, you make nothing, you grow nothing, you help heal no one, you don't create employment, you don't facilitate education. You're a minion, duped by the promise of a Churchillian world that doesn't exist.

Bambibasher said...

A pen pusher? Interesting that one. I dont blog on my career the day job as its not of interest but I build big infrastructure projects that get the country to work but there you go dont worry about that or the tax and waste Brown who gave our gold away after announcing he would do so!

Anonymous said...


You delude only yourself if you believe you fought for any of my right. Whatever you did, you did purely for the money or the self gratification.

I owe neither of you any debt of gratitude.

So please believe me, pathos or no pathos, when I say you can "push yer fucking Pulheems" where the sun don't shine.

Bambibasher said...

Play nicely or I'll take away your toys!

Hippo said...

"Unfortunately I am at a loss as to how to create an identity to attach to my comments so I ask that you bear with me."

It's really quite easy. You just log onto Google and then RTFI.